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Ostara Drink Recipes to Celebrate the Spring Equinox

Ostara cocktail

With the arrival of spring, it’s time to celebrate Ostara! Sip in the seasonal energy and celebrate the Spring Equinox in style with these Ostara drink recipes. Whether you’re looking for something sweet, fruity, herbal or a rejuvenating sip to renew both your palate and spirit, I’ve got the perfect Ostara recipes to get your seasonal festivities off to a bewitching start. Learn more about the spring equinox meaning, some edible herbs and ingredients to integrate into your Ostara recipes, what Ostara drink recipes to make, and even some spring equinox food ideas to make a wonderful Ostara menu and spring feast!

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What is Ostara and How to Celebrate it

Spring Equinox Meaning

Like the determined bulb sprouting deep in the earth beneath the snow, Spring has been pushing its way forth since Imbolc, and with the Spring Equinox, it is officially here! Ostara is the celebration of the Spring Equinox, the official start of Spring. It marks one of two days of the year where we experience (nearly) equal daylight and nighttime hours. While this can vary based on your location in the world, the Spring Equinox and its sabbat Ostara marks the time where daylight hours strike a close balance with night. From this day forward until the Summer Solstice, the hours of daylight will grow in strength – and with it, your intentions.

Ostara Magic

Also known as the vernal equinox, this is a time to honor the balance between light and dark, to welcome the return of warmth and growth. As the nature spirits stir from their long winter slumber, we’re reminded that new life is on its way. Magically, it is a time of fertility, rebirth and renewal. And while that growth and renewal can be seen physically all around, it is also about spiritual growth. Clear out old energy and make space for new opportunities, to make room for whatever you wish to call in with the abundance of Spring. Celebrate the transition of the seasons, and plant the seeds you wish to sprout in your life with the growth and blessings of the season.

And what better way to celebrate the renewal of life and growth all around, than mixing those beautiful, aromatic Ostara herbs into some Spring equinox drinks? Let’s dive into some ingredients you will use in these Ostara drink recipes, and even inspire some spring equinox food ideas for a rejuvenating, nourishing Ostara menu.

(Psst. Spring also brings Aries season in the northern Hemisphere. Keep an eye out for my Aries moon blog (coming soon), or Check out my Aries moon mule and syrup recipe over here, for drinks to tune into that passionate and exciting Aries energy, alongside your spring equinox celebration!)

Ostara Celebration

Ostara Herbs & Ingredients for Spring Equinox Recipes

As a celebration of Spring, a perfect way to observe Ostara and the growth of the season, is through the things growing in your very own garden. From fresh herbs like mint, to edible flowers like rose and violet, there are a plethora of ingredients to choose from for your Ostara recipes and magic. Here are some of my favorite Ostara herbs and edible ingredients. Used them in the Ostara drink recipes further below, or to inspire.

Ostara Herbs & Edible Ingredients:

  • Rose: What better flower to mark a season of beauty, than lovely rose? Rose is also great for spirituality, love, and healing. Enjoy in your Ostara recipes through a rose tea, syrup, rose water, or an elegant rose liqueur cocktail.
  • Violet: Arising in late winter, these gorgeous purple blossoms inspire peace and the promise of spring. Associated with the planet Venus, violets are wonderful for luck, love, hope, healing, and connecting to the fae.
  • Honey: With flowers abloom, bees are busy buzzing around. The product of their hard work, honey is perfect for the occasion. Incorporate for healing and health, love, happiness, wisdom, and sensuality magic. Add to your Ostara teas, cocktails, or drizzle atop a seasonal fruit salad.
  • Maple: With maple harvest season beginning at the first spring stirrings in February, Maple makes a great sweetener for your Ostara kitchen magic. And its loving energy is perfect for spring, and longevity and money!
  • Lemon: With its bright, refreshing flavor and cleansing aroma, lemon is ideal for Ostara drinks. Use in recipes like lemon bars, cake, or in delicious drinks for renewal, joy and creativity. You can check out a magical limoncello recipe in my book Moon, Magic, Mixology.
  • Eggs: A symbol of potential, rebirth, fertility, and used for cleansing and protection rites, eggs are amazing for Ostara recipes. Interested in Slavic practices? You can make pisanki, traditional Slavic patterned dyed egg shell. I highly recommend these kits from Etsy.  
  • Milk/Cream: With the renewal of life all around, milk is a common Ostara ingredient. A wonderful ingredient to work with as we nourish our souls, goals, and life all around.
Other Ingredients for Ostara
  • Cherries, dandelions, edible flowers, parsley, and pretty much anything in your garden! Check out your local farmers market, and see what is in season.

Ostara Drink Recipes from my Books

My books Moon, Magic, Mixology, and WitchCraft Cocktails are filled with guidance on how to make magical and bewitching drinks. See what recipes I suggest from my books, or scroll down for more Ostara drink recipes.

