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Yule Drinks: Winter Solstice Cocktails and Mocktails

Find the perfect yule cocktail to add some spirit to the season with these winter solstice drink recipes! From yule drinks with cranberry and rosemary, to a warming maple hot toddy, or hazelnut and walnut old fashioned, there’s a winter solstice cocktail or nonalcoholic mocktail for everyone. Discover the ideal yule recipe for your winter solstice cocktail party or to accompany your yuletide dinner, or just a cozy drink to savor by the favor. The magic of the longest night of the year awaits!

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About the Winter Solstice and Yule

The Winter Solstice is the longest night of the year. Due to the earth’s axis in its journey around the sun, the hours of day and night vary throughout the year, with the Summer Solstice marking the longest day of the year, and the Winter being the longest night. (Due to this alignment, the hemispheres experiences opposite solstice at this time). A time when growth wanes and cold overtakes the air, the Winter solstice has an array of traditions across cultures.

The Winter Solstice and it’s pagan celebration of Yule, is a time when many turn within to reflect. From the night of the solstice, the daylight hours will once again grow, offering a time of hope, rebirth, renewal, and promise. It is a time of reflection, divination, and celebration. Intentions set at this time are packed with the potential for growth. This is a powerful time for reflection and laying the foundation to head in new directions. And since this day has marked so many cultures with varying practices, this may also be a good time to tune into ancestral wisdom, or the wisdom of the earth. 

And what better way to ponder the magic of this time, then enjoying traditional recipes or yule drinks as you warm by the hearth fire? Read on to uncover some winter solstice cocktails (with a few nonalcoholic options) from the blog and my books!

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Drinking the Yuletide: Winter Solstice & Yule Drinks

Celebrate the changing of the season, the rebirth of the sunlight, and prepare for the new year with these magically delicious Yule and Winter Solstice drinks! Utilize the ancient power of this time to purify your energy, divine for the future, and usher in a sense of love, creativity, and positivity. Here are some Yule and Winter Solstice-inspired cocktails and drink recipes from my blog and both my books to get you through this time. Read right below for what recipes I suggest from my magical mixology books, or scroll further down to the blog recipes.

Suggested Yule Drinks from my Magical Mixology Books

Before we dive into the various Yule drinks available on the blog, for those of you that have both or either of my magical mixology books, here are suggested winter solstice cocktail recipes for you to try all winter long. From magical renditions on traditional yule recipes, to modern winter solstice drinks, many of these yule recipes are fast favorites.


Yule Mule

From WitchCraft Cocktails 

Awakening Yule Mule
Awakening Yule Mule from WitchCraft Cocktails by Julia Halina Hadas. Photo by Harper Point Photography

Featuring pomegranate, rosemary, and bergamot, this is Yule Mule cocktail recipe is just the winter solstice drink to celebrate the “rebirth” of the sunlight, invoke new ideas and inspiration. To make a nonalcoholic variation of this yule cocktail, simply omit the vodka, so that all can partake!

Moon Mulled


From Moon, Magic, Mixology

Moon Mulled Wine from Moon, Magic, Mixology by Julia Halina Hadas Photo by Harper Point Photography

Warm beverages make for perfect yule drinks, and this Mulled Moon Wine is no exception! A drink of abundance, filled with winter spices, pear, citrus, and rosemary, this white mulled wine can be made in advance of any festivities. Enjoy alone, or share with others at your winter solstice cocktail party! 

The Witch’s


From WitchCraft Cocktails 

The Witch’s Offering from WitchCraft Cocktails by Julia Halina Hadas. Photo by Harper Point Photography

What’s a more traditional yule drink, than Wassail? With honey, ginger and cranberries, this spiced cider winter solstice drink recipe celebrates the age old tradition, while invoking abundance, love, and purification for the new year. Delicious with or without alcohol, this is another magical winter solstice cocktail all can enjoy.

More Yule Drinks

from Moon, Magic, Mixology

  • Cold Moon Egg Nog
  • Winter Moon Old-Fashioned
  • Dream Time Moon Milk
  • Cacao Crescent
  • Pumpkin Spice Lunar Latte
  • Lunar Alchemy

More Yule Drinks

from WitchCraft Cocktails

  • Oak Moon White Russian
  • Fire Of Inspiration
  • Restoring Chocolate Lux
  • Fertility Hot Cider
  • Mocha Persuasion
  • Grounding Highball

Winter Solstice & Yule Drinks from the Blog

The Candied Orange

Cocktail & Mocktail (Nonalcoholic) Options

Cranberry, Lemon, Orange, Rosemary

Renew your sense of positivity, love, and optimism with this sweet, yet tart, candied orange-inspired Yule recipe. Designed to be enjoyed either as non-alcoholic or as a quick & simple winter solstice cocktail (should you decide to add alcohol), this winter solstice recipe features seasonal orange, lemon, cranberry, and rosemary, and is inspired by non-other than seasonal candied orange treats.

Evergreen Gimlet

Evergreen Gimlet

Cocktail & Mocktail (Nonalcoholic) Options

Bay Leaf, Rosemary, Grapefruit, Elderflower, Lime

Bath in the seasonal, crisp refreshing winter flavors by enjoying this evergreen gimlet for a Yuletide cocktail. Featuring purifying gin (juniper) rosemary and bayleaf, with the uplifting hint of grapefruit and elderflower liqueur, this is the perfect Winter solstice or Yule cocktail recipe to celebrate the rebirth of the sunlight, to cleanse away the previous year, and look to ushering in the next with positivity and success.

