Mercury Retrograde Drinks
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Mercury Retrograde Drinks

With Mercury in retrograde, who couldn’t use a drink right now? Laden with technology issues, communication mishaps, traffic jams, and resurfacing the past – now is as good a time as any to relax, rest, and refresh with a mercury retrograde recipe! Check out my top suggestions for Mercury Retrograde drinks down below to help you sip away the Mercury retrograde blues.

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What is Mercury Retrograde, and How to Survive it

A time when the planet of communication (Mercury) appears to be moving backwards in the sky due to Earth’s position in our solar system, Mercury retrograde is a notorious time for communication mishaps, technology issues, and travel delays in astrology. However, by tuning into its symbolism and meaning, it can also be a potent time of reflection and growth.

So be sure to take it slow, see the opportunity in each moment, and maybe cool down and relax with some mercury retrograde drinks. Don’t worry – I have you covered with cocktail and mocktail drink recipes for mercury retrograde, to help you sip away the blues.

From a relaxing, warming sage and rosemary gin hot toddy to cleanse the mind and body, to a blue curaçao concoction for clear communication at the throat energy center, and even a maple old fashioned, fig sour and more – I have a variety of mercury retrograde drinks to get you through, cocktail glass in hand!

If you’d like to learn more about this Mercury retrograde, I always recommend doing a google search and reading a couple of articles or watching some YouTube videos. One of my favorite resources is The Mercury Retrograde Book by Yasmin Boland & Kim Farnell. The Mercury Retrograde Book by Yasmin Boland & Kim Farnell. It has info about Mercury in all the signs and elements, so that you can reference it time after time!

Mercury Retrograde Drinks

What better way to calm down from this energy, than slowing down and sipping relaxing Mercury retrograde drinks? From my Calming Communication Syrup to add to your iced teas, mocktails, and cocktails for soothed mind, to a blue throat-aligned Communication Breakdown concoction, there’s a mercury retrograde drink that is right for you!

Calming Communication Mint Syrup

Calming Communication Syrup

Syrup Recipe

With herbs aligned to the plant Mercury and designed for enhancing communication, this peppermint, chamomile, and sage herbal drink syrup is perfect to use in any refreshing beverage during mercury retrograde. Make once, and have this communication-aligned syrup ready to add to any of your Mercury retrograde drinks!

Communication Break Down


Sip away or (in!) the retrograde blues, with this blue curaçao and mint concoction, designed for both Mercury Retrograde and the throat energy center. With your choice of vodka or gin, elderflower, lemon, and Calming Communication Syrup, served over crush ice, this mercury retrograde drink is sure to soothe your mind, and clear your communication (depending on how much you sip!).  

Maple Gin Hot Toddy Mercury Retrograde Drink Recipe

Maple-Gin Hot Toddy

Alcoholic & Non-Alcoholic

With sage, rosemary, and maple, this herbal maple tea is perfect for those in colder weather, or to be enjoyed chilled for those in warmer climates. To be enjoyed with or without (for an N/A version) gin, this Maple-Gin Hot Toddy recipe is perfect for cleansing, grounding and wisdom during mercury retrograde. 

Fig & Maple Sour

Alcoholic & Non-Alcoholic

With air element-associated sage, lavender, anise, and maple, this Fig & Maple Sour (available in alcoholic and non alcoholic forms) is great for supporting cleansing, inspiration, and insight during mercury retrograde. With its air associated ingredients, it will be particularly useful for that Mercury energy!

Maple Old Fashioned

Maple-Hazelnut Old Fashioned


With grounding maple and bourbon, hazelnut and walnut for the mind, this delicious nutty old fashioned is a lot a great choice for the mind, protection, and grounding during mercury retrograde!

Mercurial Grounding Elixir from WitchCraft Cocktails
Mercurial Grounding Elixir from WitchCraft Cocktails Photo by Harper Point Photography

Mercurial Grounding Elixir

Alcoholic or Non-Alcoholic

For those that have my book, WitchCraft Cocktails, this Mercurial Elixir is one of my top suggestions for mercury retrograde. With lavender, chamomile, and lemon, this Spitzer is refreshing and relaxing – and aligned to mercury just for this occasion!

Drinks from Moon, Magic, Mixology

For those that have my second book, Moon, Magic, Mixology, there are some great recipes for Mercury Retrograde as well! With vinegar for protection and rosemary for cleansing, The Balsamic Moon shrub is a great ingredient to use in many a drink, especially the Stormy Dark Moon! The Gemini Moon Mint Julep and Lunar State of Mind are other great options.

Stones, Minerals, and Crystals for Mercury Retrograde

Beyond these drink recipes, what are some other ways you can mediate the chaotic energy during mercury retrograde? Whether you are looking to promote clear communication and mind, protect your energy, for safe travel, or focus in on some potent healing & transformation during Mercury Retrograde, here are some of my favorite potent crystals to work with. There are 4 crystals I always go to when mercury retrograde comes around – I find this quad helps me make it through as peacefully and safely as possible! So here are some stones that I HIGHLY suggest, along with etsy affiliate links, so that you know you are shopping from and supporting small businesses!

Blue Lace Agate

Associated with the throat energy center, blue lace agate is a powerful communication stone. Tuning you into your higherself, this stone will help you not only keep calm and relaxed, but also communicate with mental clarity amidst the communicative chaos and emotions that may arise at this time.


Hematite is a powerful grounder and protector. Its heavy weight connects you to the earth’s energy, and its gentle vibration balances and soothes. Hematite absorbs negative energy, so this will be great for protecting you against the emotional energy of others (perfect for mercury retrograde!).


Citrine embodies the energy of positivity – and as such, this stone transmutes negative energy into positive. Also a wonderful stone for those going through transitions (and for empaths in general), citrine is a great stone ally to work for keeping you positive and prosperous through mercury retrograde, regardless of the roadblocks! And as a bonus, citrine can help connect you to your inner inspiration, for those looking to mercury retrograde as a time for revisiting ideas.


A fossilized botanical resin, amber can be great for connecting to ancient wisdom and uncovering deep-rooted energetic patterns (hello mercury retrograde healing!). It is also used for creativity, sensuality, empowerment, as well as protection! I’ve also found petrified wood to be a worthy option or replacement.

To layer on the energetic & magical frequencies, you can meditate with your given crystal, keep it on you as make and/or sip the drink, as well as attune the crystal to the drink by visualizing both the drink and crystal resonating together with your intention, as you hold the crystal against the outside of the glass. (Don’t put your crystal in any of the cocktail components unless you know for sure it is not toxic). 

Mercury Retrograde Drinks

Wishing you the best this Mercury Retrograde!

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