Drink Recipes for the Sagittarius New Moon Solar Eclipse

Celebrate the close of the season, and sip in the Sagittarius new moon solar eclipse energy with these 5 spirited drink recipes! Eclipses can create powerful energy 6 month cycles, so whether looking for a drink for the day, or a few to enjoy over the next few months – I have you covered! 

About the Sagittarius New Moon Solar Eclipse

Opening the way to the holiday season, the Sagittarius solar eclipse (December 4 at 2:43 am EST) is the final eclipse of the last year-and-a-half cycle of Sagittarius/Gemini eclipses. As what many refer to as a supercharged new moon, solar eclipses can open new doorways and life paths. Occurring with the moon and sun Sagittarius, it can mean a new way of seeing the world around you and what belief systems will drive you forward in the new year. Your perspective may change, you may develop a new dedication or path. Or, akin to the way the archer Sagittarius shoots for the stars, you may realign your dreams. The Sagittarius new moon provides insight for us to align with a new sense of truth and new vision of reality. Either way, the moon eclipsing the sun is a powerful image – our emotions and intuition aligning with and eclipsing the sun. While this can craft a sense of energetic haziness, rest assured that the fog will clear and a new way forward will emerge. 

With the alignment of the Winter solstice to follow in the Northern hemisphere, and the coming of the New Year, this eclipse can be a powerful time to reevaluate your beliefs, ideals, and dreams – to develop new aspirations and shed old ways of thinking that limit you from endless horizons. Sagittarius embraces spontaneity and boundlessness – so while you ponder what new direction you may want to go in life, don’t forget to do what makes you laugh and joyous!

With the forthcoming solstices and new year energy, this eclipse can really set the tone for some big alignment, to pick a new direction and belief system with which to aim your arrow and focus. So, sip away in the magic of this powerful astrological moment in Sagittarius fashion! From a spiced and refreshing honey lemonade, to a warming, energizing fig and maple sour, there is a drink recipe for you to embrace the magic of the moment!

Sagittarius New Moon & Solar Eclipse Drink Recipes from my New Book

Before we dive into the cocktails from the blog further down below, my newest book Moon, Magic, Mixology has several beverages for this astrological event. For those that have my book, or are interested, read on to uncover which drink recipes from the book I recommend for the Sagittarius New moon solar eclipse.

  • Lunar Purification Potion

Cleanse away the old and the chaos of the eclipse, enhance your sense of clarity, and improve your mood in Sagittarius moon fashion with this Lunar Purification Potion! With mood-boosting grapefruit, cleansing rosemary and gin, rosewater, and champagne, this lunar libation is perfect for cleansing away any chaotic eclipse energy, while tuning into those Sagittarius moon vibes.

  • Lunar Luck Tea

Ruled by Jupiter, Sagittarius is known for opening doorways and blessing one with luck. Aligned to the Sagittarius moon with luck-inducing spices, this warming ginger, clove, and honey concoction is great for sipping in comfort, luck, and raising one’s vibration under the Sagittarius Moon. With a matching lemon pomander ball spell, this warm drink could be a great choice for those looking to set the holiday season vibes!

  • Solar Eclipse Sour

With a red wine float to capture the magical image of the moon eclipsing the sun, this blueberry, cinnamon, and orange sour cocktail recipe is designed for any solar eclipse! Crafted with protective and grounding ingredients to help inspire solidity at this time, while with other ingredients for spirituality and purification, this Solar Eclipse sour will help keep you grounded while still tuning into those powerful eclipse energies.

  • Sagittarius Moon Fizz

Sip in the cleansing aroma of sage and frothy egg white, and the optimism of cherry and sake, with this enchanting and delightful Sagittarius Moon Fizz. The perfect cocktail for sipping in a new sense of peace and optimism under the Sagittarius new moon, this drink recipe is spiked with a tad of ginger and lemon balm to also help energize your intentions with success.

  • Pumpkin Spice Lunar Latte

For those in the northern hemisphere looking to sip in the remnants of fall flavors, this Pumpkin Spice Lunar Latte is your go-to. With maple, milk, nutmeg, clove, and coffee, this enchanted lunar libation it great choice for calling down the abundant, door-opening and spiritually energizing energies of the Sagittarius new moon solar eclipse. 

Other Drinks from the book: Gemini Moon Mint Julep for insight, ideas, & clarity; Lunar Alchemy for deep transformation; Salty Moon Potion for purification and protection, Cold Moon Eggnog for new beginnings, Lion’s Moon Martini for creative perspective & energy; Star Slinger for spiritual duality and uplifting energy; Archer’s Moon Bahama Mama for adventure.

Cocktail Recipes for the Sagittarius New Moon Solar Eclipse

Now that we know what energy to expect for the solar eclipse, let’s dive into these 5 luscious drink recipes to call down and imbibe the power of the Sagittarius New moon.

Fig & Maple Sour

Sip in inspiration, spirituality, wisdom, and wishes with this sensual and crisp fig, sage, and maple drink recipe. With Jupiter-ruled fig, sage, anise, as well as nutmeg and maple, this fig and maple sour recipe (with alcohol and nonalcoholic renditions), is a perfect choice for tuning into the inspired, wise, and creative energies of this sagittarius new moon solar eclipse.

Herbal Maple Hot Toddy Recipe

Maple Gin Hot Toddy

Sip in the remains of the summer harvest and the herbal, pine flavors of fall with this awakening, grounding, and introspective hot toddy. With sage, rosemary, lemon, and maple (and an optional addition of gin for a gin hot toddy), this magically delicious beverage is packed with intention for purifying away those eclipse chaotic energies, while inspiring some sagittarius moon introspection and mood boosting.

Juniper and Jupiter

Cleanse away the chaos and align to the spiritual energies of the Sagittarius New Moon and eclipse with this crisp, refreshing, and slightly spicy bees knees variation. With purifying rosemary, invigorating ginger, spices like nutmeg and clove along with honey to help heighten spiritual energies and invoke wisdom – this bees knees variation is the ideal for a crisp cocktail for cleansing and spiritual alignment under this solar eclipse. 

A mocktail (non-alcoholic version of a cocktail) attuned to the energies of the Sagittarius Eclipse

Spiced Honey Lemonade

For those in more tropical climates, or dealing with warmer weather, this spiced honey lemonade is the perfect way to cool off and soothe your soul while still calling down the energy of the Sagittarius new moon and solar eclipse. With ingredients like clove, ginger, and nutmeg aligned to the optimism and energy of Sagittarius, healing allspice and wise rosemary and honey, this honey lemonade is just the treat to refresh and reset your soul, as you look up at the stars and reflect on the heavenly energy.

Lunar Lemonade

Carefully chosen with herbs associated with the Moon in Sagittarius, this rosemary, earl grey, and gin sparkling lemonade cocktail recipe will both tune you into the celestial energies, while countering their potentially negative energies. With a special rosemary, bergamot and saffron syrup you can add to any beverage this eclipse, this delicious concoctions was crafted to help induce clarity, to psychically attune to the celestial energies of the eclipse, while grounding and clearing away the negative affects.

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