Cancer Full Moon Mixology

Cancer Full Moon Mixology

Draw down the Cancer Full Moon with these lunar libations, and add some magic to your mixology! With jasmine and rose as the central ingredients, these concoctions are inspired by the Cancer Full Moon for love, self care, beauty, psychic abilities, and emotional and spirit-ual transformation. Use them as is, to inspire your own concoctions, or even to inspire your own lunar rituals, like a jasmine and rose bath.

About This Full Moon

On the evening of Tuesday December 29, the full moon in Cancer greets our entry into the new year. Following the last lunar eclipse, solar eclipse, and the grand conjunction that happened on the Winter Solstice, this full moon comes after a time of immense transformation. As per many full moons, inner emotions may surface and be exposed or heightened, so it will be a good time to really check in with ourselves and set a new emotional balance to allow for the best foundation for the new year. Being a sign that deals with the home environment, psychic abilities, and emotions, the moon in its ruling sign of Cancer offers a chance to re-check and orient ourselves in these areas. For example, are our goals for the New Year too overreaching, and not realistically considering self-care and balance? Is our home base (physical home, but also the home of our souls – the body) in a good place to lay the foundation for a successful 2021? Are we tending to our spiritual development and emotional healing to allow the new year to be the amazing year we want it to be? This gives us a chance to check our new years goals and resolutions by making sure our home base, our bodies, hearts, and mind will be balanced as we head into the new year.

You can read more about this Full moon and its other astrological correspondences by an actual (& amazing!) astrologer over at this article written by Anthony Perrotta Astrology. 

The Recipes

Here is 1 simple syrup and 2 recipes I crafted for this Full Moon. Craft them to help you attune to this moon, use them as inspiration for your own custom concoctions, or even to craft your own lunar ritual (for example, why not enjoy a bath of rose and jasmine while you sip these enchanting beverages?).

Jasmine Rose Simple Syrup
A floral and elevating cocktail syrup to add a touch of aromatics to your enchanting concoctions.

Jasmine-Rose Simple Syrup

Combing the magic of these two enchanting flowers, this simple syrup is inspired by the Cancer moon for (self) love, and spiritual connection. As a cocktail syrup, the combination of these two essences can add a back note of floral flavors that elevate your sipping experience. 

Jasmine Rose Mojito
A bright, lemon mojito with hints of jasmine and rose, to connect to the Cancer Moon for emotional and spirit(ual) revitalization.

Cancer Moon Mojito

 A lighter and refreshing take on the Winter Rose, this lemon mojito-esque variation adds lavender, mint, and soda water to the symphony of jasmine & rose flavors. With the addition of mint to refresh the mind and lavender for peace, this drink in cocktail or nonalcoholic form will help you attune to the Cancer Moon with calming and cooling energy, to help renew and cleanse away any emotional tides.

Rose Daiquiri
A floral jasmine, rose, and spiced rum cocktail to draw down the loving, spirit-ually nurturing, sweetening, and purifying energy of the Cancer Full Moon.

Winter Rose

Draw down the Cancer moon with this jasmine, rose, lemon, and spiced rum concoction. Inspired by the loving, healing and spiritual magic of this full moon, this concoction uses spiced or dark rum as the base to help sweeten our disposition to ourselves, nutmeg to heighten our energy, and lemon to cleanse and rejuvenate.

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Here are the resources I used to help guide my work beyond what I already know! I highly recommend these reference tests 🙂

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