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Spicy Sagittarius (Hot Toddy)

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Add Some Magic to Your Mixology

  • Cancer Full Moon Mixology
    Draw down the Cancer Full Moon with these lunar libations, and add some magic to your mixology! With jasmine and rose as the central ingredients, these concoctions are inspired by the Cancer Full Moon for love, self care, beauty, psychic abilities, and emotional and spirit-ual transformation. Use them as is, to inspire your own concoctions, or even to inspire your own lunar rituals, like a jasmine and rose bath.
  • Cancer Moon Mojito
    A bright, lemon mojito with hints of jasmine and rose, along with lavender and mint, to connect to the Cancer Moon for emotional and spirit(ual) revitalization.
  • Winter Rose
    Combining the spellbinding essences of jasmine, rose, lemon for a floral and crisp beverage, this concoction is attuned to the energies of the Cancer Full Moon for all your love, healing, and purifying lunar magic.
  • Jasmine-Rose Simple Syrup
    A floral and elevating cocktail syrup combing the beguiling aromatics of jasmine and rose for calling down the Cancer Moon for love, spirituality, healing and psychic abilities.
  • Drinking the Yuletide
    Sip in the season this Winter Solstice with these magical beverages! From the Candied Orange for positivity and love, the Solstice Old Fashioned for grounding and abundance, and the Evergreen Gimlet to cleanse away 2020 and enhance your intuition for divination for some 2021 goal-setting, I’ve just the winter beverage for you!
  • Evergreen Gimlet For New Years
    Cleanse away 2020 and bring in 2021 with success and renewal with this crisp, seasonal evergreen gimlet. Aligned to the Sun and featuring ingredients like purifying gin (juniper) rosemary, and bayleaf, with the uplifting hint of grapefruit and elderflower liqueur, this is the perfect concoction to celebrate the rebirth of the sunlight, to cleanse away 2020, and invoke 2021 with positivity and success.
  • Solstice Old Fashioned
    Energetic Alignment: Grounding, Protection, Ancestral Connection, Abundance The longest night of the year has bewitched mankind for ages, resulting in various traditions from cultures across the globe. Tune into the ancient power and energetic vibration of the Winter Solstice with this centering, herbal old fashioned. 
  • Candied Orange Concoction
    Inspired by non-other than the traditional candied orange peel, and with other seasonal flavors like cranberry and rosemary, this sweet yet tart and slightly bitter concoction is an easy way to invoke purification, positivity, and action as the sunlight is once again reborn this Winter Solstice.