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Uncover the cosmic flavors of the Capricorn moon with these cocktail and mocktail drink recipes. Dive into the Capricorn moon meaning and discover the perfect drinks to sip in its powerful energy. Whether you’re a dedicated astrology and drink enthusiast, or simply curious about exploring different cosmic influences in your concoctions, these Capricorn drinks have you covered. From a maple old fashioned, mead cocktails, herbal teas and spritzers, sours, to smashes, there is a plethora of drinks to invigorate your spirit under the moon. Read on to uncover Capricorn drink recipes from the blog and my books.

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Capricorn Moon Meaning

General Meaning

As one of the twelve zodiac signs, Capricorn represents determination, responsibility, and ambition. Symbolized by the sea goat, Capricorn will climb any mountain to pursue its goals, and swim deep into the wise waters of the ocean of knowledge to tackle any problem. Thus, the Capricorn moon tends to invite a disciplined, organized, and focused energy towards achieving goals. It is a time to harness reliability and self-responsibility.

Practical, the Capricorn moon’s meaning can be empowering in setting your gaze towards the highest of your goals and ambition—drawing up a plan on how to get from A to Z, to build lasting achievements and results. This lunar placement is profound for structure and stability. Use the meaning of the Capricorn moon to re-organize and strategize. Invoke abundance and blessings, or look and plan ahead. During this phase, all individuals can experience increased practicality, self-discipline, and perseverance. The cardinal aspect of earth, Capricorn is about building and manifestation, so tune into this powerful energy for some moon manifestation. Of course, the energy of a given lunation can vary based on other astrological factors.

With the moon ruling the classical element of water, tuning into the moon with a liquid libation and a refreshing sip is one of my favorite pastimes. Let’s explore some Capricorn moon drinks, so you can cheers to the stars!

What to look for in a Capricorn Drink

When it comes to working with the moon that creates the ebbs of the tides, and the flow of feelings within, I can imagine no better way than with liquid libations. When planning a potion for the Capricorn moon, there are a few angles to take:

  • You may consider Capricorn drinks that inspire wisdom and perspective—beverages with ingredients that will inspire thinking ahead and building in the long term. A drink that inspires reflection on what goals to set and how to get there, regardless of how steep the climb. 
  • A sign of tradition, you may want a Capricorn cocktail to raise in toast with family and friends, or a traditional drink.
  • A powerful manifestation sign, you might also consider drinks for abundance, prosperity, and achievement.
  • While planning, organizing, and thinking ahead, consider sipping Capricorn drinks that motivate you and inspire confidence in pursuing ambitions

With that in mind, let’s dip our Capricorn tails into some liquid libations and potions. 

Capricorn Drinks for the Moon (from the Blog)

From recipes with Capricorn and Saturn-associated ingredients, to sips inspiring aligned energy, here are a plethora of drinks to toast to under the Capricorn moon.  For those who have my mixology books, I have some suggestions further down below.

Cranberry Mead Cocktail


Themes: Abundance, Action, Love

Mead is one of the oldest beverages. Revamp tradition in Capricorn style with this mead cocktail! With cinnamon for manifestation, abundant clove, brightening orange, and goal and action oriented cranberry, this cranberry mead drink recipe is a perfect for planning for success planning, commitment, and romance under the Capricorn moon. Reflect on your goals, and usher them forth with abundance, action, and manifestation.


Alcoholic Beverage

Themes: Wisdom, Blessings, Abundance

In keeping with tradition (and a low-effort Capricorn concoction) pop open a bottle of mead. One of the oldest drinks and made from fermented honey, attune to the hardworking energy of bees with this great choice of drink for wisdom and blessings under the Capricorn full moon. 

Maple Old Fashioned

Maple Hazelnut Old Fashioned


Themes: Grounding, Wisdom, Strengthening

What’s more traditional than an old fashioned? Heralding a name, flavor profile, and practicality favorable for a Capricorn alcoholic drink, this Maple hazelnut old fashioned makes a great choice for the Capricorn moon. This twist on an old fashioned substitutes a few of the ingredients for a luscious, sweetening take, and will empower you with wisdom, creativity, and also abundance/prosperity. With a dash of hazelnut liqueur, walnut bitters, and sweetened with the woodsy aroma of maple syrup, this concoction will inspired grounded energy and abundance and strengthening under the Capricorn moon.

