Love Potions

Love Potions

With Valentines Day around the corner, there’s no better time to make a little love potion. Whether you are looking for concoction for you and your partner, or to enjoy by yourself, here are beverages from both my blog and my book to inspire your valentines day concoction.

Love Potions from the Blog

Jasmine Rose Simple Syrup
A floral and elevating cocktail syrup to add a touch of aromatics to your enchanting concoctions.

Jasmine-Rose Syrup

Combing the magic of Jasmine and Rose, this syrup that I originally crafted for lunar love for the Cancer moon is an easy go-to syrup for all your Valentines Day potions – alcoholic or not. It can quickly add a pink hue to any of your concoctions. Enjoy as is, add in hibiscus for extra sensuality if desired, or simplify to a rose simple syrup. 

Jasmine Rose Mojito
A bright, lemon mojito with hints of jasmine and rose, for emotional and spirit(ual) love revitalization.

Cancer Moon Mojito

What better way to celebrate love this weekend than with a pink drink? Originally crafted for the Cancer moon, this pink mojito (with cocktail and mocktail variations) utilizes with jasmine, rose, lavender, lemon, and mint, making it a great choice for a renewal and healing in love

Winter Rose

Making use of an enchanting floral aroma with its garnish, this jasmine, rose, lemon, and spiced rum concoction is designed to inspire sweetness, love, and healing. Indulge in this concoction to sweeten up your soul, and to inspire beauty and some self-love (or love with a partner!

Rhubarb Romantic

A zesty rhubarb lemon drop to reignite the romance in your life. Make as is, or swap the rhubarb with something like strawberry for whatever is more convenient for you! Plus learn one way to take the magic of a cocktail to transform it into a full spell with an aligned sugar rim & love spell candle. 

Summer Love

From my “Super Sippable Summer Solstice Blog,” craft this strawberry, elderflower, and lusty lavender sparkling wine concoction to add some sensuality and peace to your day. Make as is with the honey simple syrup, or swap with the Jasmine-Rose Syrup for extra love potency. (You will have to scroll for this concoction).

Libra in Love

Sip like a Libra in Love with this luxurious Bellini-inspired champagne drink. Complimented with Venus-ruled thyme, rose, and apricot, this peach & sparkling white wine cocktail is packed with Libra associations of love, luxury, and healing.

Love Potions from my Book

Here are some love concoctions from my book WitchCraft Cocktails

  • Love Witch’s Brew” – With cinnamon, cardamom, rose, and vanilla, this coffee recipe is brewed especially with love in mind. Designed to accompany some love divination, you can sip while doing a love spread, or divine the leftover grounds and herbs in your cup like you would for tea leaves. A video demo of this drink and the “Love Divination Coffee” is here.
  • “Love Divination Coffee” – Once you’ve made the Love Witch’s Brew, you can also turn it into a cocktail by adding cream, Irish Whiskey, whipped cream, and nutmeg for great Irish coffee. So, you can enjoy the Love Witch’s Brew in the morning and double up the recipe, and use the remaining for an after dinner dessert drink with this Irish coffee Variation.
  • “Love’s Lucky Charm” – With cherry, strawberry, grenadine, and rum, this concoction is designed to bring luck, love and wishes.
  • “Venus Spritzer” – For those who are ready to welcome in spring, and want to sip in abundance and luxury this Valentines Day, the Venus Sprizter is the way to go. With cucumber, rose vodka, honey, and lavender, this concoction is a luxurious and refreshing love concoction. 
  • “Milk Moon Beautifier” – A lavender milk and honey recipe you can enjoy with or without alcohol! Add some rose petals, and double up the recipe (minus the alcohol) to add some to your bath for a self love & beauty milk soak.
  • Aphrodite’s Lust Potion” – Utilizing lemon, hibiscus, rose, tequila, lavender, and topped with brut rose to inspire some youthful love and lust.
  • Strawberry Moon Daiquiri
  • Renewed Love
  • Love Potion No. 10

Whether looking to relax at home with some luscious self love potions, or enjoying the day with loved ones, I hope you have a lovely Love Day!

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