On the Cusp

On the Cusp: The Leo

“The Leo” Cocktail, featuring the Leo card from Barbara Moore’s Barbieri Zodiac Oracle.
Surprise! There are not only ONE, but ~2~ cocktails this weekend! (Jupiter Trine Cocktail blog coming soooooooon). Why? Perhaps because in the spirit of a true Leo, I feel the need to celebrate myself. But also, this is the first of many astrological cocktails to come – each featured in its season. (Are you ready Virgos? You’re up next!). So, how do we create a cocktail that is as bold, loving, spicy, and maybe a bit as extra, as a Leo would be?   The Leo A warm, juicy cocktail with hints of nut, spice and floral notes. Served in a coupe glass of course, to give that Leo extra-ness.
Rosemary & Saffron Infused Simple
Hazelnut infused bourbon Lemon Orange juice Rosemary saffron simple Lavender bitters Black walnut bitters A dash of cinnamon (use sparingly!) The whiskey sour is a classic cocktail, and as a bourbon lover I decided this would be the perfect base for a cocktail highlighting the summer harvest time and its bold flavors. Changing up the recipe with some of the herbal associations of Leo, and adding a few bitters – you end up with a spicy, yet refreshing cocktail as a Leo might be. P.S. Stay tuned for the Virgo Cocktail – will be available in season, weekends 12-6 at Bar 41 Oakland!
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