Herbal Maple Hot (or Cold) Toddy

Cocktail & Mocktail (Nonalcoholic)

Themes: Insight, Introspection, Healing

Perhaps you are in a more reflective, perspective mood? Connect to your inner wisdom with this hot (or cold) toddy drink recipe for Capricorn moon. With sage, rosemary, lemon, and maple (and an optional addition of gin for your choice of a cocktail or mocktail), this magically delicious beverage is packed with intention for purifying away old energy, while inspiring some introspection, wisdom, and healing.


Virgo New Moonjito

Cocktail & Nonalcoholic Option

Themes: The Mind, Focus, Clearing

Like Capricorn, Virgo is an earth-sign that likes structure and organization. If you find your energy leaning towards refreshing your mind and reorganizing your energy and space, this Virgo Moonjito is a great choice. With earl grey, rosemary, and mind, this lemon moon mojito is great for practicality, enhancing the mind and practical thinking, to sip on while organizing and planning ahead under the Capricorn moon – and clearing away distractions and unwanted energy.

The Painted Lady


Themes: Fidelity, Abundance, Renewal

An earthy, revitalizing and bold concoction, this Painted lady cocktail may just be the Capricorn moon drink for you! With rye whiskey for a base great for inspiring fidelity in goals, strength, and abundance, cleansing lemon, renewing and protective egg white, and topped with a bold, earthy red wine float, this drink is packed with power!

Scorpio Moon Smash

Cocktail & Mocktail (Nonalcoholic)

Themes: Power, Motivation, Prosperity

While it may not be the Scorpio moon, for those experiencing summer, this whiskey smash is perfect for using seasonal ingredients to bolster forth power, motivation, and abundance under the Capricorn moon. With juicy blackberry, and herbal flavors like basil, mint, and ginger, this drink is packed with harvest ingredients for celebrating abundance, and refreshing, cleansing energy.

Other Ideas for Lunar Capricorn Drinks

Lughnasadh Beer Drink

Lughnasadh Beer Cocktail

Mokosh Cocktail

Evergreen Gimlet

Evergreen Gimlet

Taurus moon Mocktail

Taurus Moon Whiskey Sour

Capricorn Drinks from my Books

My books Moon, Magic, Mixology, and WitchCraft Cocktails are filled with guidance on how to make magical and bewitching drinks. See what recipes I suggest from my books, or scroll down for more Capricorn drinks from the blog.

Besides keeping up a blog, I have two mixology books that dive into the theory and history behind magic, astrology, and mixology. Here are a selection of drinks I suggest from these titles:

Moon Over

the Sea Breeze

From Moon, Magic, Mixology

Capricorn Drinks

Clear away the mental chatter, refresh your mind and mood, and enhance your focus to set goals and take action with this Moon Over the Sea Breeze Capricorn moon drink. Keeping it practical in Capricorn-style, this drink has just a few ingredients like ginger, cranberry, and grapefruit.



From WitchCraft Cocktails 

Capricorn Cocktail Witch's Cosmo

With action-oriented, grounding cranberry, empowered by Saffron and rosemary, this Witch’s cosmo makes a great Capricorn drink for restoring your sense of personal power and balancing energy and the mind under the opposition of the sun and moon at the Capricorn full moon. 

Pink Moon


From Moon, Magic, Mixology

Capricorn Drink Moon Recipe Pink Potion

With Saturn-associated beets, empowering ginger, elderflower, rosemary and apple this gorgeous pink spritzer is great for refreshing and revitalizing your energy, as you set new goals for personal growth and refresh your mindset under the Capricorn Moon.

Capricorn Drinks

from Moon, Magic, Mixology

  • Balsamic Moon Shrub
  • Stormy Dark Moon
  • Moon and Sand
  • Winter Moon Old Fashioned
  • Moon Medicine
  • Lunar Luxury

Capricorn Drinks

from WitchCraft Cocktails

  • Cranberry Shrub
  • The Golden Ram
  • Cranberry Protection
  • Charmed Leaf
  • Protected Prosperity
  • The Black Cat
  • The Wise Word

Toast to the Moon with a Capricorn Drink

Exploring the cosmos of Capricorn flavors is an exciting (and delicious) journey to tap into its powerful energy. By understanding the meaning behind this celestial event, you can enhance our connection to the universe and unlock a world of possibilities, and (tastefully) harness its powerful energy. Whether you choose to indulge in a sophisticated Maple-Hazelnut Old Fashioned, or opt for a refreshing Capricorn Cranberry Mead cocktail, these drinks will transport you to a celestial realm. I hope you are inspired to mix some moon magic with these Capricorn drinks!

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