The Bewitched


From WitchCraft Cocktails 

Ostara Cocktail
“The Bewitched Egg” From WitchCraft Cocktails by Julia Halina Hadas. Published by Adam’s Media of Simon & Schuster. Photo by Harper Point Photography

Inspired by the flower and egg themes of Ostara, The Bewitched Egg is ripe with energy of Fertility, Love, and Beginnings. With elderberry, honey, lemon, violet, and rose, this rejuvenating elixir is perfect for your Ostara menu.

March Moon


From Moon, Magic, Mixology

Ostara Drink
“March Moon Milk” From Moon, Magic, Mixology by Julia Halina Hadas. Published by Adam’s Media of Simon & Schuster. Photo by Harper Point Photography

One key ingredient for Ostara is milk. With soothing flavors like nutmeg, pear, and walnut, this March Moon Milk is a great Ostara drink recipe for transitioning from winter to spring. Celebrate the renewal of life and bring in abundance.

New Moon

Beginnings Sake

From Moon, Magic, Mixology

Spring Equinox Cocktail
“New Moon Beginnings Sake” From Moon, Magic, Mixology by Julia Halina Hadas. Published by Adam’s Media of Simon & Schuster. Photo by Harper Point Photography

New Moon Beginnings sake is a wonderful addition to your Ostara meal for rejuvenating energy. With ingredients like ginger, cherry, mint, and rose, this is a great Spring equinox drink recipe for creativity, happiness, and new beginnings 

Ostara Drink Recipes

from Moon, Magic, Mixology

  • Celestial Transformation Potion
  • Dreamtime Moon Milk
  • February Moon Gimlet
  • Lunar May Milk Tea Punch

Ostara Drink Recipes

from WitchCraft Cocktails

  • Flower Moon Harmonizer
  • The Green Man
  • Paloma Potion
  • The Lovely Lady
  • Elderberry Healing Potion

Ostara Drink Recipes from the Blog

Now that you know some key ingredients, let’s dive into some cocktails and nonalcoholic mocktails! From soothing peaceful cocktails with floral flavors like rose and lavender, to ones with garden and spring flavors, the drinks below are packed with cleansing, rejuvenating energy to help you put some spring into your step. And be sure to check out the some dish suggestions down below. After all – what better way to enjoy a drink, than with a magical, seasonal meal?

Calming Chamomile Moon Drink

Chamomile Rose Moon Drink

Cocktail & Mocktail

With chamomile and rose, this floral and rejuvenating lemon Ostara recipe is perfect for celebrating the Spring Equinox. With subtly sweet maple, warming cardamom and cinnamon, and comforting apple, too, this refreshing tea cocktail is a perfect for comforting, healing and loving energy for any Ostara celebration

Hibiscus Moon Mix

Cocktail & Mocktail

Rejuvenate your taste buds and spirit with this good-vibes hibiscus cocktail. With berries, rose, and orange flavors, this hibiscus tea cocktail and mocktail is perfect for an Ostara recipe. Packed with ingredients to uplift your energy, attune to unconditional love, and inspire jovial happiness. This is also a great choice for Beltane, so if you want to get those loving Spring energies on sooner, this would be a great choice for Ostara, as well.

Mokosh Cocktail

Cocktail & Mocktail

Spring is here, and what better way to celebrate than with a toast to the goddess of renewing moisture! With ingredients popular in Slavic cooking — such as such as cucumber, dill, poppy, honey, and apple — this a cocktail packed with moisture-associated energies, to celebrate the fertility and abundance of the Slavic spring, in honor of Slavic goddess Mokosh.


Virgo Moonjito

Cocktail & Mocktail

Moving away from the Virgo full moon of Pisces season and towards the Aries new moon, this refreshing Virgo New Moonjito might be a great choice to cleanse your energy and inspire some Spring productivity – or perhaps even to sip alongside some Spring cleansing! With earl grey, rosemary, and mint, this Irish and lemon mojito is a great Ostara Drink for starting Spring on the right foot, with clarity, a cleansed energy, and focus.

Throat Energy Center Cocktail


With mint, sage, and elderflower, this bright blue drink makes for a great Ostara recipe for reviving the mind. The herbal, floral and citrus ingredients are perfect for cleansing away past energy and hoping into the new season with a sense of renewal and positivity. 

The Painted Lady


With cleansing egg white, lemon, and a tough of rose, The Painted Lady makes a great way to invoke loving and abundance Spring season. One of my favorite cocktail creations to date, The Painted Lady is a great choice for an Ostara drink. A drink of balance (just like the Spring Equinox), with cleansing ingredients like lemon and egg white, a grounding grain base with rye whiskey for the harvest, and sensual additions such as rose and earthy, bold red wine.

