• Practical Magic Midnight Margaritas Recipe

    Practical Magic Midnight Margaritas WitchCraft Cocktails

    What 90’s witch movie moment is more iconic than the Practical Magic midnight margaritas scene?  You don’t have to be an Owen’s family woman to dance around your kitchen, a magical drink in hand. With these Practical Magic Midnight Margaritas, you too, can enjoy a bewitching brew at the witching hour! I may not have eye of newt handy, but I assure you these margaritas are brewed with a witch’s touch.  With lavender for luck and rosemary for remembrance, you’ll fall in love with this luscious blackberry, agave, and pomegranate Practical Magic-inspired Midnight Margaritas recipe.  So whether you’re breaking generational love curses in Owen’s family fashion, or shaking off the…

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