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10 Easy Ways to Make ANY Drink Halloween Ready

Looking for simple yet delightful ways to add a touch of spookiness for an easy halloween drink? Forget the complicated recipes – uncover 10 easy ways you can add a touch of magic to any drink or cocktail to make it halloween ready! As simple as adding one ingredient or feature to your favorite drink, read on to get your creative juices flowing for your halloween cocktail party.

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1. Turn a Halloween Drink Red with Cranberry or Pomegranate Juice

Having a vampire-themed halloween party? Add just 1/2 ounce of seasonal flavors like cranberry, blood orange, or pomegranate juice to any drink – even as a topper to a classic margarita or vodka lemonade – and you will have a bloody concoction ready for those thirsty fiends! You can even match with a black salt rim (as listed below) or black sugar rim for added halloween elements.

Here are some red drink recipes to help inspire you, and get your own creative juices flowing!

Simply adding blood orange to this spooky Black Sun Margarita, in addition to its glassware, helps give it a halloween feel. The addition of food-grade black salt, which we will cover next, also adds a simple, yet spooky cocktail element.
Witch's Cauldron Cocktail
This Witch’s Cauldron recipe from my book WitchCraft Cocktails, uses blood orange juice, pomegranate liqueur, and grenadine to give the drink its red, spooky hue. This image also shows how glassware can give your drink a halloween feel. Photo by Harper Point Photography.
Aquarius Moon Cocktail
The use of Cherry juice in this Aquarius Moon Mix vodka & champagne cocktail (with a mocktail variation), is another example of how adding a seasonal flavors juice can add a themed color to your halloween drink.

2. Give your Samhain Beverage a Spooky Feel with Black Salt

Black salt is a simple yet enticing way to add a bit of spooky magic to your simple halloween cocktail or mocktail! Use as a rim on your halloween tequila or mezcal drinks, or even make a pomegranate margarita or salty dog by adding 1/2 ounce of pomegranate juice and rim the drink with black salt for a red & black spooky concoction! Just be sure you are using food grade black salt, which you can purchase online as linked, or find as Hawaiian black lava salt as spice and food shops. 

3. Give Your Bewitching Halloween Cocktails a Black Sugar Rim

When it comes to shots or party cocktails, it’s hard to go wrong with a sugar rim. Now you can make your lemon drop, margarita, or even a red cosmo haunting by simply switching out the white sugar for a black sugar rim! You can order black sugar online, or finding it around halloween baking and decorating supplies as a sprinkle.

4. Grenadine Can Add a Layered and “Bloody” Effect To Your Samhain Drink

As a thick pomegranate syrup, often used for Shirley temples and tequila sunrises, grenadine makes a great way to add a layered color effect to your halloween concoctions. With its heavy weight, it will slip to the bottom of any cocktail, and you can even pair it with a black salt rim, to have a black, orange, and red spooky concoction! I suggest making grenadine at home for the best option. I have a recipe in my book WitchCraft Cocktails, or you can make your own recipe from online.

Fancy Sprinkles offer Prism Powders that can change the color of your cocktail, AND add sparkle! They also have halloween cocktail sugar rims.

5. Color-Changing Cocktail Powder (Fancy Sprinkles)

After seeing advertisements for these well over a year, I finally dove in and purchased a cocktail powder set from Fancy Sprinkles (I got bonus mystery sprinkles too – and let me tell you, it was incredibly delicious). Their Prism powder will change the color of a cocktail, and add edible glitter as well, so that you can have majestic mocktails & cocktails! I got their Dracula Cocktail Set, which comes with black and red prism powder, as well as some high end sprinkles you can use as a rim for your cocktail. This is a great choice for making any drink, alcoholic or not, look spook-tacular!

