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Rhubarb Romantic

Imbibe a little rhubarb to reignite your romance.

Energies: Love, Purification, Passion

Zest up your love life this summer, with this lite, bitter, yet-sweet rhubarb lemon drop. Whether stuck inside with your partner & in need of a love refresher, or single and looking for a way to refresh your love life, the magic of rhubarb in this cleansing & uplifting cocktail is an easy go-to. A natural summer favorite, lemon drops are blessed by the purifying & rejuvenating energy of lemon, the radiancy of orange liqueur, and the clarifying energy of vodka. Add in enticing & bitter rhubarb, and you enhance the latent loving, purifying, and protective energy of this concoction.  

Rhubarb Romantic Lemon Drop

Zest up your love life this summer, with this lite, bitter, yet-sweet rhubarb lemon drop. With enticing romantic rhubarb, radiant orange liqueur, and clarifying and brightening lemon, this rhubarb lemon drop is great to uplift & refresh your love live.


  • 2 slices Rhubarb (one thin & and quartered, one for garnish)
  • 1/4-1/2 ounce simple syrup (1:1 ratio sugar to water)
  • 3/4 ounce fresh lemon juice
  • 1 ounce vodka
  • 1/2 ounce cointreau or orange liqueur


  • First we need to start with adding a sugar rim to the drink! In a flat dish, place sugar (mix with ground rose petals or lavender for extra magic – see below for details). Glaze the outside lip of a coupe or martini glass with a lemon wedge or fresh juice, to get a nice liquid layer. Then dip the outside lip in sugar for a nice, sweetened rim. Set aside. In a cocktail shaker, add rhubarb and sugar. If you don’t like sweet drinks, start with less sugar because you can always add more! And remember – we have a sugar rim :). Muddle the edge of the rhubarb slices firmly, to break down the pieces to present a firmer flavor in the cocktail. Then add lemon, vodka, cointreau and ice. Close your cocktail shaker, then double strain into glass, garnish with your rhubarb slice, and serve. 


For more magical layers, consider adding/adjusting the following:
  • rose water or organic rose petals: for love & beauty, and spiritual love
  • lavender bitters or lavender sprig: for relaxation & peace, and often used to attract a male partner
  • vanilla infused syrup in place of sugar: for peace, love, & harmony
  • strawberries or strawberry-infused syrup (I used Ventura Spirit’s California Vodka – it is made from strawberries! Yes strawberries! However, this vodka is no longer available
Tried this recipe?Let us know how it was!

With the fresh, herbal qualities of craft cocktails & liqueurs, it is easy to make any drink a potion! But one of the lovely benefits of magic, is that you can layer on correspondences to make your practice even more potent. Craft cocktails are absolutely no exception! The possibilities are truly limitless. Read on to discover one way to turn this potion into a full-on spell!

Making Your Love Potion even more Magical

Aligned Candle Spell

Elevate your witch crafty concoction by pairing it with a candle spell. Why not use the same herbs you are putting in your cocktail, into a corresponding oil, or herbal blend to dress your candle with? Why not use the left over sugar rim of this drink as a “dressing” for your candle, or in a sugar jar? 

Tools & Ingredients:

  • red or pink candle, a chime candle or tea light will do
  • dried rose petals
  • sugar
  • mortar & pastel, or something to grind your desired herbs
  • a love oil (I use the Fireworks of Love or the Chuparosa Oil from Datura Trading Co
  • Optional addition: dried lavender

Creating Your Magical Sugar Rim & Candle Dressing

For this magical addition, you will be creating a magical sugar rim to use on both the cocktail, and your candle, or to add to a sugar jar, if you wish.

Instructions: Grab your dried rose petals, lavender, any other edible herbs you plan to use, and something with which to grind down your herbs, such as a mortar & pestle or coffee grinder. Consider the ratio of which you want herbs to sugar on the rim of your drink. You can use 2 pinches of rose petals and lavender. Grind the herbs, contemplating their magical, attracting, love-inducing energies. Once finely ground, mix well with sugar. You can then separate out a bit of the mixture, given you used organic herbs, to use for the rim of the cocktail.

