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Join me and the fabulous hosts of Uncorked Corner again for some bewitching brews for halloween, but delicious any time of year! An absolutely fun episode where we talk about sone magical mixology & candy pairings.
Join me on the KSRO good food hour, where we talk a bit about my new book and the timeliness of magical mixology
Tune into Briony Silver’s fabulous podcast, and catch this episode with me! In this feature, you’ll learn a bit about my witchy backstory, how I got into making magically delicious concoctions, and some projects and plans for the future.
Watch the Replay of the event! Explore the world of magic & cocktails with Julia Halina Hadas and a demonstration from her new book, WitchCraft Cocktails. Replay. Hosted by The Westport Library in partnership with The Wakeman Town Farm, via Crowd Cast.
Learn more about the new book WitchCraft Cocktails & how it all came to be, on the podcast Uncorked Corner.
Check out WitchCraft Cocktail’s feature on Liquor.com’s “10 Cocktail Books You’ll Want to Read This Fall” article.

Add Some Magic to Your Mixology

  • Taurus Full Moon & Mixology
    October 31st this year not only gifts us with Samhain/halloween, but also a rare blue moon. However, this Taurus Blue Moon marks a convergence of some peculiar energies that could affect many people in different ways (which I will get into below), so I’ve crafted just the libations to honor this lunar Taurus energy, while still staying grounded and gaining some lunar insight.
  • Taurus Moon Whiskey Sour
    Indulge your tantalizing Taurus spirit with this apple, rose, rosemary, and elder whiskey sour this Taurus Full Moon. With elder for healing and wisdom, rose for Venusian loving energies, and luxurious vanilla, this cocktail is sure to enchant your Taurus moon whims.
  • Taurus Tea Time
    Warm your spirit this Samhain night, with this warming, indulgent sweet tea. With clarifying rosemary, loving rose, manifestive vanilla, wise and magical apple, and grounding harvest bourbon, this tea will help provide insight and ground your energy, while also catering to those Venusian Taurus energies. This is the perfect libation for those looking to rest, do some selfcare, and insight work on this magical lunar night, while still bringing in the stability and abundant energies Taurus has to offer.
  • Black Sun
    Samhain is a time when we begin to turn our intentions inward, and focus on making the home a warm and cozy space. For those looking to do some protective workings around this time, or to add a bit of heat and rejuvenation to their lives, this spicy blood orange margarita should do just the trick.
  • Witch’s Wand
    Channel your magic with this tangy tantalizing Apple-tini variation. Drawing upon inspiration from a witch’s wand and powerful witching herbs, this potent potion is a bewitching brew for magic, wishes, healing, and paying homage to ones witch lineage and path. Never has magic been so 
  • Coffee Ouja Martini
    This Ouja-inspired, anise-kissed coffee martini is filled with potent energies for psychic abilities, divination, and grounding.
  • Pumpkin Cream Martini
    Revel in the fall flavors of vanilla, pumpkin, almond, and cinnamon in this creamy pumpkin spice martini for abundance, spirit-ual alignment, and some peace of mind.
  • Hallow’s Eve Happy Hour
    We could all use a bit of magic this year. Sip on some bewitching brews this Halloween and Samhain, with these magically delicious drinks.