Hibiscus Moon Mix: A Good Vibes Hibiscus Drink Recipe

Sip in the energy of love, luck and spirituality, and join me in a toast to Hibiscus Moon (bestselling, leading crystal educator, and an all around amazing woman!) with this floral, tart hibiscus drink recipe for good vibes (with mocktail & cocktail options). 

Hibiscus Moon is the founder of The Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy, where she has shared the healing and power of crystals to countless people, and changed so many lives as a result! To celebrate the 12th anniversary all of the amazing work she has done, I put together this little hibiscus drink recipe, packed with ingredients to make you feel (almost) as rejuvenated as a crystal healing session! 

So grab a glass and get ready to sip in all the love, happiness, and good vibes Hibiscus Moon has shared with the world, with this aligned hibiscus cocktail and nonalcoholic mocktail.

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About Hibiscus Moon

For those of you that don’t know, Hibiscus Moon is a leader in the crystal community – someone who’s work I have learned from, and admired. She started educating crystal lovers across the globe on how to work with crystals on YouTube, and today she celebrates the 12th anniversary!

Coming from a background in science, Hibiscus Moon teaches people how to work with crystals, minerals, and stones from both an energetic and scientific perspective. This evolved into her Crystal Practitioner Certification Courses that has helped empower others to become confident, competent crystal practitioners and business owners, and spread crystal consciousness and good vibes even further! I am so grateful to be able to call myself one of her students. While that certification program is no longer available, she still offers a plethora of amazing crystal elective courses, many of which I have enjoyed myself.

But beyond all of that – if you ever have a chance to watch her videos or interact with her – her energy is authentic, vibrant, and is truly a blessing! Hibiscus Moon has put a lot in love into the crystal world, so here is a hibiscus drink recipe full of love, healing, and spiritual ingredients to commemorate 12 years of the Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy! 

Hibiscus Drink Recipe Inspiration

This drink is packed with ingredients, filled with herbal goodness and magical meaning. Let’s dive into some of the themes and inspiration!

Since Hibiscus Moon is celebrating 12 years, let’s look into the magical meaning of that number. 12 is a number that represents harmony and completion in numerology. In astrology, the twelfth house relates to Pisces and is the home of “Self-Undoing” – the place where we connect to the collective unconscious, and can access greater spiritual wisdom and divine inspiration when worked with intention (there is a lot more to the twelfth house than that, but that’s the important part for this drink). For many people, crystals are a big part of this work. So, this hibiscus cocktail and nonalcoholic mocktail has ingredients like lavender, rose, and aloe for spiritual healing and tranquility.

At the same time, Hibiscus Moon is someone who has poured a lot into the crystal community – sharing her love and knowledge, and spreading good vibes as a result! So, this good vibes drink has ingredients like raspberry, hibiscus, and orange to uplift your energy with themes of happiness and radiant, universal love. 

Hibiscus Drink Ingredients

When it comes to mixing up a drink for the magic that is Hibiscus Moon – a drink full of love, vibrancy, and good vibes – every ingredient has a role to play! This hibiscus drink recipe does have a few moving parts with a tea, syrup, and drink recipe – but both the tea and syrup can be whipped in the same 5 minutes. Here, I will break down the why of each ingredient, and how you can modify the drink to work with what you can!

The Tea

The first step for our hibiscus drink is to make a hibiscus tea! Here are the ingredients you may need:

  • Hibiscus: For a drink made to celebrate this crystal goddess, dried hibiscus flower is a MUST! (It is her namesake, after all). Packed with antioxidants, this floral, tart ingredient brings energies of love and spiritual alignment, and makes for a wonderfully refreshing, energizing drink full of happiness!
  • Lavender: Great for tranquility and enhancing the mind for meditation, lavender makes an excellent addition to this drink, to celebrate the queen of crystal meditation! (I personally consider lavender to be the “amethyst” of herbs). We will used dried lavender for this recipe, and while this is a great herb to have on hand, you can certainly do without this, in a pinch.
  • Rose: Rose adds an enticing aroma and energy to all it touches, bringing out the beauty in everything! (Like rose quartz, anyone?). Associated with love, healing, and spirituality, rose adds soothing flavor and energy to this good vibes drink. Like the lavender, if you don’t have rose petals, you can certainly try this hibiscus cocktail without it! (But I definitely do recommend making the hibiscus tea drink with the lavender and rose).

