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Lughnasadh & Lammas Drink Recipes

Cheers to the first harvest with these Lammas drink recipes! With drinks, cocktails, and nonalcoholic mocktails packed with harvest ingredients to celebrate Lammas in 2023, these Lughnasadh recipes are a perfect way to toast to the occasion. Learn about this sacred day,  its coinciding full supermoon, and what drinks or flavors to enjoy to cheers to the occasion. Ground and attract abundance with the Hazelnut-Maple Old fashioned, or sip in the harvest flavors with a Lughnasadh Beer cocktail. Steep in wisdom and reflection with an Herbal Maple Hot toddy. Whatever drink you choose, sip before your Lammas rituals to empower your mood with prosperity, gratitude, and blessings, or add to a Lughnasadh feast to break bread and share abundance. There’s a Lammas recipe waiting down below for you!

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About Lughnasadh & Lammas

Lammas and Lughnasadh General Meaning

What is Lammas, and why should you enjoy a drink for it? Lammas (also called Lughnasadh) is the first of three harvest holidays of the Wheel of the Year, a cyclical celebration of the seasonal transitions and their magic. It is a time of gratitude, celebration, and blessings. All the seeds that were sown in the beginnings of spring are in the first wave of harvest. Offerings are given to ensure the remaining two harvests are plentiful. In fact, its name hails from “loaf-mass,” a time to celebrate the bounty of the season with food and a Lammas drink! And even in our personal lives, the first signs of the fruits of our labor begin to appear. This is a time of celebration of all the hard work done, that which still remains, and of the waning summer months.

Lammas is also a cross-quarter day, which marks the halfway point between seasons. As a cross-quarter day, Lammas is a time of contemplation, too. What goals remain to be accomplished, before turning inward in the slow descent towards Winter? Now is the perfect time to celebrate bounties earned, those still to come, and to contemplate goals still to accomplish before the end of the year.

While Lughnasadh is traditionally celebrated on August, the true halfway point between the Summer Solstice and Fall Equinox would be when the sun reaches 15 degrees of Leo, which usually happens a week or so later. Which gives you plenty of days to celebrate and drink up some delicious Lammas recipes!

Lughnasadh & Lammas 2023

Tuesday, August 1 2023

The next upcoming Lughnasadh is Tuesday, August 1 2023. But this 2023 Lammas celebration also coincides with the Aquarius Full Moon, making it the perfect time for a harvest moon celebration! Not only that, but it is also a supermoon, and one of two full moons this August. The second moon will a calendrical blue moon in Pisces on August 30th.

The full moon on August 1 Lammas 2023 is called the Sturgeon Moon, named after the plethora of this fish species available in the Great Lakes at this time. And abundance is certainly the theme of this time!

What better way to celebrate abundance, and the plenty of the season than with Lammas recipe or Lughnasadh drink? Below, you will find Lammas cocktails and mocktails I suggest from the blog, and further down below, suggested Lammas recipes from my mixology books.

Lughnasadh & Lammas Drink Recipes

Lammas Cocktails & Nonalcoholic Mocktails from the Blog

(Or Skip to Book Recipes Below)

What better way to celebrate the first harvest, than with Lammas cocktails and recipes made from seasonal ingredients? Here are some Lughnasadh recipes I suggest from the blog, or skip further down below to suggested Lammas recipes from my mixology books. Whether you enjoy a luscious fig & maple sour cocktail or mocktail, or a zesty Scorpio moon smash with ginger and mint, there’s a harvest drink for you! Explore the herbal, spiced concoctions below (some with nutty flavors, other with apple and refreshing ginger), to find the perfect Lammas drink recipe for you!

Lughnasadh Beer Cocktail


Lavish your tongue this Lammas and Lughnasadh with this beer cocktail.  This ginger, chamomile, orange, and apple brandy beer cocktail is wonderful choice  to celebrate the summer harvests and purifying power of the sun.

Chamomile Orange Solar Harvest Syrup

Drink Syrup

Add a bit of solar energy and harvest power to your drinks with this zesty orange and chamomile cocktail syrup, for purification, abundance, and creativity. The flavors of orange oil, and calming chamomile create a sweet & enticing syrup to add to your Lammas recipes for clearing out the old, and bringing in the harvest abundance.

