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Spicy Sagittarius (Hot Toddy)

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Tune into Briony Silver’s fabulous podcast, and catch this episode with me! In this feature, you’ll learn a bit about my witchy backstory, how I got into making magically delicious concoctions, and some projects and plans for the future.
Watch the Replay of the event! Explore the world of magic & cocktails with Julia Halina Hadas and a demonstration from her new book, WitchCraft Cocktails. Replay. Hosted by The Westport Library in partnership with The Wakeman Town Farm, via Crowd Cast.
Learn more about the new book WitchCraft Cocktails & how it all came to be, on the podcast Uncorked Corner.
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Add Some Magic to Your Mixology

  • Pisces Moon Drink Recipes
    With the changing of the seasons amidst detail-oriented and productive Virgo season, the Pisces full moon on Monday September 20th offers a key time to pause and go with the flow. What better way to celebrate the moon in watery Pisces, than with a drink? Read on to uncover some drink recipe ideas from my book WitchCraft Cocktails and the blog, for the full moon in pisces 2021.
  • A Fig & Maple Sour: Harvest Moon Drink Recipe
    Sip in the flavors of the transition from bright summer to crisp fall, with this deeply soothing, rejuvenating, and sensual fig and maple vodka cocktail. Using summer herbs like lavender, sage, and brightening lemon citrus, and fall spices like nutmeg, anise, and even woodsy maple, this juicy fig concoction is sure to inspire your inner fire of inspiration. Combining the folk and magical associations of these ingredients, you have a concoction that is rich with energy for spiritual wisdom, creative inspiration, love, and prosperity! A perfect harvest and seasonal concoction in both flavor and energy.
  • Sipping the Sagittarius Lunar Eclipse: Cocktail Recipes to Call Down the Moon
    In need of a refreshing drink to amid the hectic eclipse energies? Or perhaps you’re looking for a spirited libation to celebrate the occasion? From a Bees Knees Variation, to a nonalcoholic spiced honey lemonade, and whiskey sour for spirited new beginnings, I have you covered!
  • Beltane Beverages
    Celebrate Beltane, May Day, and spring with some luscious concoctions for beauty, love, happiness, and abundance.
  • The Enchanted Garden
    A crisp, light, and floral concoction to celebrate the Spring flowers for peace, beauty, and love! With cucumber, basil, rose liqueur, and honey, this vodka concoction is inspired by the youthful, elegant, beauty of Spring.
  • Maple & Rose
    If looking to celebrate Beltane & the coming of summer, with creativity, love, and happiness, this Maple & Rose concoction is for you! With seasonal strawberry for love, harmony, and luck, peach for happiness and health, and maple for love, wellness, and abundance – this rum concoction is a juicy and luscious concoction to enjoy the passing of seasons.
  • Sipping the Scorpio Moon
    The Stinging Scorpio moon amidst luxurious, rooted Taurus season invites a reflection on the duality between stability and change, and invites us to reflect (and face) our inner truths, to release what holds us back for transformation. The moon in sensual and intense scorpio can 
  • The Painted Lady
    A floral, balanced, refreshing sour variation with rye whiskey, rose, orange notes, and red wine! Inspired by tattoos, with the energy of creativity, rebirth, beauty, and celebrating the physical.