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A Throat Energy Center Cocktail Recipe for Mercury Retrograde

Sip away the mercury retrograde blues and enhance your communication with this throat energy center cocktail recipe. With mint, lemon and elderflower, this refreshing mercury retrograde cocktail is sure to bring calm to the mind, and clear your energy (especially after a long day!).

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A Throat Energy Center and Mercury Retrograde Cocktail

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Whether you are dealing with some mercury retrograde communication breakdowns, or just trying to enhance communication on date night or a meetup with a friend, this drink recipe is sure to open up the line for some throat energy center and Mercury-aligned clear communication.

For full disclosure, although I am a professional energy worker, I in no way promote using alcohol to cope with or solve one’s problems. These are spiritual, magically-aligned recipes, for the witch or home mixologist to enjoy at your own discretion. It is always best to seek the advice of a professional when it comes to significant problems.

Inspiration for this Throat Energy Center Recipe

This was amongst my earliest drinks on the blog, and when I sat down (or stood up, really) to make it, I had two goals on my mind: 1) a drink to ground and calm my vibes, and uplift me during Mercury Retrograde; and 2) a throat energy center cocktail that could help me work on speaking up and sharing my truth, as I was a lead vocalist in a band at the time. 

The throat energy center is an energy center that specifically deals with communication, and especially expressing our truth out into the world. Furthermore, the planet Mercury rules communication of all kinds!  So when it’s retrograde, it can really make for some troubling communication mishaps, but also provide opportunities for healing (if we seize them). So, with all of this in mind, I put my knowledge as mixologist, witch, energy worker, and vocalist, into a recipe to accomplish all of these things!

If you are looking for Mercury Retrograde Drink Recipes (including nonalcoholic ones), check out my full blog on it here. 

About the Mercury Retrograde Cocktail Recipe

Made with the addition of an (easy to make) sage, peppermint and chamomile syrup, and fresh mint leaves, and elderflower liqueur, this refreshing and sweet Mercury drink recipe is sure to help enhance any throat energy center work you may be doing. Mercury-and Venus-aligned elderflower will help invoke loving communication and healing, while the added mint inspires purification, opening up the throat center. Coupled with mood boosting, uplifting orange and jovial, purifying lemon, this drink is sure to pack a punch. Serve at your next gathering to entice open communication, or sip yourself while on your weekly zoom cocktail call, to implore you to speak your truth more easily. Or, simply enjoy after a long communication mishap-wrought day. And of course, you can easily remove the alcohol and take advantage of the syrup in a lemonade, with a bit of blue food coloring to enjoy anytime of day.

Let’s Breakdown all the ingredients, and how they help open the way for communication!

Ingredients & Their Meaning for this Throat Energy Center Cocktail

Why do I say this is an aligned throat energy center, and Mercury retrograde cocktail recipe? Because each ingredient was hand selected for its association with either of these things! At the same time, I also try to make them as accessible *as possible* for the average home magical mixologist, while still being an especially magical craft cocktail (for example, looking back, I would’ve added a bit of anise liqueur and lavender bitters, too – which might just be too many ingredients for those not behind a bar top). So let’s dive in, and explore the ingredients you will need for this throat energy center recipe, and learn a bit about their flavor and inspiration, as well as a little on the folklore and magic these elements bring.

From soothing upset stomachs and headaches, to breathing in its refreshing sharp scent, mint is always a winner in recipes! While peppermint in particular is associated with Mercury (the planet of communication), we are working with the mint available at the grocery store (unless you are lucky enough to have some in your backyard). As you might guess from its refreshing, opening aroma, Mint is great for clearing energy, the mind, and opening one’s psychic senses. For this recipe, we are using fresh mint, so grab a bundle from your backyard, grocery store, or grab one online here!

With clearing sage, calming chamomile, and soothing peppermint, this easy, accessible Calming Communication cocktail syrup is the perfect addition for our cocktail to drink this mercury retrograde! Now, you can try a classic simple syrup if you like, with a 1:1 ratio sugar to hot water (I haven’t test this, so I can’t confirm, but it doesn’t hurt to try!). But, it won’t be quite the same, and honestly this syrup is super easy to make – all you need is a chamomile tea bag or dried chamomile, dried peppermint (which you can also get from a tea bag), and sage  – which you can get from your grocery aisle or online here! Heck, you can also try dried sage. All of these things you can grab from your local grocery store, and make great healing teas to have on hand for the future. And with all of these ingredients aligned to the throat energy center and to Mercury, it is a must! Plus, peppermint in particular is great for healing the throat (just ask any singer!). Once you make it, you can add to any of your mercury or throat-aligned drinks (that could benefit from a little bit of mint magic).

  • Lemon

For cleansing and uplifting energy, there’s no better citrus for our calming cocktail than lemon. Associated with the moon, and used in everything from cleaning products to lemon bars for love, this citrus is packed with great energies to add to our drink. In magic, lemon is used for cleansing, joy, creative inspiration, and inspiring fidelity in love. 