(also note, that you may find these already available as teas at the store! You can always use the herbs from a tea bag 🙂 )

Now that we have our ingredients for the tea (which, you can totally drink this on its own!) let’s move onto the sweetener for our hibiscus cocktail and mocktail:

Butterfly Pea Flower Honey Syrup

  • Butterfly Pea Flower: Exploding in popularity in recent years due its ability to color change upon contact with acid (such as lemon), butterfly pea flower is one of my favorite ingredients for transformation and harnessing the power of spiritual alchemy – something that certainly comes along with working with crystals! Because of the deep magenta-purple hue of the hibiscus tea, the color changing aspect of butterfly pea flower does not come through in this drink – but it adds a necessary flavor compliment to the hibiscus, and brings energetic themes of happiness, spirituality, and feminine energy, nonetheless. Butterfly pea flower often reminds me of bismuth, with its varying tones of pink and blue. (P.S. if you are someone who loves butterfly pea flower, you can check out more recipes here, with my color-changing Bismuth-Inspired Alchemy Cocktail/Mocktail or the Lunar Alchemy and Violet Liqueur Recipes from my book Moon, Magic, Mixology)
  • Honey: A natural ancient sweetener, I could imagine no better sweetener for this drink to celebrate the ancient power of stones! Honey has been worshipped throughout time, and has been used for physical and energetic healing of all kinds, as well as happiness and wisdom/spirituality.

Hibiscus Moon Mix Good Vibe Drink Ingredients

Now that we have covered what ingredients you will need for the tea and syrup, let’s dive into the ingredients and tools you will need for the full drink recipe!

  • Aloe: Like honey, aloe is a supreme healing ingredient, whether it be ingesting its gels for numerous health benefits, or using it to soothe and heal burns – a great addition to celebrate the healing energy of crystals and Hibiscus Moon. You can find whole aloe leaves at many grocery stores now, or bottled aloe gel/juice, and if you get the leaf, it lasts a long time – so it will certainly come in handy in a pinch for any cooking burns!
  • Raspberries: A fruit of happiness and love, raspberries further the energizing, joyful energies of this drink and also compliments the hibiscus flavor. You can try other berries if you like, such as blueberry for psychic protection or blackberry/ 
  • Orange Juice or Liqueur: Orange is one of my all-time favorite ingredients for radiance, mood boosting and wellbeing, and this drink is no exception! I personally used Cointreau for the cocktail version, but you can use triple sec or something similar in a pinch. If making a nonalcoholic version, you can use fresh orange juice – or if you would rather not buy liqueur, you can use fresh orange juice instead, too!
  • Lemon: For calling down the brightness and rejuvenation, I can imagine no better citrus than lemon! Balancing the sweetness of this drink, you can add more if you prefer a sour drink. Lemon enhances elements of creativity, joy, longevity, love, and cleansing. For this drink, I suggest fresh juiced lemon – which one juicy lemon can certainly provide. I personally use this hand juicer when making just a small handful of drinks, or an electric juicer like this one when I want to prep more for a little party beverage.
  • White Rum (for a cocktail): Made from sugar cane, rum compliments the tropical, brightening flavors of this drink and adds energy of love, positivity, and abundance. For a nonalcoholic option, skip this! You can also try vodka or tequila, but in my opinion, white rum works best. Want to add a touch of crystal magic to your drink? Like Hibiscus Moon talks about in her High Vibe Margarita Recipe, you can add a quartz (since it is nontoxic and water safe) to your alcohol as an elixir. For this drink, I might suggest amethyst (a member of the quartz family). 

