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Calming Communication Mint Cocktail Syrup

Packed with clearing sage, soothing peppermint, and calming chamomile, this mint cocktail syrup is perfect for any refreshing beverage to keep you cool, calm, and collected. Whether it be a hot or iced tea, or relaxing cocktail, add this to your communication potion, and enjoy alone for a peaceful mind, or share with another to open the line of communication!

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Mint Drink Syrup Communication Potion

Invite calm communication and a peaceful mind with this soothing communication potion. A simple, yet potent tea-infused syrup, add this to a comforting cup of hot tea to help open the way for a peaceful mind and clear communication, or add it to an iced tea to help you refresh and relax after a long day! With clearing culinary sage, calming chamomile, and peaceful peppermint, this mint cocktail syrup is packed with potent herbs for communication. And for those who like to enjoy a spiked beverage, just image this syrup in a mojito or mint julep! In fact, I made this mint cocktail syrup for my Communication Breakdown communication potion cocktail recipe, to help open the throat energy center and promote communication during mercury retrograde (a time known for miscommunication mishaps)! So whether imbibing to call in the calm, or adding to drink to share with another to inspire communication, this communication potion mint cocktail syrup is a great addition!

Ingredients & Herbs for Communication

From Jupiter-associated Sage to invite purification and wise words, to throat-soothing peppermint tea, you can easily find the ingredients for this communication potion cocktail syrup recipe at just about any grocery store! Each ingredient was hand selected for its association with communication and calm. So let’s dive in, and explore the ingredients you will need for this communication mint cocktail syrup, and learn a bit about their flavor and inspiration, as well as a little on the folklore and magic these elements bring.

Available in most grocery stores in the herb section, this wonderful kitchen herb helps add a hint of earthy aroma to our syrup. In this recipe, I use it in its fresh form, so as not to overcome the other flavors! Associated with the planet Jupiter and the classical element of air (the element of communication and the mind), Sage is great for clearing away energy and invoking wisdom – a must for peace potion! In this recipe, it helps to clear the throat energy center and invite higher thinking, so that both insight, peace of mind, and clear, calm communication can be achieved. 

From soothing upset stomachs and headaches and healing sore throats, to breathing in its refreshing sharp scent, mint is always a winner in communication potions and recipes! Peppermint, specifically, is the type of mint commonly associated with the planet Mercury (the planet of communication in astrology). As you might guess from its refreshing, sharp scent and opening aroma, Mint is great for clearing energy and the mind, inspiring peace, and opening one’s intuitive senses to feel more calm and connected. If you don’t have dried peppermint on hand, you can easily get it from opening peppermint tea bags, available at most grocery stores!

A go-to tea for bedtime, chamomile is a great herb for calming the mind and inducing peace. 

In some traditions, chamomile is associated with the planet Mercury, while in others it is associated the Sun (this can really depend on the type of chamomile!). But either way, this air-element herbal flower will help quiet the mind, invite peaceful thoughts and loving, harmonious communication Just like peppermint, you can get your dried chamomile from opening up a tea bag, available at most stores!

Mint Syrup Communication Potion Recipe

Energetic Inspiration: Communication, Peace, Healing, Purification

Calming Communication Mint Syrup

Calming Communication Syrup

A simple yet potent cocktail syrup, packed with sage, peppermint, and chamomile for calming & communication.


  • 1 tea bag chamomile (or 1-ish tablespoon dried chamomile)
  • 1/2 tablespoon dried peppermint (or use a peppermint tea bag)
  • 5-7 leaves medium-small sage
  • 1/2 cup sugar
  • 1/2 cup hot water


  • Set water to boil. Place tea, sage, and dried peppermint in a mason jar. Take a second to pray over the herbs (for magical intention setting), imagining their energy opening up, as though a light growing is inside of them. When you feel an energetic buzzing, withdraw your hands, and pour now-ready hot water over the herbs. Let the herbs steep for about 5 minutes, covering the jar slightly. Then stir in sugar, cover the jar, and place in the fridge to help cool down. The syrup is ready to use once cooled, or you can let it sit for 24 hours for extra infusion. Strain before use.
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