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Sagittarius Cocktails and Mocktails

Image Featuring the Sagittarius card from the Barbieri Zodiac Oracle by Barbara Moore and Paolo Barbieri and my own book, “Moon, Magic, Mixology

Sip in the season with a Sagittarius cocktail. From spiced cocktails and teas, to coffee martinis and lattes, you can sip in the energy of Sagittarius season and the Sagittarius new moon with these Sagittarius moon drink recipes. With cocktail and nonalcoholic versions for many of these recipes, there is a Sagittarius drink for everyone to enjoy! So grab a cup and add a magical moon mix to your Sagittarius new moon ritual. 

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About Sagittarius Season & the Sagittarius New Moon

Sagittarius Season brings the radiant sun shining through this sign, as well as an aligned Sagittarius New Moon. Following this recent round of eclipses, we may all be pondering some larger life themes right now. Now is the perfect time to tune into the sun and new moon in Sagittarius (or just celebrate Sagittarius Season )with a Sagittarius cocktail and mocktail! Learn more about the energies of Sagittarius Season and the Sagittarius New Moon from these excerpts from my book Moon, Magic, Mixology below. In this book, I cover the various meaning of the moon phases, and the moon in various signs and how you can celebrate this through mixology. You can grab the book here. 

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Before we dive into Sagittarius cocktails and drinks from the blog further down below, my newest book Moon, Magic, Mixology has several beverages for this astrological event. For those that have my book, or are interested, read on to uncover which drink recipes from this book.

Sagittarius Cocktails from my Books

My books Moon, Magic, Mixology, and WitchCraft Cocktails are filled with guidance on how to make magical drinks, and recipes aligned to everything bewitching. See what recipes I suggest from my books (if you have them) below, or skip on to Sagittarius drink recipes from the blog further down below.

Pumpkin Spice Lunar Latte

From Moon, Magic, Mixology

“Pumpkin Spice Lunar Latte” from Moon, Magic, Mixology by Julia Halina Hadas
Published by Adam’s Media of Simon & Schuster. Photo by Harper Point Photography

For those in the northern hemisphere looking to sip in the remnants of fall flavors, this Pumpkin Spice Lunar Latte is your go-to. With maple, milk, nutmeg, clove, and coffee, this enchanted lunar libation it great choice for calling down the abundant, door-opening and spiritually energizing energies of the Sagittarius new moon. 

Sagittarius Moon Sake Fizz

From Moon, Magic, Mixology

“Sagittarius Moon Sake Fizz” From Moon, Magic, Mixology by Julia Halina Hadas. Published by Adam’s Media of Simon & Schuster. Photo by Harper Point Photography

Sip in the cleansing aroma of sage and frothy egg white, and the optimism of cherry and sake, with this enchanting and delightful Sagittarius Moon Fizz. The perfect cocktail for sipping in a new sense of peace and optimism under the Sagittarius new moon, this drink recipe is spiked with a tad of ginger and lemon balm to also help energize your intentions with success.

Oak Moon White Russian

From WitchCraft Cocktails 

“Oak Moon White Russian” From WitchCraft Cocktails by Julia Halina Hadas. Published by Adam’s Media of Simon & Schuster. Photo by Harper Point Photography

Sip in a cooling, spiced concoction with cream and a hint of walnut with this Oak Moon White Russian. With coffee, walnut, and maple flavors, this drink is both soothing and delicious, and helps usher in peace, wisdom, and strength as a Sagittarius Cocktail

Sagittarius Cocktails

from Moon, Magic, Mixology

  • Lunar Luck Tea
  • Lion’s Moon Martini
  • Star Slinger
  • Archer’s Moon Bahama Mama
  • Cold Moon Egg Nog
  • & more!

Sagittarius Cocktails

from WitchCraft Cocktails

  • The Jasmine Archer
  • The Prosperous Pumpkin
  • The Charmed Leaf
  • Mocha Persuasion
  • Love Witch’s Brew

Sagittarius Cocktails and Nonalcoholic Drink Recipes for the Sagittarius New Moon and Sagittarius Season

Let’s dive into these luscious drink recipes to call down and imbibe the power of Sagittarius Season and the New moon, with these Sagittarius cocktails and drinks.

Fig & Maple Sour

Cocktail & Mocktail

Sip in inspiration, spirituality, wisdom, and wishes with this sensual and crisp fig, sage, and maple Sagittarius drink recipes. With Jupiter-ruled fig, sage, anise, as well as nutmeg and maple, this fig and maple sour recipe (with alcohol and nonalcoholic renditions), is a perfect choice for tuning into the inspired, wise, and creative energies of this sagittarius new moon.

Blackberry Rose Coffee Drink

Cocktail & Mocktail

Sip up some sensuality with this sweet, luscious, and energizing dessert coffee cocktail and homemade iced coffee recipe (nonalcoholic). With floral flavors like rose, spices, and energizing coffee, this drink is perfect for exciting the mind and body in Sagittarius fashion.

Herbal Maple Hot Toddy Recipe

Maple Gin Hot Toddy

Cocktail & Mocktail

Sip in the remains of the summer harvest and the herbal, pine flavors of fall with this awakening, grounding, and introspective hot toddy. With sage, rosemary, lemon, and maple (and an optional addition of gin for a gin hot toddy), this magically delicious beverage is packed with intention to inspire some sagittarius moon introspection and mood boosting.

Juniper and Jupiter


Align to the spiritual energies of the Sagittarius New Moon and Sun season, refreshing, and slightly spicy bees knees Sagittarius cocktail. With purifying rosemary, invigorating ginger, spices like nutmeg and clove along with honey to help heighten spiritual energies and invoke wisdom – this bees knees variation is the ideal for a crisp cocktail for cleansing and spiritual alignment. 

A mocktail (non-alcoholic version of a cocktail) attuned to the energies of the Sagittarius Eclipse

Spiced Honey Lemonade


For those in more tropical climates, or dealing with warmer weather, this spiced honey lemonade is the perfect way to cool off and soothe your soul while still calling down the energy of the Sagittarius new moon. With ingredients like clove, ginger, and nutmeg aligned to the optimism and energy of Sagittarius, healing allspice and wise rosemary and honey, this honey lemonade is just the treat to refresh and reset your soul, as you look up at the stars and reflect on the heavenly energy.

Lunar Lemonade


Carefully chosen with herbs associated with the Moon in Sagittarius, this rosemary, earl grey, and gin sparkling lemonade cocktail recipe will both tune you into the celestial energies, while countering their potentially negative energies. With a special rosemary, bergamot and saffron syrup you can add to any beverage this eclipse, this delicious concoctions was crafted to help induce clarity, to psychically attune to the celestial energies, while grounding and clearing away the negative affects.

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Interested in learning more about the various moons and how to utilize them for your own personal and magical growth? Here are some of my favorite moon books I use to guide my own practice!

(And don’t forget about my book Moon, Magic, Mixology which covers the meanings of the various moons, and how to utilize those energies in cocktails and spells).

This post contains Amazon affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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