Cranberry Mead Cocktail with Apple and Maple

Cranberry Mead Cocktail


Cranberry, Maple, Orange, Apple, Spices

What seasonal combo is more iconic than cranberry and spiced apple? Uplifted with orange, sweetened with soothing maple, and topped with cranberry mead, this cocktail is a great way to enjoy a traditional yule drink (mead) in modern, craft cocktail way. Made with Capricorn season in mind and sprinkled with spices, this winter solstice drink is a perfect yule cocktail recipe to sip in abundance, love, success and excitement for the new year ahead. 

Herbal Maple Hot Toddy Recipe

Herbal Hot Toddy

Cocktail & Mocktail (Nonalcoholic) Options

Sage, rosemary, lemon, maple

Warm up by the fireplace with this herbal, introspective hot toddy recipe. Winter darkness invites a time to go within, and find our inner light and wisdom. Empowered with herbs like sage and rosemary for the mind, refreshing lemon, and grounding maple, this hot toddy recipe is a perfect winter solstice cocktail recipe (or mocktail) to drink on the longest night of the year.


Maple Old Fashioned

Maple-Hazelnut Old Fashioned 


Hazelnut, Maple, Black Walnut, Bourbon

Celebrate the autumn and winter woodsy flavors with this smooth, subtly sweet maple and hazelnut old fashioned drink recipe. With a touch of kitchen witchery, this concoction is inspired by the grounding, wise, and abundant folkloric magic of the season, and makes a great match for the energies of winter solstice drink. With just four ingredients and fast to make, this yule recipe is sure to be one of your favorite yule drinks.

mead magic


Looking for something you can enjoy straight from the bottle? Mead makes a wonderful traditional pagan yule drink to enjoy for the holidays. As the the oldest alcoholic beverages in the world and made from soothing, healing honey, this yuletide drink is perfect to connect to solar, healing energy, love, and wisdom of the past. You can learn more about the magic of mead here, or buy some online from Moonlight Meadery here.

Yule Drinks: Winter Solstice Cocktail Old Fashioned

Solstice Old Fashioned


Rosemary, Orange, Bourbon, Sugar

Tune into the ancient power and energetic vibration of the Winter Solstice with this centering, herbal Solstice old fashioned. Using the magic of oak-infused bourbon/whiskey to invoke a sense of ancestral wisdom and seasonal ingredients like rosemary and citrus for purification, this is one of those easy Yule and winter solstice cocktails for grounding and introspection.

Looking for more yuletide drinks? The Winter Solstice fences (in the Northern Hemisphere) the end of Sagittarius season and at the start of Capricorn. Check out my Sagittarius Drinks Blog for more spiced recipes, and my Capricorn Drink blog for other winter solstice cocktails or drink ideas.

Capricorn Drinks Square Photo

More Yule Drinks & Winter Solstice Cocktails

Looking for a witchy guide to celebrating seasonal energy? Witchology Magazine is a great choice. Here are some Yule drink recipes I’ve made for their quarterly editions, and where to find them:

Yule Drinks_ Winter Prosperity syrup and cocktail
“Winter Prosperity Syrup and Cocktail” From Witchology Magazine, Winter 2021 by Julia Halina Hadas.

Rain down the riches and celebrate abundance with this bright cinnamon, clove, and apple concoction. With a luscious abundance syrup you can use in any drink, and a corresponding mocktail & cocktail, your glass will be filled with luck, love, prosperity, and a tasty treat!

Available on WitchologyMagazine.com

Winter Solstice Drinks_ Witchology Pear Kompot
“Soothing Spiced Pear Kompot” From Witchology Magazine, Winter 2023 (Available Soon) by Julia Halina Hadas.

A traditional Eastern European drink, this spiced pear, lemon and honey variation on kompot is a perfect winter solstice recipe and filled with spices and ingredients to comfort, warm, and uplift the soul, while filling your home with the aroma of abundance and blessings.

Available Soon on WitchologyMagazine.com

Yule Drinks_ hearthside hot toddy
“Hearthside Hot Toddy” From Witchology Magazine, Winter 2022 by Julia Halina Hadas.

Cleanse the past year away and reflect on the one ahead, as you lift your spirits with this comforting and warming orange-spiced toddy. With a reflecting and renewing magical mixing ritual and divination spell, you will feel restored and uplifted for the year ahead.

Available on WitchologyMagazine.com

Cheers to the Spirits of the Season with these Yule Drinks

These yule drinks offer a delightful way to infuse the season with warmth and cheer. Whether you prefer the tartness of cranberry and rosemary, the comforting sweetness of a maple, hazelnut cocktail, there is a winter solstice cocktail to suit every taste and sip in the magic of the season. So why not explore these tantalizing recipes and add some extra warmth and cheer to your holiday gatherings with a winter solstice cocktail party? Cheers to the return of light on the darkest night of the year and the spirit(s) of the season!

Imbolc Cocktails

Imbolc is right around the corner!

If you’re here celebrating yule, this means Imbolc is right around the corner! Look ahead at what recipes to sip, to celebrate the growing daylight.

More Yuletide Drinks from Moon, Magic, Mixology

Pumpkin Spice Lunar Latte from Moon, Magic, Mixology by Julia Halina Hadas.
Photo by Harper Point Photography
Winter Moon Old-Fashioned from Moon, Magic, Mixology by Julia Halina Hadas.
Photo by Harper Point Photography
Dream-Time Moon Milk from Moon, Magic, Mixology by Julia Halina Hadas.
Photo by Harper Point Photography
Yule Drinks & Winter Solstice Cocktails

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