Drink Recipes for the Sagittarius New Moon Solar Eclipse

Celebrate the close of the season, and sip in the Sagittarius new moon solar eclipse energy with these 5 spirited drink recipes! Eclipses can create powerful energy 6 month cycles, so whether looking for a drink for the day, or a few to enjoy over the next few months – I have you covered! 

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Lunar Lemonade: A Sagittarius Tom Collins Variation

With the aromatics of mint and rosemary, and a tad of bitter Earl Grey, this refreshing spiked lemonade will help attune you to the energies of the 6/5 Lunar eclipse, while keep you grounded and cleansed. A calming, revitalizing beverage, packed with herbs magically aligned to the energy of Moon, Sun, Sagittarius, and Gemini.

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