Lammas Drink Recipes

Herbal Maple Gin Hot (or Cold) Toddy

Cocktail & Mocktail (nonalcoholic version)

Sip in the remains of the summer harvest and the herbal, pine flavors of fall with this awakening, grounding, and introspective hot toddy. With sage, rosemary, lemon, and maple (and an optional addition of gin), this recipe makes for a great Lammas drink, packed with intention for purification, wisdom, and introspection.Try the cooled version, and perhaps even replace whiskey or bourbon, instead of gin!

Fig & Maple Harvest Sour 

Cocktail & Mocktail (nonalcoholic version)

Soak in the flavors of the transition summer to fall, with this soothing, rejuvenating, fig and maple drink for spiritual wisdom, creative inspiration, and prosperity. Using summer herbs like lavender, sage, and brightening lemon citrus, and spices, this juicy fig concoction is sure to inspire your inner fire. A perfect harvest and seasonal concoction in both flavor and energy.


Alcoholic Beverage

Perhaps you are looking for something easier to sip for a Lammas feast? The harvest of hardworking bees, mead is essentially fermented honey wine with a plethora of a delicious flavors. It makes for a perfect Lughnasadh drink. You can read more about the magic of mead here, or get inspired by a mead cocktail here.

Maple Old Fashioned

Maple Hazelnut Old Fashioned


With flavors like walnut, hazelnut, and bourbon, this Maple-Hazelnut Old fashioned is a definite go-to for Lammas/Lughnasadh. If you have been following me for a while, you will know this is one of my top favorite drinks, and once you have the ingredients, is super simple to make!

Scorpio Moon Smash 

Cocktail & Mocktail (nonalcoholic version)

Originally crafted for the Scorpio full moon, this whiskey, minty twist on the Dark n’ Stormy is perfect for invoking abundance, power, purification and creativity this Lammas. With ginger, blackberry, orange, mint and lemon, this refreshing concoction is a great choice to imbibe this Lughnasadh.

Witch’s Wand Martini 


Channel your harvest magic with this tangy tantalizing Apple-tini variation. Drawing upon inspiration from a witch’s wand and powerful witching herbs, this apple, rose, and bourbon libation is a bewitching brew for magic, wishes, healing, and paying homage to ones witch lineage and path -a great choice for a harvest concoction, and celebrating the foredooming halloween.

 Lammas Drink Recipes From My Books

My books Moon, Magic, Mixology, and WitchCraft Cocktails are filled with guidance on how to make magical drinks, and recipes aligned to everything bewitching. See what recipes I suggest from my books (if you have them) below, or skip on to Lammas drink recipes from the blog further down below.

Harvest Moon


From Moon, Magic, Mixology

“Harvest Moon Michelada” From Moon, Magic, Mixology by Julia Halina Hadas. Published by Adam’s Media of Simon & Schuster. Photo by Harper Point Photography

Forget the bloody mary mix, and make a magical, harvest bloody mary to celebrate the harvest! With spices, harvest ingredients, this drink is perfect for celebrating the end of summer, while also ushering forth more motivation and protection for the occasion.

Barley Moon


From WitchCraft Cocktails 

“Barley Moon Shandy” From WitchCraft Cocktails by Julia Halina Hadas. Published by Adam’s Media of Simon & Schuster. Photo by Harper Point Photography

What better way to celebrate a harvest than with a refreshing beer cocktail? With summer herbs like lavender and chamomile, this drink is perfect for enhancing abundance, grounding to the earth, and also enhancing one’s psychic sense at this time for any harvest divination!



From WitchCraft Cocktails 

“Protected Prosperity” From WitchCraft Cocktails by Julia Halina Hadas. Published by Adam’s Media of Simon & Schuster. Photo by Harper Point Photography

Invoke financial abundance and success this Lammas with this drink. With berries, grain-based bourbon, and ginger, this cocktail is perfect for setting new, successful intentions at this time. 

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Toast to the First Harvest with a Lammas Cocktail or Lughnasadh Drink

Lammas invites a time to revel in the seasonal flavors and magic of the waning of summer. Whether it is simply incorporating a seasonal ingredient into your favorite drink, an herbal Lammas cocktail or other delicious Lughnasadh drink recipe, there is something for everyone to sip and enjoy. No matter what you choose, the use of harvest ingredients adds a unique and seasonal touch to these drinks, making them perfect for commemorating Lammas in 2023, under the full sturgeon moon. So gather your friends and loved ones, raise a glass, and toast to the abundance of the Earth. Cheers to a bountiful Lammas celebration!

Lammas Feast

Since Lammas in 2023 coincides with the full sturgeon Aquarius moon, check out my Aquarius Moon Drinks here.

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