Taurus Full Moon & Mixology

Taurus Full Moon & Mixology

October 31st this year not only gifts us with Samhain/halloween, but also a rare blue moon. However, this Taurus Blue Moon marks a convergence of some peculiar energies that could affect many people in different ways (which I will get into below), so I’ve crafted just the libations to honor this lunar Taurus energy, while still staying grounded and gaining some lunar insight.

I also crafted 4 Samhain & Halloween inspired concoctions for October 31st!

  • Black Sun – for Samhain protection and purification magic

Check them out for various luscious libation to enjoy this magical night, and ideas on which cocktails from my book you can use, too!

The Lunar Libations

For the Taurus Full Moon

(moon energetic description down below)

Taurus Tea Time

Warm your spirit this Samhain night, with this warming, indulgent sweet tea. With clarifying rosemary, loving rose, manifestive vanilla, wise and magical apple, and grounding harvest bourbon, this tea will help provide insight and ground your energy, while also catering to those Venusian Taurus energies. This is the perfect libation for those looking to rest, do some selfcare, and insight work on this magical lunar night, while still bringing in the stability and abundant energies Taurus has to offer. You can also craft a rosemary and rose bath to correspond and magnify whatever intentions you set with this libation.

Taurus moon Recipe

Taurus Moon Whiskey Sour

Indulge your tantalizing Taurus spirit with this apple, rose, rosemary, and elder whiskey sour this Taurus Full Moon. With elder for healing and wisdom, rose for Venusian loving energies, and luxurious vanilla, this cocktail is sure to enchant your Taurus moon whims. With the magic and longevity of apple, and whiskey to ground, this concoction has all you need to ride the wave of these lunar energies on this powerful night. This bright, seasonal, concoction is sure to have you enchanted this full moon.

Energetic Influences

Around this date, cultures across the northern hemisphere worship the dead, and celebrate the third and final harvest before descending into the colder months of winter. This journey into the past – the loved ones, lineages, etc, that have existed in the past, and also one’s personal journey in the last year – may seem only energetically enhanced as mercury retrograde pokes and prods many of us to face old limiting patterns, sometimes in unsavory ways. At the same time, a full moon is a culmination, a completion of a cycle, that also shines a lot and reveals the hidden, adding to this possibly triggering, but healing energy. (i.e. there may be a bit of high emotions, and/or revelations at this time).

This moon occurs in tantalizing, tenacious Taurus, ruled by none other than Venus. A physical sign that very much enjoys the earthly pleasures, this can be a time to focus on one’s physical body, self-care, and sensuality, and to question how one has perhaps been responding to the stress of the last month: have you been overindulgent, and stress eating, for example? Seek to reflect and strike a balance on making yourself feeling fabulous, but also realigning some perhaps negative habits. Focus on matters or stability, particularly in finance and enduring romantic relationships.

Additionally, this moon occurs conjunct Uranus, which rules spontaneous, sudden events, but also radical change and freedom. This means with this already heigthened energy of mercury retrograde, Samhain, and a blue moon, there is a sense of unpreditactbaility that could end up being a bit harash. But, inevitably, healing.

There is a lot you can choose to pull from and focus on from this time. So, I asked myself energetically what cocktail would be best, given the diverse set of energies that will most definitely be very intense for some, and otherwise very soothing and healing for others? As a result, I’ve crafted the following 2 cocktails – one hot toddy variation for a bit of self-care,  the other a whiskey sour twist, both designed to help ground and give insight, while still utilizing the Taurus full moon energies.

Either way, a blue on such a date, is an uncommon and magical alignment, that one can certainly use to do powerful manifestation magic. So take the time to do the healing work, and use the rare event to reflect and bring in your greater desires.

I also crafted 4 Samhain & Halloween inspired concoctions for October 31st:

  • The Witch’s Wand – using ingredients typically used in a wand
  • Black Sun – for Samhain protection and purification magic
  • Pumpkin Cream Martini – for harvest abundance
  • Coffee Ouja Martini – for connecting to the dead and spirit communication.

Check them out for various luscious libation to enjoy this magical night, and ideas on which cocktails from my book you can use, too!

Magical Additions

  • Use the ingredients to inspire a corresponding bath
  • Burn rosemary, and/or rose incense
  • Use corresponding ingredients (rose, rosemary, vanilla, apple) to dress a Taurus moon Candle

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Here are the resources I used to help guide my work beyond what I already know! I highly recommend these reference tests 🙂

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