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Taurus Moon Mixology: Drink Recipes for the Taurus Moon

Looking for the perfect drink to call down the 2021 Taurus moon Lunar Eclipse? I have you covered with these Taurus moon drink recipes to satiate wherever the tantalizing Taurus may be in your chart.

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About the 2021 Taurus Moon Lunar Eclipse

Starting on 11:18 pm PST Friday November 19, and lasting until 4:03 am the next morning, the sky will be aglow with a Partial Lunar Eclipse in Taurus. While eclipses can have unpredictable energy, they can a powerful time for spiritual transformation and change. If you want to learn about the magical meaning of this eclipse and how to utilize it for personal growth, read on. Otherwise, skip to the section on Taurus moon drink recipes. 

About Lunar Eclipses

Lunar eclipses occur during a full moon, a time the moon is opposite the sun, highlighting a polarity between these two astrological forces. For this reason, they can feel like a hyped up full moon. However, eclipses can also be a powerful time for illumination, and often mark a 6 month cycle of thematic energy. With the moon in steady and secure Taurus and the sun in transformative Scorpio, this opposition can highlight the tension between these themes. But, it can also provide an opportunity for immense spiritual growth.

About the Taurus Moon

The moon in Taurus at this time means the focus will be on Taurus-related issues, such as finances, scarcity, security, relationships – things that deal with our connection to the earth and ground our life’s experience. Slow and steady Taurus seeks long term, lasting results when it comes to these endeavors. At the same time, being ruled by Venus, Taurus also enjoys physical pleasures, sensuality, and feeling good about oneself. In contrast with the Scorpio sun, this Taurus eclipse can signify a release of hidden information or truths, which could lead to greater intimacy in relationships.

Seasonal Influences

It’s important to also look at events like this through a seasonal lens – as to what is happening around us. In the Northern Hemisphere, we are in the midst of fall, heading towards winter and the holidays. Old wounds may be triggered, and we are dealing with a loss of sunlight. At the same time, with the change in weather, it is a good time to check the home and develop stability & comfort, and organize finances for winter and the holidays – all themes of the Taurus moon.

In the Southern Hemisphere, the Taurus moon signifies spring time and the coming change of summer. It could be a time to re-energize and use that Taurus earthiness to plant long term seeds, or check in with habits and foundation for growth.

How to Use the Taurus Moon 

Given the tendencies of eclipses to make others experience big awakenings and life changes, this Taurus moon lunar eclipse is a good time to luxuriate, to soothe the soul and practice some self-care. Spend some time making your home and nice and comfy, look into your finances, and enjoy some earthly pleasures. Let the moon illuminate some key truths in your life, and meditate on the balance between the secure & steady Taurus energy and the deeply transformative Scorpio energy, to make sure you are being grounded in life, but also not too firm and resistant to change. Balance the inner growth, and cope with simple creature comforts that make you feel good. And, it may not hurt to treat that inner Taurus energy with luscious libation or Taurus moon cocktail. 

If you are looking for a ritual or meditation to do for this lunar event, I am hosting a free ritual, as well as meditation bonus for people who have ordered my book Moon, Magic, Mixology. To get in on this, go ahead and order the book and email me at hello@witchcraftcocktails, or message me directly on instagram

Now that we know a bit about this lunar event, let’s get into the drinks! 

Taurus Moon Drink Recipes from Moon, Magic, Mixology

From my latest book on the various moons and how to mix up beverages for them, Moon, Magic, Mixology, here are some drinks I suggest:

“Cosmic Embrace” From Moon, Magic, Mixology

Cosmic Embrace

With vanilla, rose, honey, and cardamom, this warmed butter brandy tea is sure to soothe your soul and bring comfort to you this Lunar Eclipse. Designed for the moon in Taurus, this concoction is aligned toward the homey, grounding, love, and comfort

energy of this time. For added money and manifestation, feel free to add Cinnamon and/or nutmeg.

If you want to see a tutorial of how to make this beverage, for those that have ordered my book, I have a complimentary Facebook group where I will be demo-ing this for the eclipse this friday! Be sure to order by then to get access.

Photo by Harper Point Photography

Taurus Moon Stability Sour 

Looking for a more grounding concoction?Made with the Taurus moon in mind, this apple, blackberry, and nutmeg, this elderflower whiskey sour is great for bringing in the abundance, longevity, love and also for grounding. 

Photo by Harper Point Photography

Pumpkin Spice Lunar Latte

With seasonal pumpkin, your milk of choice, maple, and vanilla and spices like cardamom, cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, and allspice, this hot beverage is great to celebrate the seasonal fall shift, as well as sip in abundance, protection, the home, and heighten psychic awareness to help see you through the fog of the eclipse energy.

Photo by Harper Point Photography

Lunar Eclipse Hurricane

With a red grenadine float, and a balance of lemon/lime juice, passionfruit liqueur, and light/dark rums, this Hurricane variation carries a balance of sun-and-moon themed

ingredients to celebrate this astral event. With pomegranate-based grenadine for Scorpio, and passionfruit and sugarcane-based rum for Taurus, this is the perfect drink to sip in the transformative power and soul shifting energy of this lunar event.

If you’d like to make this cocktail for the eclipse, be sure to catch me demo the grenadine, syrup, and cocktail over on instagram

Photo by Harper Point Photography

Lunar Alchemy

With a special lunar butterfly pea flower syrup, moon-associated coconut, violet liqueur, and gin, this color-changing concoction is packed with power for transformation, peace, restoration, and spirituality. 

Photo by Harper Point Photography

Moon Matcha

With oat milk, green matcha power, nutmeg, and rose, this luscious, warming matcha tea is great for balance, self-care, and love under the Taurus moon.

Taurus Moon Drink Recipes from the Blog

Taurus Tea Time

Warm your spirit with this warming, indulgent sweet tea. With clarifying rosemary, loving rose, manifestive vanilla, wise and magical apple, and grounding harvest bourbon, this tea will help provide insight and ground your energy, while also catering to those Venusian Taurus energies.

Maple & Rose

This joyful, peach, maple and rum concoction is great for tuning into the Venusian energies of this Taurus moon Lunar Eclipse. Enjoy the creativity and love-inspiring energies with each sip.

The Painted Lady

With rye whiskey, rose water, red wine, and egg white for new beginnings, this Painted Lady Cocktail is great for sipping in the transformative power of the Taurus Moon Lunar Eclipse.

Taurus moon Recipe

Taurus Moon Whiskey Sour

Indulge your tantalizing Taurus spirit with this apple, rose, rosemary, and elder whiskey sour this Taurus Full Moon. With elder for healing and wisdom, rose for Venusian loving energies, and luxurious vanilla, this cocktail is sure to enchant your Taurus moon whims.

Magical Additions

  • Use the ingredients to inspire a corresponding bath
  • Burn rosemary, and/or rose incense
  • Use corresponding ingredients (rose, rosemary, vanilla, apple) to dress a Taurus moon Candle

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