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Beltane Recipes: Cocktails, Mocktails, and Drinks to Celebrate

If it’s Beltane, it’s time to cheers to life and love! What better way to celebrate the occasion, than cheers-ing with Beltane cocktails or mocktails? From recipes with floral ingredients like rose and lavender (perfect for May Day), to sensual, zesty drinks with hibiscus, strawberry, peach and raspberry, there’s a Beltane recipe for everyone. And I’m a BIG fan of making both mocktails and cocktails where I can, so rest argued there’s nonalcoholic Beltane recipes for you, too! It’s the perfect time to celebrate the revival of the earth, with summer fun just around the corner. As the author of leading  WitchCraft Cocktails and Moon, Magic, Mixology, I love sharing magical drink recipes, so let’s dive in!

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Brief Meaning of Beltane

Spiritual Meaning & Common Celebrations

A fire festival amid the verdant energies of Spring, Beltane marks the halfway point between the Vernal Equinox and the Summer Solstice. You might already be familiar with Beltane celebrations through modern May Day customs, like dancing around Maypoles with ribbons, making flower crowns, or lighting bonfires!

A time to celebrate both the fertile energy of Spring and forthcoming abundance of Summer, Beltane is filled with flowers, fire, and flirting. Love, lust, celebration, abundance, and well being are just some of Beltane’s associated meanings. For some, observing the day might be about celebrating life through sensuality, fun and calling forth abundance. For others, celebrating Beltane might focus more on health, casting away illness, and reflecting on the cycle of life. 

So whether you are making flower crowns under the Spring Sun, weaving ribbons for abundance magic, or slinging and sipping on delicious, juicy Beltane drinks to stir your inner fire — go outside and celebrate the luscious verdant life around you, enjoy luxurious earthly delights, and invigorate your wild side.

And of course, I’m of the stance that celebrating Beltane can certainly be complimented with a magical drink recipe! So, I have both cocktail and mocktail (nonalcoholic) Beltane recipes everyone can cheers to life with!

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Beltane Beverages: Drink Recipes

As a magical mixology author, I have Beltane recipe suggestions from both my books and blog! Below, you will find which drinks are available right here on the blog, and further down, which recipes I suggest from my books.

Beltane Recipes from my Book:

WitchCraft Cocktails

Beltane Recipes from WitchCraft Cocktails
  • Beltane Bee’s Knees – Celebrate the birds and the bees with this Bees Knees Variation for Beltane. With the love of rose water, soothing honey, and jasmine and cinnamon this concoction is an easy and quick fix.
  • Venus Spritzer – With lavender, mint, cucumber, and floral rosé vodka, this Taurus season-inspired spring cocktail is perfect for those looking to luxuriate in the abundant Beltane vibes.
  • Aphrodite Lust Potion – What better way to celebrate the lust of Beltane, than with hibiscus, rose, lavender, and brut rosé? With the lusty energy of tequila, topped with sparkling champagne, this is an easy go-to.

Blog Beltane Recipes

Cocktails & Mocktails

Maple & Rose

Cocktail & Mocktail (Nonalcoholic) Options

Infused with strawberry, peach, orange, and lemon, this beverage is perfect to celebrating Beltane and its associations of love, joy, inspiration, and desire. Plus, the combination of rum and maple is easily seductive and addicting! What more could you ask for in a festive Beltane libation?

The Enchanted Garden

Cocktail & Mocktail (Nonalcoholic) Options

What’s a more iconic May Day symbol than the flower? Enjoy the blossoming magic of mid spring with this blend of fresh, delicate ingredients! This elegant, garden-inspired vodka cocktail features cucumber, basil, rose liqueur, vanilla, and honey. Plus, it has a special. nonalcoholic version called Beltane Beauty at the bottom of the same blog page.

The Painted Lady


This one has a special place in my heart and even offers the opportunity to draw your own sigil in the egg white foam for Beltane magick. The Painted Lady features the purifying, rebirth energies of egg white, aromatic rose, and grounding rye whiskey. Topped with lusty red wine, if you’re in the mood for a more serious, adult, sensual Beltane cocktail, this is it!

Glamour Magick Potion

Cocktail & Mocktail (Nonalcoholic) Options

Beltane can be a time of love and glamour. With ingredients attuned to Venus, spring floral ingredients, and an alchemizing color change, this drinks makes for a great Beltane recipe to celebrate the floral abundance of spring and channel your inner glamour Magick for attraction and love.

A Witch's Heart Cocktail Cover Photo copy

A Witch’s Heart


This drink originally made its debut around Samhain to celebrate the release of Hilarie Burton Morgan’s book, Grimoire Girl. While inspired in part by the wisdom found within memories (wisdom that witches often keep in their Grimoire!), this floral uplifting drink is also great for that loving, spring renewal energy. It’s ingredients of rose, cherry flavors, gin, and more is great for heart-center Beltane recipes!

Hibiscus Moon

Cocktail & Mocktail (Nonalcoholic) Options

Beltane is also a day of sensuality, healing, and good vibes! If you’re looking for a refreshing, tropical recipe for good vibes, sensuality, then this is it! With coconut rum, floral ingredients like lavender and rose, raspberry, and orange, this is a great Beltane drink to celebrate being halfway to summer!

Blackberry-Rose Coffee Martini

Blackberry Rose Sweet Coffee Concoction

Cocktail & Mocktail (Nonalcoholic) Options

Looking for something more energizing? This spring coffee cocktail & mocktail has blackberry, spices, rose, and vanilla—a surprising mix of ingredients, and a perfect energizing, heart-centered, nurturing drink. So bring Spring with love and energy with either of these nonalcoholic or cocktail Beltane recipes.

Mokosh Cocktail


I love highlighting my heritage where I can, and this Mokosh cocktail recipe is one way! Mokosh is the Slavic goddess of moisture, and while it seems her feast day may be October 28, moisture is an essential part of the fertility of Spring! Thus, this recipe has ingredients for youth, fertility, and peace, and is perfect for a Beltane sip. It has honey, poppy seed, dill, cucumber, vodka, and apple—some of the core ingredients that make up my favorite Polish dishes.

Celebrate the Zest of Life with Beltane Recipes

Your celebration can be made even more special with the addition of aligned, creative and refreshing Beltane recipes. Whether you’re drawn to the delicate flavors of rose and lavender, or prefer the boldness of hibiscus and fresh fruits like strawberry, peach, and raspberry, there is a drink recipe to suit everyone’s taste! These beverages are not only delicious but also serve as a wonderful way to embrace this fiery celebration of life. Cheers to the spirit of the season and your inner fire of life with a Beltane recipe!

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