Hallow’s Eve Happy Hour

Hallow’s Eve Happy Hour

Samhain and halloween is right around the corner, and witch or not – we could all use a little magic this year. I’ve crafted 4 seasonal, magically inspired beverages (in addition to the ones in my book WitchCraft Cocktails), to assist your celebrations, whatever they may be. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t celebrate at home with some delicious halloween cocktails! 

A Bit About Samhain

Samhain is the celebration of the third and final harvest of the year, a significant marker of descending into the colder winter months, and all life retreating inside. Culture’s across the northern hemisphere celebrate and worship the dead around October 31st, as they give thanks for the bounty and prepare for the harsher months. Honoring one’s ancestry can be a complicated concept for some – but fret not, this can also be a great time for honoring your chosen family and friends, as well as lineages, paths and archetypes you may have chosen to walk and embody in this lifetime. Or perhaps you can use the time to even honoring future generations, or the ancestry of the earth herself. In giving thanks at this time, you can really delve into healing generational patterns, if you allow yourself to dip deep enough.

Halloween/Samhain coincides with a blue moon this year – a rare synchronicity. This moon is also in Taurus, and we have a mercury retrograde, as well as other astrological factors to account for. So, to be honest – you have a myriad of energies to work with. Particularly, if you feel triggered at this time and notice yourself dipping into unhealthy habits, with these energies, it may be a good time to look into some generational patterns, then reflect and heal them. The magic and potency of this moon also allows for powerful magical work. This is by no means an exhaustive description – more details and a truer description will follow in my Taurus Full Moon Blog, to be posted late today.

If you have my book WitchCraft Cocktails, there are certain drinks I would highly recommend:

  • Persephone’s Descent for a delicious pomegranate margarita variation, for wisdom, divination, and introspection upon our shadow selves and we descent into the darker months of the year
  • The Reaper for a mulled vine variation specifically aligned to honor the dead and for psychic ability.
  • Although I include a pumpkin martini here, my favorite pumpkin drink is the Prosperous Pumpkin in the book, which makes the perfect fall desert beverage for abundance and healing
  • The Witch’s Cauldron is a great choice, individually, or preached and served as a punch for blessings to all who enjoy it (& can be served with a bit of dry ice perhaps – just look up proper cautions around dry ice and do not touch it or drink the concoction until it is done smoking. Again – research).

And many more! But here are four new drinks I crafted, just for you 😉

You can also check out my Taurus moon-specific beverages – cocktails & mocktails – as alternative or additional options

You can listen to me talk about and walk you through these four concoctions below, on Uncorked Corner. Additionally, you can watch me demo The Reaper and Persephone’s Descent from my book at the Gather The Witch’s Encore presentation. My snippet is at 12pm PST 10/31.

Halloween Cocktails

Enjoy some bewitching brews this Samhain night!

Black Sun

Samhain is a time when we begin to turn our intentions inward, and focus on making the home a warm and cozy space. For those looking to do some protective workings around this time, or to add a bit of heat and rejuvenation to their lives, this spicy blood orange margarita should do just the trick.

Witch’s Wand

Channel your magic with this tangy tantalizing Apple-tini variation. Drawing upon inspiration from a witch’s wand and powerful witching herbs, this potent potion is a bewitching brew for magic, wishes, healing, and paying homage to ones witch lineage and path.

Pumpkin Cream Martini

All Hallows Eve wouldn’t be what it is without pumpkin! IRevel in the fall flavors of vanilla, pumpkin, almond, and cinnamon in this creamy pumpkin spice martini for abundance, spirit-ual alignment, and some peace of mind.

Coffee Ouja Martini

Samhain is a time many seek communication with the dead – why not bridge the two worlds through some spirited libations? This Ouja-inspired, anise-kissed coffee martini is filled with potent energies for psychic abilities, divination, and grounding.

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