Herbal Maple Hot Toddy Recipe
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Herbal Maple Hot Toddy Drink Recipe for Fall and Autumn – Introspection, Grounding, and Cleansing

Looking for a herbal hot maple drink recipe, or warm gin cocktail to enjoy as the fall winds begin to rise? Sip on this rosemary, sage, and maple hot toddy as you cozy up inside and reflect on the summer to fall, to winter transition. With a sprinkle of kitchen witchery and magical folklore, and easy to enjoy with or without alcohol, this hot toddy with maple syrup is sure to be fast fall favorite.

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A Warm Maple Gin Toddy For Cold Weather

(Feel free to forego the gin if looking for a nonalcoholic drink! It’s just as delicious).

Just in time for the change of seasons, this refreshing and comforting, sage, rosemary, maple and gin hot toddy is sure to warm you right up! With sage for purification, wisdom, and protection, rosemary for insight, the mind, and peace, and maple for longevity and grounding aromas, this herbal hot toddy cocktail recipe is designed to accompany the introspection, wisdom, and cleansing that the autumn season brings.

Ingredients & Tools You Will Need for this Hot Maple & Gin Toddy

When it comes to something like a tea or hot toddy, each ingredient has a role to play. Luckily, this hot maple toddy requires tools and ingredients you may already have in your kitchen or garden! Skip ahead to the recipe, OR read on to uncover the flavors, folklore, and magical uses of each ingredient we will be using in this gin toddy drink recipe.

There’s nothing quite like fresh rosemary! A garden essential, this evergreen herb brings flavor notes of herbal citrus and pine that mixes well with the lemon and gin in this concoction. Oftentimes, just the scent of this herb is relaxing and invigorating – and for good reason! Rosemary has been shown to help enhance the mind and memory, and its scent (reminiscent of the seaside by which it is named after) often brings peace and relaxation. Magically, rosemary is also often used for purification, protection, healing and enhancing psychic insight, in addition to its mind enhancing abilities. With its ability to calm and enhance the mind, and cleanse, as en evergreen shrub, rosemary makes the perfect addition to this relaxing and introspective hot toddy. 

From its unique woodsy, slight peppery and lemon aroma to its energies of wisdom and longevity, Sage is famous for its use in both cooking and in spirituality. This wonderful kitchen herb compliments the maple and lemon in the concoction, while adding energies of wisdom, focus, purification, and spirituality (perfect to add to our introspective concoction!). For this recipe, you will want fresh culinary sage leaves, which you can often find in the fresh herb and produce section of most grocery stores (sometimes you have to get the prepackaged encased herbs). Since most teas traditionally use dried herbs, you can try dried sage as well, but the flavor and bitterness will become more pronounced. Using fresh herbs will help add a lighter flavor aroma that will allow our other ingredients, like maple, lemon, and gin (if using alcohol) to come through.

Have some sage leftover? Try this Fig & Maple Sour drink recipe.

  • Lemon

A hot toddy essential, jovial and bright lemon will liven up this concoction both energetically, and flavor wise! Besides complimenting the citrus hints of rosemary and sage, Lemon inspires energy of longevity, creativity, and joy. A common scent in cleaning products, lemon is also associated with purification and cleansing – thus helping to further magnify the purifying properties of this beverage, while also uplifting your mood!

One – two lemons should be ample to provide the 1 ounce of lemon juice you will need for this concoction. I personally use a hand juicer like this when making just a small handful of drinks, or an electric juicer like this one when I want to prep more.

  • Maple Syrup

Replacing the usual honey in our hot toddy, maple syrup compliments the woodsy sage in this concoction, adding in a grounding and earthy aroma, and subtle sweetness. A perfect fall addition to this warm beverage, maple is magically known to inspire energies of longevity, money, and love, while its grounding and earthy tones help invite introspection. 

I used my personal favorite: WytchWood maple syrup, which is made from a couple duo that creates these magically and botanically infused maple syrups. Additionally, they have a great page on the history, magic, and benefits of maple (not to mention a magical chant you can use when you pour it into your drink!). Maple syrup can vary from brand to brand, so if using another maple syrup, be sure to start with less in your maple cocktail and add more, if needed.

  • Gin(for the alcoholic variation)

To compliment the woodsy, herbal flavors of rosemary and sage, piney and refreshing gin makes the perfect alcoholic addition to our concoction (if going nonalcoholic, simply forego). With Juniper as the defining ingredient, gin can be a great way to implement this herbs magic of purification, protection, grounding, and spirituality/psychic enhancement.

I personally used New Amsterdam Stratusphere Gin, as I find it approachable in both taste and cost! Gin’s can be very opinionated in flavor from brand to brand, so be sure you use a gin that works with your personal flavor palate.

  • Tools & Equipment

Luckily, the tools you will need, most households will have on hand! For this concoction, you will need a kettle or something to brew hot water with, something to measure with, and a mug or tempered glass to enjoy it in (if in need, check out some of these cute witchy mugs on etsy!), to withstand the hot temperatures. As for measuring, I personally used this OXO jigger, as it has the ounce markings on it AND has a rubber grip so that your hand doesn’t get burned when measuring and handling hot water. However, you can also convert ounces to tablespoons, and use most household measuring tools.

Now that you have all your ingredients and tools, let’s get to drink-making!

Warm Gin & Maple Hot Toddy Cocktail Recipe

Energetic Inspiration: Introspection, Grounding, Protection, Purification, Healing/Health/Longevity

Herbal Maple Hot Toddy Recipe

Herbal Maple Hot Toddy Recipe

Sip in the remains of the summer harvest and the herbal, pine flavors of fall with this awakening, grounding, and introspective maple and gin hot toddy. With sage, rosemary, lemon, and maple (and an optional addition of gin for a gin hot toddy), this magically delicious beverage is packed with intention for purification, introspection, wisdom, and mood boosting.



  • Set hot water to boil. Place sage, rosemary, and maple in mug or tempered glass.
  • Pour in about 3 ounces of hot water, and allow to steep for 5-7 minutes .
  • Add in lemon and if going for an alcoholic variation, gin. Stir.
  • Sip while enjoying some fall introspection, or journaling or meditating, or let cool for a cold version. Cheers!
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Did you like this warm gin cocktail recipe? You can also enjoy it cold (for those in warmer climates)!

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Interested in learning more about the folklore and magic of different herbs and ingredients? Here are some kitchen witchery books I use to help guide my us of ingredients!

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