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Beltane Beverages

A fire festival to invite and celebrate the coming of summer, Beltane marks the halfway point between the Spring Equinox and the Summer Solstice. A time to celebrate both the middle of Spring and the coming of Summer, Beltane is a day of love, lust, abundance, and well being. For some, this means focusing on matters of health and reflecting on the cycle of life, death, and rebirth, or for others – manifesting abundance and expressing one’s sensuality. So whether it be making flower crowns under the Spring Sun or slinging and sipping on delicious, juicy drinks – go outside and celebrate the luscious verdant life around you, enjoy luxurious earthly delights, and invigorate your wild side!

From my book WitchCraft Cocktails, I suggest:

  • The Green Man – Beltane can also be a time to celebrate growth and renewal, and The Green Man concoction, with mint, honey, cucumber, and orange liqueur will help inspire that happiness and excitement or growth.
  • Venus Spritzer – Oriented towards spring with lavender, mint, cucumber, and floral rosé vodka, this  Taurus season-inspired concoction is perfect for those looking to luxuriate in the abundant beltane vibes.
  • Aphrodite Lust Potion – What better way to celebrate the lust of beltane, than with hibiscus, rose, lavender, and brut rosé? With the lusty energy of tequila, topped with sparkling champagne, this is an easy go-to.
  • Beltane Bee’s Knees – Celebrate the birds and the bees with this Bees Knees Variation. With the love of rose water, soothing honey, and jasmine and cinnamon this concoction is an easy and quick fix. (I originally made this concoction with a cinnamon & black currant syrup, for those who may want to try that addition).

Other great choices: “Sun & Smoke,” “Flower Moon Harmonizer,” and “Love’s Lucky Charm”

Beltane Beverages from the Blog

Maple & Rose

Mixing rum and maple, this juicy concoction is delightful and easily addicting. With the additions of strawberry, peach, orange, and lemon, this Beltane beverage is great for Spring love, happiness, creativity, and lust – what more could you want from a Beltane drink?

The Enchanted Garden

A crisp, light, and floral concoction to celebrate the Spring flowers! With Cucumber, basil, rose liqueur, and honey, this vodka concoction is inspired by the youthful, elegant, beauty of Spring. And using a rose petal and chamomile ice tea, refreshing apple slice, and soothing vanilla simple syrup, the nonalcoholic variation called “Beltane Beauty” is also a superb choice.

The Painted Lady

With the purification and rebirth energies of egg white, aromatic rose with grounding and lusty red wine, the Painted Lady is a perfect choice for those looking to celebrate the rebirth of spring with some more sensuality mixed in. 

Other great choice include Luscious Leo with raspberries, and Elle’s Alchemy with Color Changing Butterfly Pea Flower! & if you are looking for something a little more spicy and fruity, I may have one more concoction for you on the way! Stay tuned.

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