Upcoming Events

WitchCraft Cocktails at Westport Library
Explore the world of magic & cocktails with Julia Halina Hadas and a demonstration from her new book, WitchCraft Cocktails. 10.2.20 @5 p.m EST. Hosted by The Westport Library in partnership with The Wakeman Town Farm, via Crowd Cast.
Gather the Witches Event
Join Julia Halina Hadas at Gather the Witches Virtual Main Stage for a Samhain Cocktail Demo, featuring cocktails from her new book WitchCraft Cocktails. Oct 24-25th

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Learn more about the new book WitchCraft Cocktails & how it all came to be, on the podcast Uncorked Corner.
Check out WitchCraft Cocktail’s feature on Liquor.com’s “10 Cocktail Books You’ll Want to Read This Fall” article.

Add Some Magic to Your Mixology

  • Virgo New Moonjito
    Sip in the celestial energies, with this Virgo New Moon Irish mojito, and earl grey-rosemary syrup. Energetically attuned elixirs for grounding, productivity, and clarity.
  • Luscious Leo Daiquiri
    Imbibe the luscious vibes of Leo season, with this lavender-raspberry daiquiri, empowered for positivity, love, and happiness.
  • Leo New Moon Lemon & Berry Gimlet
    A Lemon, berry & rosemary gimlet aligned to the both the sign of Leo and the Moon. Select your syrup to juice up this gimlet for abundance and success, or for lunar creativity and love.
  • Champagne Julep for Aquarius Full Moon
    Imbibe the energies of the August Aquarius Full Moon, with this champagne Julep Cocktail spell aligned to these astrological energies
  • Libations of Lammas / Lughnasadh
    Celebrate the abundant, transformation, & grounding grain energies of Lammas & Lughnasadh through Liquid Libation.
  • Rhubarb Romantic
    Reignite your romance this summer with a little lovely rhubarb lemon drop. Plus, learn one way to craft it into a full spell!
  • New Moon Margarita
    A blackberry-rose margarita & mocktail duo to balance out the energies of the July 2020 Cancer New Moon. Magically & astrologically aligned to inspire emotional balance, protection, & healing, you can imbibe the best energies of this astrological weather, while neutralizing the less desirable.
  • A Super Sippable Summer Solstice
    The hum of bees hangs in the air; flowers, herbs, and gardens are growing; the heat lingers in the afternoon. The longest of day of the year is here, and with it, the turn towards summer! And I think all that heat calls for some refreshing, chilled beverages. Lavender and chamomile are blooming, strawberries and elder are plentiful. What better way to celebrate the abundance than in food and drink?