Drinking the Yuletide

Drinking the Yuletide

Sip in the season this Winter Solstice with these magical beverages! From the Candied Orange for positivity and love, the Solstice Old Fashioned for grounding and abundance, and the Evergreen Gimlet to cleanse away 2020 and enhance your intuition for divination for some 2021 goal-setting, I’ve just the winter beverage for you! Read on to learn more about the incredible power of this time of year, some suggested Yule drinks if you have my book, and then 3 drinks I’ve crated here on my blog just for you.

About the Winter Solstice

The Winter solstice has resulted in an array of traditions across cultures – one such celebration being Yule. Due to the earth’s axis in its journey around the sun, it marks the longest night of the year. On one hand, this offers a period of reflection on our own inner darkness. Coming from Samhain and the harvest season to now, fall has been a period of transition and change, and the longest night of the year is a powerful time for divination, especially with the new year around the corner. At the same time, from this day forth the sunlight grows in strength by about a minute each day, and thus marks a key energetic time for renewal, rebirth, and intention setting. So, take some time to journey inward, perhaps divine with tarot, and then think of what you wish for yourself in the new year and set some powerful intentions to grow with the power of the sun. And since this powerful day has marked so many cultures with varying practices, this may also be a good time to tune into ancestral wisdom, or the wisdom of the earth. 

A night of astrological wonder, this years Winter Solstice is pretty spectacular with a Jupiter-Saturn in Aquarius Conjunction, not to mention the eclipse season leading up to it. 2020 Has been a year for the books, and regardless of how you look at it, the world has been through a big transition and we are clearly entering a new age. To me, that makes this solstice extra special! So take time reflect, cleanse, and plan with hope and inspiration for the new year – that all your wishes and desires grow as the sunlight’s strength does from now to the Summer Solstice.

Drinking the Yuletide

Celebrate the changing of the season, the rebirth of the sunlight, and the new year with these magically delicious Yule drinks! Utilize the ancient power of this time to purify your energy, divine for the future, and usher in a sense of love and positivity. Here are some beverages I’ve crafted for this year, plus 2 suggestions for those that have my book WitchCraft Cocktails.

From my book WitchCraft Cocktails I suggest:

  • Awakening Yule Mule: Featuring pomegranate, rosemary, and bergamot in addition to traditional Moscow Mule ingredients, this is just the beverage to celebrate the “rebirth” of the sunlight, invoke new ideas and inspiration, while enjoying seasonal flavors. (Can be nonalcoholic – just omit the vodka)
  • The Witch’s Offering: My take on traditional Wassail, this spiked (or un-spiked, depending on your preference), celebrates the age old tradition behind its recipe, while invoking abundance, love, and purification for the new year. (Can be nonalcoholic – just omit the alcohol)

(I served both of these at my work’s – a witchy store – staff Yule party when I was writing the book!)

The Candied Orange

To be enjoyed as non-alcoholic drink, or as a cocktail, this sweet & tart winter beverage features orange, lemon, cranberry, and rosemary, and is inspired by non other than seasonal candied orange treats. Renew your sense of positivity, love, and optimism with this sweet yet tart candied orange libation for the Winter Solstice.

Solstice Old Fashioned

Solstice Old Fashioned

The Winter Solstice is a time of year with countless cross-cultural traditions. Tune into the ancient power and energetic vibration of the Winter Solstice with this centering, herbal old fashioned. Using the magic of oak-infused bourbon/whiskey to invoke a sense of ancestral wisdom and seasonal ingredients like rosemary and citrus for purification, this is an easy cocktail for those looking to peer within this Solstice.

Evergreen Gimlet

Sip in the seasonal, crisp winter flavors with this evergreen gimlet. Aligned to the Sun and featuring ingredients like purifying gin (juniper) rosemary, and bayleaf, with the uplifting hint of grapefruit and elderflower liqueur, this is the perfect concoction to celebrate the rebirth of the sunlight, to cleanse away 2020, and invoke 2021 with positivity and success.

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