Anointing Your Candle

 Take what remains of the sugar, and grab your candle & oil. If you desire, use a toothpick to carve a symbol into the wax of the candle. Then take your oil and dab a bit of it onto the top of the candle. You can also trace a heart in the sugar for extra love magic! Using your hand, “pull” the oil from the top of the candle to the base & towards you (if you are using a chime candle). As you do this, visualize your intention of more love coming your way. (Thank you to  Storm Faerywolf of BlackRose Witchcraft for teaching me this candle magic trick!) Then, once the candle is covered with oil, you can role it in the leftover sugar that you also used for the rim. You will want to roll the candle towards you, again visualizing your intention coming towards you.

Spend a moment with your hands above the candle, tuning into its energies, perhaps also the energy of the candle. Connect with the intention and thought that this candle is aligned to your drink, with sweetening, enticing sugar, and romantic rose. You can then light the candle and serve your potion, or even light the candle ahead of time or while you are making the potion. Additionally, you can use any extra sugar for a sugar jar spell.


A few notes: it is important to keep your oil chosen oil and potion separate, to avoid cross contamination since whichever oil you are using is likely NOT edible. This is why you want to separate some of magical sugar mixture for your candle and rim, before using, to avoid the chances of the oil from the candle dressing being left behind in the sugar, and then ending up on the rim of your drink.

Magical Additions

Corresponding Crystals

Below are a few possible crystals that could be a great energetic enhancement to your potion! To layer on the energetic & magical frequencies, you can meditate with your given crystal beforehand, keep it on you as make and/or sip the drink, as well as attune the crystal to the drink by visualizing both the drink and crystal resonating together with your intention, as you hold the crystal against the outside of the glass. (Don’t put your crystal in any of the cocktail components unless you know for sure it is not toxic).

  • Rose Quartz – for universal love, self-love, & beauty

Rose Quartz, a heart chakra stone, is a great crystal to use with this potion if you want to further magnify the loving energies of this potion, or perhaps even for a little self-love cocktail! This beautiful stone is all about loving oneself and recognizing the beauty within and all around. Rose quartz invites peace, comfort, and gratefulness!

  • Carnelian – for sexuality, creativity, & vitality

As a Root, Sacral, & Solar Plexus chakra stone, Carnelian is a natural go-to for sexuality, energy, and creativity. In this particular context it can be a great addition for imbuing your love life with more creativity, passion, and boldness.

  • Garnet – for intimacy, passion, & sensuality

As its often deep-red color may signify, Garnet is a sacral & root chakra stone with strong energetic frequencies of passion, love & sexuality. It can bring a certain “depth” to romantic matters, as it balances the emotional with the physical, so that all parts of love are expressed and supported

  • Ruby – for love, emotional expression, & awareness

Ruby is another great option for this type of magical work! A heart and root chakra stone, Rudy connects the emotional body to the physical passion, and facilities heart-opening for great expression & loving communication. It can also add a sense of better awareness in relationships!

Corresponding Tarot Cards

Using tarot cards in magic, ritual, and potion-making can be a great way to attune your energetic awareness to specific themes and ideas, as well connect the energy of your work to archetypal energies. You can use tarot in your potion-making, by meditating with the card beforehand, gazing & pondering it while making or sipping your beverage, or by carefully placing the card under your drink as energetically attune it (being careful not to get your beautiful tarot art wet or damaged!

  • The Lovers

While tarot meanings can very distinctly based off of artwork, The Lovers card of the tarot generally expresses a theme of alignment & two forces merging together. This can be in the spiritual sense – a path or opportunity in alignment with one’s soul. Or! It can represent a deep & sensual attraction between people. This would be a great card to enhance more sensual energies in the cocktail.

  • 2 of Cups

Oftentimes, the two of cups depicts two people sharing and/or trading cups. It represents equal balance, expression, and reciprocity in a relationship, mutual love and attraction, or alignment with a particular path that is a perfect balance of spiritual and physical energies. This would be a wonderful card to tune into for bringing a relationship back into alignment on all levels – emotional, physical, & spiritual.

The possibilities are really endless! Let me know any other magical correspondences you decide to layer in!

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