6. Create an Electric Halloween Drink with Colored Liqueurs

Add a touch of bewitching magic to your halloween concoctions with vibrant, bright, and even color-changing ingredients. From electric green appletini’s to vibrant blue beverages, simply choosing concoctions with a bright color can be an easy and tasty way to have themed concoctions for your Halloween gathering. Here are some liqueurs and other ingredients that can be a great way to add vibrant colors to your halloween beverages:

Make Your Halloween Cocktail Green with Apple Schnapps

With a vibrant green hue and matching seasonal flavor, apple schnapps can be a great way to have a hauntingly hue-d green concoction. Use this liqueur in an appletini cocktail (you can check out my witchcraft-inspired Witch’s Wand Appletini here), to show off this liqueur and its majestic hue.

Give Your Samhain Concoction an Electrion Blue Hue with Blue Curacao

With its orange flavor and bright blue color, blue curacao is a great choice for crafting a vibrant and vivacious halloween cocktail. As an orange liqueur, blue curaçao can actually be used in place of triple sec or other orange liqueurs, such as in your classic margarita or cosmo, or even as an addition to a vodka lemonade – making it a superbly easy choice for both mixing and aesthetic!

Craft a Bewitching Purple Drink with Violet Liqueur or Creme De Violet

With a luscious purple hue and easily enchanting flavor, violet liqueur or creme de violette is another great way to add a surprising color to a halloween concoction. The classic Aviation cocktail will make a great choice here, or you can easily add creme de violet to most cocktails with its agreeable flavor – like a vodka lemonade with lavender bitters. For more violet liqueur recipes, you can check out my book WitchCraft Cocktails, or even my upcoming book Moon, Magic, Mixology where I include a recipe on how to make your own violet liqueur. 

Create an Alchemical Color-changing Halloween Cocktail with Butterfly Pea Flower

An herb that changes color from deep blue to purple-pink upon contact with acid, any concoction that utilizes butterfly pea flower is a show stopper for those halloween parties. You can order your own butterfly pea flower online and turn it into a syrup, such as I did here for my Elle’s Alchemy alchemical cocktail, or you can even utilize these B-Lure Butterfly Pea Flower drops or liquors infused with it like Unicorn Vodka or Empress Gin

7. Turn Your Drink Black with Food-Grade Black Charcoal

From black cupcakes to goth ice cream, food grade black charcoal is making its way through the food world as a way to make spooky, black-colored food items, and your drink should be no exception! You can do the same by adding a moderate pinch to your concoctions – just be sure to be careful about medication, as black charcoal can interfere with certain medications. I personally used activated charcoal in my Black Cat Cocktail recipe in WitchCraft Cocktails.

8. Craft a Bubbling Concoction with Dry Ice

What can be more fitting than a bubbling cauldron cocktail for halloween? An exciting and unique way to add a bit of spookiness to your halloween concoction, dry ice is available almost grocery stores around halloween. You will want to safely handle this ingredient, so be sure to have gloves, tongs, and glasses (when you break it apart) and be sure to follow proper safety precautions. I recommend referencing this Betty Crocker Article and this other article from The Rose Table to help you feel safe and comfortable using this fun ingredient!

9. Add a Mystical Smoke Aura with a Smoker

For those willing to make the extra investment, getting a smoker to smoke your cocktails can be a great way to add a bewitching element to your halloween concoctions. Using a smoker, especially in combination with a cloche, is an easy way to wow your guests at any party. You can use on any drink, as well, transforming a simple old fashioned into an eye catching and aromatic experience. To use these, you will also need a long lighter.

10. Display Your Cocktails with a Cloche

Whether using with a smoker, dry ice, or just to have a bewitching display for your halloween cocktails, a cloche is an elegant decoration that can add a spooky element to your halloween party. You can use a single one at a time for a touch of beauty & the beast realness, get a larger one like this to display multiple cocktails at a time, or invest in a fancy one like this. Just make sure you are selecting one that is tall enough for whatever height glass you are planning to use! You can also use these year round with your smoker, or use for decoration around the house.

You can use a cloche and a smoking gun together like this, to create a magical cocktail reveal at home:

Here’s a little short video using some of these ideas:

Looking for Samhain & Halloween-themed recipes? Check out my Samhain Cocktail blog.

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