Aries Full Moon Mule

Aries Full Moon Mule

About the Full Moon

Greeting our entrance into October, the month “of the dead” and the final harvest, is none other than a fiery full moon in Aries. A sign of passion, courage, competition, and leadership, a full moon in this sign can warrant a lot of emotions, especially given other astrological alignments. While emotions can be fiery and short-tempered, this energy can be wonderful if intentionally directed and focused. The Aries full moon can magically be a great time for efforts of courage, competition, and accomplishing tasks. Heading into the final harvest and the colder months of the year, this is a great opportunity to use this burst of energy to accomplish tasks and bring lingering events to a close.

I’ve prepared the following cocktail, using correspondences of both Aries and the moon, and their energetic themes. However, if you happen to have my book WitchCraft Cocktails, I have two additional cocktail suggestions from the book, so that you have plenty of lovely libations to choose from!

  • Wine Moon Cocktail – While designed for the September full moon, the Aries full moon happens close enough on the cusp of October and September that this cocktail can still be a relevant choice. It features a lot of related harvest offerings, and certain ingredients like clove and lemon draw on the moon and Aries energy. A wonderful choice for those still embracing the turn of the season, to invoke insight, abundance, and spirituality.
  • Blood Moon Margarita – If you are eager to welcome the Samhain season and lineage worship, the Blood Moon Margarita is also a great choice, but can also be saved for the full moon at the end of October on Samhain night. With mezcal, pomegranate, and blood orange, this is a concoction for transformation, divination, and death.
  • Bonus Points – Get creative and mix the two! If you like some of the elements of the either you can get innovative and slip some blood orange juice or pomegranate into the Wine Moon Cocktail and get the best of both words. Be sure to tag me in your creations! I love to see what you all create.

For Simple Sipping: Cocktail making can be easy! Just swap ingredients or remove as you see fit. Use the material here & the ingredient reference list towards the bottom to help guide you in your own unique concoction, and get creative in swapping ingredients you may not have.

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Aries Moon Mule

Inspired Energies: Money, Power, Love, Healing

Imbibe the invigorating, passionate energies of the Aries full moon with this spiced, juicy, gin and lemon Moscow mule. With spices like clove and ginger for that flaming Aries passion and action, yet tempered with lunar lemon and grounding gin, this cocktail is sure to help ground and direct this lunar energy for success, passion, and healing. A bit of lunar- and Aries-associated blackberry adds in extra energies of healing, abundance, protection, and a bit of lust to this concoction. Meanwhile, juniper-based gin makes up the base for this cocktail as it is associated with both the moon and Aries as well, and helps to ground out the more fiery Aries vibes, while enhancing energies of purification, psychic abilties, and love. For this Moscow mule variation, I used lemon instead of lime, since lemon is associated with the moon and is great for longevity, love, and purification, but feel free to use lime for hex-breaking and more “fire element” energies if you are looking to really break through some big barriers with that Aries determination.

For this cocktail, I used a syrup from the end of this blog. Feel free to improvise as desired! Plus, you can try adding a dash of cinnamon for extra spice, motivation, and movement, or a float (1/4 – 1/2 ounce) of allspice liqueur or ginger liqueur to your cocktail, some extra Aries fire!

I personally used New Amsterdam’s Gin for this concoction. But always feel free to try switching out the base alcohol for one you prefer, or feel more called to!

Aries Moon Moscow Mule

Imbibe the invigorating, passionate energies of the Aries full moon with this spiced, juicy, gin and lemon Moscow mule. With spices like clove and ginger for that flaming Aries passion and action, yet tempered with lunar lemon and grounding gin, this cocktail is sure to help ground and direct this lunar energy for success, passion, and healing. 
Servings 1 person


  • 2 medium blackberries
  • 1 sprig rosemary
  • 1/2 ounce Aries Syrup (see below)
  • 1 ounce lemon (or lime for hex-breaking)
  • 1.5 ounces gin
  • 2 ounce ginger beer (amount will vary based on the type of ginger beer you have! Taste as you go. I personally use Q Ginger Beer)


  • (As a moscow mule, this cocktail can be built in a glass, then stirred. However, if you don't like blackberry bits in your cocktail, then shake all ingredients (minus ginger beer) in a cocktail shaker before straining and topping with the ginger beer).
    In the bottom of a copper mule mug or highball, add blackberries, rosemary, and syrup. Muddle the ingredients, visualzing yourself overcoming obstacles and leaping to success, or invigorated with passion and motivation. Add in lemon, gin, then add ice and top with ginger beer. Stir and add in magical garnish of your choice, like a flamed lemon peel, or rosemary sprig. Sip as you attune to and contemplate the Aries Full Moon energy.

Aries Moon Mule Mocktail

I firmly believe you can turn many cocktails (given they aren’t purely alcohol) into a mocktail! And with ginger beer, it is super easy to do so with this concoction. See below how I vary ingredient ratios to make this into a magical mocktail (non-alcoholic cocktail).

Aries Moon Mocktail

A mocktail Aries Moon Mule to help you attune to the lunar energy.
Prep Time 5 mins
Servings 1 person


  • 2 medium blackberries
  • 1 sprig rosemary
  • 1 ounce Aries Syrup (see below)
  • 1 ounce lemon juice
  • 2-3 ounces ginger beer


  • Muddle rosemary, blackberries, and syrup in a cup. Add in lemon juice, ice, and top with ginger beer.

The Syrup

Inspired Energies: Success, Love, Money, Invigoration 

Add some Aries spice to your life with this fiery cocktail syrup. With ginger, comforting clove, and strengthening saffron, this syrup is packed with fiery Aries energies for success, vitality, and passion. Use this cocktail syrup in recipes to inspire energy to burst through barriers and get productive.