Now let’s move onto the alcohol part of the recipe! During the pandemic, I was looking for ways to get alcohol delivered (being stuck at home) and stumbled across Drizly. If you need something delivered fast and efficiently, here is the link for it:

When I made this cocktail for the throat energy center, I originally made it with vodka. Vodka can be made from many things, so the energy of your vodka will depend on the base spirit, but because of the nature of how it is made, I love to say it is great for clarity cocktails. Using a clean and crisp spirit is usually best, as its clarity can really carry through. However, gin has quickly become my favorite for this recipe. With cleansing juniper a requirement for all gin creation processes, this spirit is a great choice to energy cleansing and spirituality. Plus, its pine, crisp flavors play well with the mint. Which is better? It’s up to your personal taste! My partner loves the vodka version, while I lean towards the gin.

A communication throat energy cocktail simply must be blue! In the alcohol world, we usually achieve this through the use of blue curaçao. Blue curaçao is actually an orange (fruit) -based liqueur, so if you don’t mind a non-blue cocktail (or have food dye you can use at home) you can actually use classic dry curaçao, or perhaps even try triple sec! Orange is great for the energy of this cocktail, because it is uplifting (both in magic and general mood boosting), inspires wellbeing, luck (which we could all use at this time) and some creativity. It will help add uplifting energy to this drink, to put us in a better mood while we communicate!

For our final alcohol for this mercury retrograde cocktail, we are using elderflower liqueur! A must for any home mixologist, elderflower liqueur simply goes with everything (especially champagne!). Elderflower helps add a floral, delightful edge that melds well with the orange and enhances the mint flavors. Elderflower is mainly associated with Venus (although I have seen it listed as being associated with Mercury in some places) and in addition to being healing (perfect energy for this time), it also is supposed to ward off negative energy and forces. It’s also often associated with fairies – so the perfect addition to our concoction for adding in some love, happiness, and healing energy!

  • Tools

I’ve added links to tools I recommend!

For this recipe, you will need something to shake your drink with. I personally bought this shaker set recently, and have been pretty happy with it. You will also need a hawthorn strainer and ~maybe~ also a fine mesh strainer (you can use a normal kitchen one, or a bartending kit should also have one like this). You can use either a jigger, or convert measurements to tablespoons, and use your household measurer!

 Part of the excitement of this cocktail, is the shaved ice! For that you will need ice cubes, and a blender (one that can break ice). You can hand crush your ice if you like, but that’s honestly a lot of work. At the least, you can simple enjoy this cocktail on the rocks (on plain, old regular ice). 

I personally use silicon ice cube trays like these. Ice from the freezer just usually isn’t that great quality – and since cocktails are 18-25% water, that can really add to your drink! By using flexible silicon molds, I can make great quality ice with filtered water, keep them covered with the lids, so nothing else seeps in flavor wise, and easily plop them out. 

Now that you have all the ingredients and understand what they each contribute to our mercury retrograde recipe for the throat energy center, let’s get to cocktail making!

Communication Breakdown

A Mercury Retrograde Throat Energy Center Recipe

Energies: Communication, Purification, Friendship, Peace 

Communication Breakdown Throat Cocktail

Communication Breakdown

With purifying mint, enticing elderflower, cleansing lemon, and uplifting orange, this minty fresh shaved ice cocktail for mercury retrograde is sure to open up your throat energy center for clear and calm communication.



  • In a shaker, place mint leaves, syrup, lemon juice, vodka, blue curaçao, and elder flower liqueur. You can also slap the mint before putting it in the cocktail, to express and awaken the oils.
  • Add ice and shake, so that the mint flavor is enhanced and broken up.
  • Strain the cocktail into a glass over crushed ice.
  • Garnish with lemon slice and mint sprig.
Tried this recipe?Let us know how it was!

Energy Enhancement: Best Crystals for Communication

Looking to enhance your communication with some crystal allies? One of my first loves in the metaphysical world was crystals. Here are some stones that I HIGHLY suggest to really help open your throat energy center, as well as etsy affiliate links for them, so that you know you are shopping from and supporting small businesses! 

Blue lace agate is not only beautiful, but also a wonderful peaceful communication stone Tuning you into your higherself, this stone will help you not only keep calm and relaxed, but also communicate with mental clarity amidst the communicative chaos and emotions that may arise during mercury retrograde. This stone has especially helped a lot of people I know quiet the mental chaos.

Associated with both the third eye and throat energy centers, Blue Apatite helps open the throat for communicating your truth and for communicating with spirit guides! I cannot recommend this stone enough – every time I use this stone on a client’s throat energy center, they always remark on the buzzing of energy they felt from it. It’s connection with vision makes it a powerful ally for past life work and accessing karmic issues – so if mercury retrograde it what is plaguing you, or even just deeply embedded throat energy center issues, this stone could definitely aid you on digging deeper to unroot these energies. 

Communication Breakdown Mercury Retrograde Cocktail
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