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Spicy Sagittarius (Hot Toddy)

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Join me on the KSRO good food hour, where we talk a bit about my new book and the timeliness of magical mixology
Tune into Briony Silver’s fabulous podcast, and catch this episode with me! In this feature, you’ll learn a bit about my witchy backstory, how I got into making magically delicious concoctions, and some projects and plans for the future.
Watch the Replay of the event! Explore the world of magic & cocktails with Julia Halina Hadas and a demonstration from her new book, WitchCraft Cocktails. Replay. Hosted by The Westport Library in partnership with The Wakeman Town Farm, via Crowd Cast.
Learn more about the new book WitchCraft Cocktails & how it all came to be, on the podcast Uncorked Corner.
Check out WitchCraft Cocktail’s feature on Liquor.com’s “10 Cocktail Books You’ll Want to Read This Fall” article.

Add Some Magic to Your Mixology

  • Blackberry Rose Coffee Cocktail & Homemade Iced Coffee – A Bewitching Spring Brew
    Sip up some sensuality with this sweet, luscious, and energizing dessert coffee cocktail and homemade iced coffee recipe (nonalcoholic). With floral flavors like rose, spices such as vanilla and cardamom, and sensuous blackberry, this Blackberry-Rose Coffee drink) duo is sure to excite the mind and entice the body.
  • Mokosh Cocktail – a Cucumber and Dill Vodka Drink Recipe for the Slavic Goddess of Moisture
    Sip in the energies of youth, peace, abundance, and Spring love, with this Slavic kitchen witch drink recipe for the Slavic goddess of moisture. Using traditional Slavic ingredients like cucumber, dill, this vodka cocktail is sure to moisten your palate in honor of the goddess Mokosh!
  • Mercury Retrograde Drink Recipes
    Sip away the Mercury Retrograde Blues with these Mercury Retrograde drinks! With these 5 drink recipes and 1 cocktail syrup, you can survive mercury retrograde in a tasty fashion!
  • Drink Recipes for the Sagittarius New Moon Solar Eclipse
    Celebrate the close of the season, and sip in the Sagittarius new moon solar eclipse energy with these 5 spirited drink recipes! Eclipses can create powerful energy 6 month cycles, so whether looking for a drink for the day, or a few to enjoy over the next few months – I have you covered! 
  • 10 Easy Ways to Make ANY Drink Halloween Ready
    Looking for simple yet delightful ways to add a touch of spookiness for an easy halloween drink? Uncover 10 simple ideas you can add a touch of magic to any drink or cocktail to make it halloween ready!
  • A Maple & Hazelnut Old Fashioned: A Fall Recipe for the Harvest Season
    Celebrate the autumn flavors with this smooth, subtly sweet maple and hazelnut old fashioned drink recipe. With a touch of kitchen witchery, this concoction is inspired by the grounding, wise, and abundant folkloric magic of the season.
  • Herbal Maple Hot Toddy Drink Recipe for Fall and Autumn – Introspection, Grounding, and Cleansing
    Looking for a herbal hot maple drink recipe, or warm gin cocktail to enjoy as the fall winds begin to rise? Sip on this rosemary, sage, and maple hot toddy as you cozy up inside and reflect on the summer to fall, to winter transition. Easy to enjoy with or without alcohol, this hot toddy with maple syrup is sure to be fast fall favorite.
  • Pisces Moon Drink Recipes
    With the changing of the seasons amidst detail-oriented and productive Virgo season, the Pisces full moon on Monday September 20th offers a key time to pause and go with the flow. What better way to celebrate the moon in watery Pisces, than with a drink? Read on to uncover some drink recipe ideas from my book WitchCraft Cocktails and the blog, for the full moon in pisces 2021.
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