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Samhain Recipes: Drinks for a Hallow’s Eve Happy Hour

Halloween is right around the corner. Cheers to the spirits of the season with these Samhain recipes! Whether looking for the perfect drink to accompany your Halloween dinner or for celebrating Samhain, these mocktail and cocktail recipes will have your tongue bewitched. Below, you can learn a bit about this holiday and its magic. Then, uncover a plethora of recipes from the blog, my books, and some previously published works to make the perfect Samhain drinks or offerings for your Samhain dinner.

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A Bit About Samhain

Samhain is a time filled of myth, legend, and lore—whether or not you are a witch. In modern witchcraft practices however, celebrating Samhain takes multiple angles: as a harvest festival, time of the dead, and the witch’s new year. 

The Many Faces of Samhain

As one of its trifold facets, Samhain is celebrated as the third and final harvest of the year. Final bounties might be collected and stored, and the home prepared for the cold of winter (depending on where you live). Like any harvest festival, it is a time of celebration and gratitude, but also sacrifice. It prompts reflection on endings and death, and the cycle of life as the energy of the landscape around retreats within to rest for winter. And a harvest is certainly a perfect time to awaken your inner kitchen witch with some Samhain recipes!

Celebrating Samhain is also about honoring ancestors and the dead. Like those spooky ghost stories shared around crackling campfires as kids, this is an occasion when the veils between worlds are especially thin. Many witches use the time to communicate with the dead, work on mediumship skills, or honor ancestors and witches that have come before them. In fact, some traditions include a silent supper—a Samhain dinner where favorite dishes and drinks of loved ones are eaten in silence, with an extra plate and place setting made as an offering. Historically referred to as “spirits”, alcoholic drinks related to one’s ancestry make an especially wonderful Samhain offering. 

This is often seen as a time of power for witches, who in their magic and workings often connect to the realm of the unseen. Samhain is also called the Witch’s New Year—a time to divine, scry, and burn away or banish unwanted old energy. 

Samhain 2023

As for the Northern Hemisphere Samhain in 2023, this day will be preceded by a Lunar Eclipse in Taurus on October 28th. How perfect to celebrate the harvest, than with a full moon? You can check out my Taurus Moon recipes here (which will be updated soon!) for more drink ideas and insight into the astrological energy around this time.

Let’s get into some ideas for Samhain drinks!

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Artwork pictured in the photo shows a witch working over her cauldron, by the talented artist and tattooer Ana Vee Valdez. You can check out their work and similar prints over at

Samhain Recipes: Cocktail and Mocktail Drinks

A final harvest, what better way to celebrate Samhain than with a seasonal drink? After all, alcoholic libations are called spirits for reason! Whether looking for a drink recipe to cheers to the magic of the season, to divine as you connect to the spirits, or even leave as an offering during your silent supper, these Samhain drinks are perfect for the occasion. You can also find Samhain recipes from my books or previous work further down below.

Have a recipe you already love? Check out my tips on how to make any drink halloween ready here. There are simple things you can do, such as black salt rim for protection or a cleansing smoked garnish, to make any drink Samhain-sippable!

A Witches Heart Smoked Rosemary Cocktail

A Witch’s Heart


  • Themes: Remembrance, Memories, Wisdom, the Heart
  • Ingredients: Rose, Rosemary, Maple, Lemon, Bitters, Maraschino Liqueur, MF Libations Blackberry Gin

Inspired by Hilarie Burton Morgan’s book Grimoire Girl, this is a drink for remembrance (whether remembering loved ones, events, or witches past), and the wisdom gleaned from past experiences that gives us our heart-centered magic. Featuring rose, rosemary, and cherry flavors, A Witch’s Heart is a floral, citrus, uplifting Samhain cocktail recipe. 

Blue Moon Visions

Cocktail & Mocktail (Nonalcoholic) Options

  • Themes: Divination, Transformation, Spirituality, Love, Peace
  • Ingredients: Butterfly Pea Flower, Rose, Clove, Grapefruit, Lavender, Elderflower, Gin

Inspired by the blue moon, this recipe makes a perfect Samhain drink for full moon magic, followed by tea leaf reading divination as you commune with the spirits. With floral lavender, rose, the spice of ground clove, elderflower, gin, optional abinsthe, and the magic of butterfly pea flower, this is an uplifting floral Samhain recipe that will change color upon contact with citrus from blue, to purple-pink.