Cucina Sweet Rose Iced Coffee

Blackberry Rose Coffee Drink

Cocktail & Mocktail

There’s no better way to energize and enliven your mind than with a coffee drink! Start spring with a floral, berry coffee cocktail or homemade iced coffee drink to put some spring into your step. With floral flavors like rose, spices such as vanilla and cardamom, and sensuous blackberry, this Blackberry-Rose Ostara recipe is sure to excite the mind and entice the body. This drink will also be one of my choices for Beltane, so it’s never too early to get those sensuous Spring vibes going!

Elle's Alchemy Cocktail

Elle’s Alchemy

Cocktail & Mocktail

What better way to celebrate transformation, than with a color-changing drink? With a special calendula, violet and butterfly pea flower syrup, this drink has wonderful floral ingredients to celebrate the change of season, plus coconut and lemon to inspire peace, joy, and spirituality. 

Enchanted Garden

Cocktail with Mocktail Option

Named for the fresh garden flavors in this delicious drink, the Enchanted Garden makes a great Ostara drink recipe for celebrating love, beauty, peace and the bounties of spring. While the cocktail option has rose liqueur, an herbal-infused vodka, and bright, the mocktail version (Beltane Beauty) uses a homemade rose petal and chamomile iced tea, refreshing apple slice, and soothing vanilla simple syrup.

Maple & Rose

Cocktail & Mocktail

For those looking for a more fruity option, this Maple & Rose recipe makes a great Ostara drink for harmony and happiness. With peach, strawberry, maple, and rose, this drink is enticing and sure to inspire a jovial mood, or loving energy. 

More Ostara Drink Recipes

Looking for a witchy guide to celebrating seasonal energy? Witchology Magazine is a great choice. Here are some Spring and Ostara drink recipes I’ve made for their quarterly editions, and where to find them:

Spring fairy drink
“Flower Fae Tea” From Witchology Magazine, Spring 2023 by Julia Halina Hadas.

Sip in the spiritual and sensual energies of spring with this floral maple and rose color-changing Flower Fae Tea. Designed with the fae in mind, this iced tea cocktail and nonalcoholic mocktail is perfect to sip with the spirits of nature and invoke some spring-inspired playfulness, love, and seasonal transformation. Available on

beauty potions cocktails
“Spring Spirits and Beverages for Beauty” From Witchology Magazine, Spring 2022 by Julia Halina Hadas.

From April showers to bright pink flowers, Spring is a time stirring with beauty and renewal. Sip in the refreshing flavors and revel in the enticing colors of the season with this floral, crisp, aromatizing concoction for Springtime spirituality, beauty, love, and new beginnings.

Available on

renewing spring drink
“Spring Spritzer” From Witchology Magazine, Spring 2021 by Julia Halina Hadas.

Revitalize your spirit, invite joy, and invoke growth with this rosemary, apple, rose, and lavender spring spritzer.

Available on

Pairing your Ostara Drink Recipes with Spring Equinox Foods

What better way to enjoy a drink, than with some food to match? Drinks are perfect to pair with food, and can be just the way the usher in the season and tune into the spiritual vibrations at hand. As a celebration of the renewal of life, there are many dishes to enjoy for an Ostara feast. Here are a few ideas:

Ostara Food Ideas:

  • Eggs: Just like with egg cocktails, egg dishes like deviled eggs, hard boiled eggs, or egg salad are perfect for an Ostara Menu.
  • Salads: Try an edible spring flower salad with your floral drink, or a strawberry vinaigrette salad.
  • Vegetables: With Ostara, there’s no better time to celebrate your garden. Think of your garden vegetables, like asparagus, carrots, radishes, or leafy greens. In Poland, we have a cucumber salad called Mizeria, which would be just perfect for this time! I love to use this USDA website to see what it’s in season, but the specifics can vary based on your location.
  • Herbs: On the subject of the garden, herbs are wonderful. Ingredients like parsley help inspire strength and sensuality, while mint can refresh your mind and taste buds. See what is in blooming this time of year.
  • Dairy: We already tacked dairy in the drink ingredient section. But beyond cocktails and mocktails, you can enjoy dairy based dishes for Ostara.
  • Lemon: For sweets, cookies like lemon bars makes a wonderful spring equinox food to bring in joy and renewal in a delicious way. Even lemon cake, or just a tiny bit of grated lemon atop yogurt or a chosen dish.
  • Honey: Spring flowers bring bees to life! There’s no better time than to sweeten dishes and drinks with abundant, luscious honey. Already mentioned in the drink ingredient section, consider dishes or sweets that use honey, such as honey cakes. 
  • Sliced Meats: If you are someone who eats meat, sliced meats such as ham, are a common season dish. In Poland, we celebrate easter with an array of sliced meats and polish sausage you can use to make your own kanapki, or open faced sandwiches. If you are interested in some Polish dishes, I highly recommend this gorgeous Polish recipe book.

More Food Ideas for your Ostara Meal

For more ideas and actual recipes for Spring Equinox foods, check out this awesome blog: 100 Recipes to Celebrate Ostara by Awesome on 20

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Chamomile Moon Cocktail
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