Additional Considerations:

  • Coconut Rum (such as malibu) can add extra lunar & spirituality associations, as well as make for a tropical drink!
  • In her blogs, Hibiscus Moon often talks about Living Silica or Colloidal Gold, which is one way she adds more crystalline goodness into her recipes! You can try adding a dropper of one or both.

Tools for the Hibiscus Good Vibes Drink Recipe

What kind of tools might you need to make this drink? Here are some details + links of tools I suggest, but as always – work with what ya got!

I personally use a traditional Boston shaker and a jigger to measure. However, since the drink is not strained, you could get away with “rolling” (pouring) the drink from one glass to another with ice, if you do not have a shaker. In place of the jigger, you can convert ounces to tablespoons or teaspoons, and use your at-home tablespoon measurer! Additionally, you may want a muddler like this to break up the raspberry and aloe, but you can also use the back of a wooden spoon.

And now that you have everything you need, let’s get to the recipe! 

Hibiscus Moon Mix: A Good Vibes Hibiscus Cocktail and Mocktail

Sip in the good vibes with this tart, refreshing rose, berry hibiscus drink recipe. Inspired by leading crystal educator Hibiscus Moon, this drink is packed with ingredients to uplift your energy, attune to unconditional love, and inspire jovial happiness. With raspberry and orange for mood boosting, healing aloe, lavender and rose for tranquility and love – this concoction is packed with good vibes. With hibiscus cocktail and mocktail/nonalcoholic options, anyone can enjoy!

Hibiscus Moon Mix

Sip in the good vibes of love, luck and spirituality with this hibiscus drink recipe. Inspired by leading crystal educator Hibiscus Moon, this hibiscus tea cocktail and mocktail is rejuvenating and tart, with raspberry, lavender, aloe, and orange.


Hibiscus Floral Tea

  • 1 tbsp dried hibiscus
  • 1/2 tsp dried lavender flowers
  • 1 tsp dried rose petals
  • 1 cup hot water

Butterfly Pea Flower Honey Syrup

  • 1.5 tbsp dried butterfly pea flower
  • 1/3 cup hot water
  • 2/3 cup honey

Hibiscus Moon Mix

  • 1/2 tbsp aloe (the gel from the inside of the leaf)
  • 5 raspberries (or berry of choice)
  • 3/4 ounces Butterfly Pea Flower Honey Syrup
  • 2 ounces Hibiscus Floral Tea (can just to hibiscus tea if needed)
  • 1/2 ounce orange liqueur (cointreau, triple sec) or fresh orange juice for NA
  • 1/2 ounce fresh lemon juice
  • 1 ounce white rum (skip for NA)


Hibiscus Floral Tea

  • Set hot water to boil.
  • Place hibiscus, lavender, and rose petals into a jar. Place your hands above them, visualizing the energy from the dried flowers.
  • Pour hot water over herb, and let steep and then cool
  • You can add a piece of amethyst to this if you like, and let it infuse naturally out in the morning sun if you like, instead of using boiled water. Just be sure to remove the amethyst before drinking or adding to your Hibiscus Moon Mix!

Butterfly Pea Flower Honey Syrup

  • Pour hot water of butterfly pea flower in a jar. Let steep for 5-10 minutes.
  • Stir in honey and mix thoroughly.

Hibiscus Moon Mix

  • Place raspberry and aloe in shaker.
  • Add in syrup and muddle, visualizing your energy filled with good vibes as you do so.
  • Add tea and lemon. If doing cocktail, add in white rum and orange liqueur. If doing nonalcoholic, add fresh orange juice.
  • Add ice and shake. Pour into glass of choice, and garnish with a pinch of dried hibiscus and a nice raspberry snack for happiness!
Tried this recipe?Let us know how it was!
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