Fig & Maple Vodka Sour Drink Recipe

Fig & Maple Harvest Sour

Cocktail & Mocktail (Nonalcoholic) Options

  • Themes: Inspiration, Inner Knowing, Love, Prosperity, Sensuality
  • Ingredients: Sage, Nutmeg, Lemon, Fig Preserves, Maple, Nutmeg, Anisette, Lavender Bitters, Vodka, Ginger beer (for NA)

For those looking to utilize harvest flavors for celebrating Samhain, this fig & maple sour drink recipe is perfect for the occasion. Indulge in the essence of inspiration, spirituality, wisdom, and desires by savoring this tantalizing and refreshing concoction made with fig, sage, and maple. A great Samhain recipe for tuning into the inspired, wise, and creative, sensual energies of this time.

Witches wand witches cocktail 1

Witch’s Wand Appletini


  • Themes: Magic, Healing, Protection, Wishes, Witch Lineage
  • Ingredients: Black Walnut Bitters, Bourbon, Lemon, Vanilla, Rose, Apple Schnapps, Elderflower

Sip in the magic of witchcraft with this Witch’s Wand Appletini. With ingredients inspired by the woods often used in witch’s wands, and a perfectly green color for halloween, this makes a great Samhain cocktail. Drawing upon inspiration from a witch’s wand and powerful witching herbs, this potent potion is a bewitching brew for magic, wishes, healing, and paying homage to ones witch lineage and path. Never has magic been so delicious!

Samhain Recipes - Ouja Coffee Martini

Coffee Ouja Martini


  • Themes: Psychic Vision, Clarity, The Mind, Energy
  • Ingredients: Absinthe, Gin, Walnut Bitters, Coffee Liqueur, Vanilla Simple, Coffee, Ground Cinnamon

Samhain is a time many seek communication with the dead – why not bridge the two worlds through some spirited libations? This Ouja-inspired, anise-kissed coffee martini is filled with potent energies for psychic abilities, divination, and grounding. Perfect for harvest season, this psychic coffee martini is great for enhancing the mind, energy, and doing any psychic work as you prepare for celebrating Samhain.

Herbal Maple Hot Toddy Recipe

Herbal Maple Hot (or Cold) Toddy

Cocktail & Mocktail (Nonalcoholic) Options

  • Themes: Introspection, Grounding, Purification, Longevity,
  • Ingredients: Rosemary, Sage, Maple, Lemon, Gin

Perhaps you are in more of a reflective mood this Samhain? Ground your thoughts and tune into your inner wisdom with this Herbal Maple Hot Toddy Samhain drink recipe. With sage, rosemary, lemon, and maple, this magically delicious beverage is packed with accessible ingredients for purifying away old energy, while inspiring some introspection, wisdom, and healing. With the options to enjoy hot or cold, with or without alcohol, this makes a versatile and great choice for a Samhain drink!

Scorpio Moon Smash

Cocktail & Mocktail (Nonalcoholic) Options

  • Themes: Creativity, Lust, Money, Power, Purification
  • Ingredients: Blackberry, Basil, Mint, Lemon, Triple Sec, Whiskey, Spiced Bitters, Ginger Beer, Dark Rum

If you’re in search of a beverage that packs a punch of power, this recipe will make a great Samhain drink for you. Perfect for Scorpio season (and Samhain), this spiced recipe is primed with zesty, powerful ingredients that would make a great choice for tapping into your inner witch power. A finishing touch of ginger beer and a float of dark rum transforms it into a Samhain cocktail brimming with potency.

Pumpkin Cream Martini


  • Themes: Money, Abundance, Spirituality, Peace
  • Ingredients: Vanilla, Vodka, Almond or Hazelnut Liqueur, Cream, Cinnamon Liqueur

All Hallows Eve wouldn’t be right without pumpkin! Revel in the fall flavors of vanilla, pumpkin, almond, and cinnamon in this creamy pumpkin spice martini for abundance, spirit-ual alignment, and some peace of mind. A wonderful spiced and soothing dessert Samhain cocktail to celebrate abundance and revel the flavor of the season.

