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Aquarius Drink and Cocktail Recipes for the Aquarius Moon

Looking for some Aquarius drinks for the Aquarius moon? Whether looking for cocktail or mocktail to celebrate your own Aquarius sun or moon, or to call down the moon, drink in true cup-bearer style with these Aquarius cocktails, and invoke the cleansing, innovative, and liberating energies of Aquarius.

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Love Potions

This Aquarius New Moon comes right before Valentine’s Day. Whether summoning up some self love, enjoying galentine’s with friends, or sharing a glass with a partner, check out my Love Potions Blog here.

Known as the rebel or revolutionary, Aquarius is about expanding past limitations and invoking innovation. An expansive, liberating sign, Aquarius breaks the norms and boundaries of what is thought possible, bringing the wave of revolution and the future.  Utilizing ingredients associated with the moon and Aquarius, these Aquarius cocktails from the blog and my books are just the beverages you need to purify the old away, gleam wisdom and insight, and invoke the creative innovation and boundary-less perspective Aquarius is known for. 

Aquarius Moon Drink Recipes

What better way to celebrate the cup-bearer sign in astrology, than with a fancy cup, filled with an Aquarius Moon drink? From delicious cherry and apple mocktails, to blue herbal and champagne-topped concoctions, these 5 Aquarius moon drinks recipes will help you sip in those innovative, liberating Aquarius energies. 

Aquarius Cocktail

Aquarius Champagne Julep


Imbibe the energy and messages of this full moon with a lovely Champagne Julep. Packed with the sage, mint, and rosemary Aquarian Moon herbs, this lite and elevating concoction is inspired to help you attune to your individuality, to help liberate your mind and body from old ties. With bourbon as the base to ground the cocktails energy and help you change repeating patterns, hex-breaking lime to cleanse the old, and bubbly white wine to attune you to your soul luminosity and individuality, this Aquarius cocktail is a perfect compliment to your Aquarius Moon work.

Aquarius Moon Cocktail

Aquarius Moon Mix Cherry Drink

Cocktail & Mocktail

Inspire some Aquarian optimism, creativity, and perspective with this tart and tangy cherry, sage, and lemon concoction. With ingredients like sage and rosemary to cleanse old ideas and limitations away, and cherry, apple, and lemon to inspire creativity and happiness, this cheerful beverage is a fun way to call down the Aquarius moon for new insight and exciting possibilities.

Herbal Maple Gin Toddy

Cocktail & Mocktail

Sip in the remains of the summer harvest and the herbal, pine flavors of fall with this awakening, grounding, and introspective hot toddy. With sage, rosemary, lemon, and maple (and an optional addition of gin for a gin hot toddy), this magically delicious beverage is packed with intention for purifying away old energies, while inspiring the wisdom and insight of the Aquarius moon.

Fig & Maple Harvest Sour

Cocktail & Mocktail

Sip in inspiration, spirituality, wisdom, and wishes with this sensual and crisp fig, sage, and maple drink recipe. With sage, anise, as well as nutmeg and lavender, this fig and maple sour recipe (with alcohol and nonalcoholic renditions), is a perfect choice for tuning into the inspired, wise, and innovative energies of the Aquarius moon.

Communication Break Down


With air-associated ingredients like sage and peppermint, and its electric blue hue, this concoction is perfect for tuning into the higher mind and cleansing energies of Aquarius, while shipping a relaxing, rejuvenating summer cocktail. Served over chilling crushed ice, and the magical energies of mint, sage, elder and more, this refreshing libation is packed with throat chakra herbal potency.

 Suggested Aquarius Cocktail and Drink Recipes

From my Books

My books Moon, Magic, Mixology, and WitchCraft Cocktails are filled with guidance on how to make magical drinks, and recipes aligned to everything bewitching. See what recipes I suggest from my books (if you have them) below, or skip on to Aquarius Cocktail Moon recipes from the blog further down below.

Cosmic Wisdom


From Moon, Magic, Mixology

“Cosmic Wisdom Appletini” From Moon, Magic, Mixology by Julia Halina Hadas. Published by Adam’s Media of Simon & Schuster. Photo by Harper Point Photography

Lavish your tongue in those harvest season flavors, while invoking the wisdom and innovation of Aquarius with this sage, apple, lemon, and bourbon cocktail. 

The Black


From WitchCraft Cocktails 

“The Black Cat” From WitchCraft Cocktails by Julia Halina Hadas. Published by Adam’s Media of Simon & Schuster. Photo by Harper Point Photography

Cleanse away the old, and sip like an eclectic, ethereal Aquarius with this sage, anise, nettle, and rye whiskey Black Cat cocktail. (Perfect for those Spooky season lovers)

Purifying Vodka


From WitchCraft Cocktails 

“Purifying Vodka Collins” From WitchCraft Cocktails by Julia Halina Hadas. Published by Adam’s Media of Simon & Schuster. Photo by Harper Point Photography

Celebrate the refreshing, herbal ingredients of what is left of summer, while sipping in the cleansing energy of Aquarius with this Sage, lavender, Chamomile spritzer. 

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Aquarius Cocktail Recipes

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