Bonus Tips: You can use the syrup for more than just this cocktail! For one, the full moon energy tends to set the energetic tone until the new moon, so you can reuse the syrup to call up energy of passion and inspiration. But also, you can add this syrup to any cocktail, mocktail (non-alcoholic cocktail), or even coffee, tea or iced tea, and as a glaze for dishes like a simple fruit salad

Aries Spiced Syrup

A spiced, comforting syrup designed to add some Aries passion, invigoration, and motivation to your cocktails for this Aries Full Moon!


  • 2-3 medium-large ginger coins/slices
  • 7 pieces cloves
  • 1-2 threads saffron
  • 1/2 cup hot water
  • 1/2 cup sugar


  • (For better flavor infusion, you can heat this syrup over the stove top! I tend to do things on the fly, so I steeped the ingredients, which also made the syrup less intense for those who may want more for comforting elements and less of the intensity).
    In a mug, place ginger, clove, and saffron. Pour hot water over ingredients and allow it to steep for five minutes. Then add in sugar and stir. If you can, once cool let the syrup infuse in your refrigerator for a few hours to allow for better flavor integration. But do what you can! Strain before use. Once solid are removed, the syrup can last at least 2-3 weeks. Adjust recipe ratios for less yield.

Magical Additions

As a crystal healing practitioner, I can’t help myself when it comes to crystals and working with lunar energy! Here are some crystals/stones I recommend for further utilizing the energy of the Aquarius Full Moon. To layer on the energetic & magical frequencies, you can meditate with your given crystal beforehand, keep it on you as make and/or sip the drink, as well as attune the crystal to the drink by visualizing both the drink and crystal resonating together with your intention, as you hold the crystal against the outside of the glass. (Don’t put your crystal in any of the cocktail components unless you know for sure it is not toxic). Here are their energies and why I suggest them (as it relates to the full moon).

  • Aragonite (star cluster) – If you find yourself more emotionally activated at this full moon, a star cluster formation of aragonite can help create energetic stability while still invoking the vitality and strength of the Aries Full Moon. Aragonite promotes expression through the arts and one’s choice of words, so that you can better express your emotions at this time to invite healing and growth. This gorgeous stone also helps one attune to “higher” wisdom, which can be useful for problem solving at this time. So all in all, a great balancing stone to work with to help counter the more fiery emotional energies of the full moon, while still using Aries vitality and productivity.

  • Blue Lace Agate – Associated with the throat chakra, blue lace agate is a powerful communication and calming stone that can assist those feeling emotionally triggered with the Aries Full Moon. Tuning you into your higherself, this stone will help you not only keep calm and relaxed, but also communicate with mental clarity amidst the communicative chaos and emotions that may arise at this time. (Mercury retrograde is right around the corner!!).
  • Garnet – If you find yourself particularly emotionally “activated” at this time, and want to use that for introspection, garnet is great choice. Garnet (Sacral, Root Chakra) is lovely grounding stone that assists one in recognizing repressed emotions for healing and growth. It also invokes a grounded and sensual passion, and reminds one their true passions and motivations. Thus, it can be helpful in fueling the fire needed to pursue aspirations! 
  • Malachite – Malachite is a great stone to work with for those us that want to use this harvest moon to complete tasks before the colder months of the year, and to exert the boost of energy in productive and innovative ways. Associated with the Solar Plexus and Heart Chakras, malachite consciously connects us with our inner power, and to express it in constructive and creative ways. It helps ground our ideas by helping us see what steps are necessary to manifest our dreams in the physical reality, thus putting us in place of co-creation with the universe. Because of malachite’s association with power, it helps in overcoming fear of self-expression or healthy use and acknowledgement of ones power. Malachite helps us to recognize boundaries for ourself and others, and develop a healthy relationship to power in that way.
  • Red Aventurine – If you are looking to enhance the vitality and inspired energies of the Aries Full Moon to break through some “walls” and accomplish tasks, Red Aventurine is a wonderful choice! I love this stone because similar to green aventurine, it invokes new opportunities and helps open doors. However, red aventurine also grounds energy, and inspires creativity and passion to invoke new ideas and perspectives. Red Aventurine will not only invites prosperity, but also give the vitality to pursue those opportunities.

Some other great options are: carnelian (vitality, leadership, boldness), red jasper (strength, energy, stability), bloodstone (courage, endurance, inner strength).

What did you end up making for Aries Full Moon? Let me know over on instagram!

Ingredient Alignment

Magical correspondences of ingredients, as they align to this full moon!

Blackberry (Moon, Venus, Aries) – Healing, Money, Protection, Lust, Abundance

Cinnamon (Sun, Fire, Aries) – Spirituality, Success, Healing, Power, Psychic Powers, Lust, Protection, Love

Clove (Jupiter, Fire, Aries) – Comfort, Exorcism, Love, Money, Purification, Protection, Vibration Raising, Spiritual

Ginger (Mars, Fire, Aries) – Love, Money, Success, Power

Juniper (Sun, Fire, Earth, Water, Mars, Mercury, Moon, Aries) – Protection, Purification, Grounding, Psychic Enhancement, Healing, Love

Lemon (Moon, Water) – Longevity, Purification, Love, Friendship

Lime (Sun, Fire) – Healing, Love, Protection, Hex-Breaking

Rosemary (Sun, Fire, Merucry, moon) – Protection, Love & Lust, Knowledge, Purification, Healing, Peace, Renewal, Clarity

Saffron (Sun, Fire) – Love, Healing, Happiness, Lust, Strength, Psychic Powers

Works Cited

Here are the resources I used to help guide my work beyond what I already know! I highly recommend these reference tests 🙂

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