Maple Old Fashioned

Maple-Hazelnut Old Fashioned


  • Themes: Abundance, Creativity, Grounding, Wisdom
  • Ingredients: Black Walnut Bitters, Maple, Hazelnut Liqueur, Bourbon

If you are looking for a drink that highlights fall flavors, is unique, and both fast and delicious, this Maple Hazelnut Old Fashioned is the Samhain drink recipe for you. While it requires a few unique ingredients, this cocktail is grounding, wise, great for abundance magic, and sure to enchant all who taste it!

Black Hole Sun Blood Orange Margarita

Black Hole Sun Blood Orange Margarita


  • Themes: Passion, Protection, Purification, Hex-Breaking
  • Ingredients: Sage, Blood Orange, Lime, Ghost Tequila

With ghost-pepper infused tequila, refreshing seasonal blood orange and cleansing lime and sage leaf, this drink is great for those looking for refreshing, spiced Samhain recipes. Plus, with its red color and black salt rim, it gives off that spooky seasonal feel!

Samhain Recipes from my Magical Mixology Books

Besides keeping up WitchCraft Cocktails as a blog, I have two books on magical mixology (WitchCraft Cocktails and Moon, Magic, Mixology) perfect for the season, and filled with bewitching brews. Here are a selection of Samhain Recipes I suggest from them:



From WitchCraft Cocktails 

Witch's Cauldron Cocktail

Made specifically with Samhain in mind, this autumn apple and pomegranate punch is imbued with blessings, and perfect for serving in your cauldron punch bowl this Halloween. 

The Prosperous


From WitchCraft Cocktails 

Looking for another Pumpkin treat this Hallows eve? With maple, cinnamon, and nutmeg, this pumpkin cocktail makes a great Samhain recipe to cheers to the harvest, and bring in some seasonal magic and blessings.  



From WitchCraft Cocktails 

Samhain Recipes - The Reaper Mulled Wine

Mulled wine dates at least as far back as ancient Rome, when it was cooked and infused with herbs to ward off seasonal colds. Imbued with psychic and divinatory ingredients, The Reaper is the perfect mulled wine Samhain recipe for connecting to spirits of the past, or as a Samhain offering.

Other Samhain Recipes

from Moon, Magic, Mixology

  • October Moon Reviver
  • Pumpkin Spice Lunar Latte
  • Lunar Alchemy
  • Blackberry Liqueur
  • & Many More…

Other Samhain Recipes

from WitchCraft Cocktails

  • Blood Moon Margarita
  • Persephone’s Descent
  • Clarity Martini
  • & Many More…

More Samhain Drink Recipes

Witchology Magazine is a resource for all things seasonal kitchen witchery, astrology, spells, and more! Some of the leading modern witches in the industry write for them. Here are some Samhain drinks recipes I’ve made for their quarterly editions over the years, if you’d like to check them out:

“Conjured Spirits Coffee Cocktail” From Witchology Magazine, Autumn 2023 by Julia Halina Hadas.

Sip to the spirits with this chilled tequila coffee cocktail. With seasonal, spiritual spices and an uplifting hint of orange, this sweet spirit-forward coffee concoction will heighten your conscious mind. Drink before casting the cards, or combine with some coffee bean divination to see what the spirits have to say.

Available on

Samhain Recipes - Psychic Protection Potion
“A Psychic Protection Potion: Sage & Spice” From Witchology Magazine, Autumn 2022 by Julia Halina Hadas.

Sip up some protection with this delicious, spiced and sweet protective potable. With cranberry, sage, black pepper, and lavender, this Sage & Spice drink recipe is perfect for grounding and protecting your energy as you attune to the psychic potency of this time of year. 

Available on

Samhain Drink Recipes Cover Photo 2

A Cheers to Samhain Spirits 

A plethora of magic is at hand now. Tap into your inner kitchen witch and brew up a potion with these Samhain recipes. Between apple, spices like cinnamon, pumpkin, and more, there’s many ingredients you can add for delicious Samhain drinks. No matter how you choose to celebrate, I hope whatever recipes you concoct enchant all who taste them!

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Artwork pictured in the photo shows a witch working over her cauldron, by the talented artist and tattooer Ana Vee Valdez. You can check out their work and similar prints over at
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Check out this old photo of some of these drinks, from 2020! While there’s always room for improvement, my drink photography skills have certainly come a long way.
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