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Libra Drinks for the Libra New Moon & Sun

Sip in the balance of Libra season with a balanced cocktail. Whether imbibing a potion for the Libra new moon, or sipping throughout Libra season, these Libra drinks are packed with themes of harmony, love, and charm. 

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About the Libra New Moon & Sun Season

Read on to learn more about Libra and the New Moon in this sign, or scroll down to the recipes below.

With both the moon and sun in Libra at this time, this is a powerful time to reflect and set intentions around Libra themes – whether it be balance, harmony, or loving energy from this Venus-ruled sign. But remember, we also have Mercury retrograde! Before we jump to Libra drinks packed with ingredients for these associations, let’s review what is going on at this time.

Represented by scales, Libra is a sign of balance and cooperation, inspiring a time to connect and see things from all sides. Ruled by Venus (the planet of attraction) alongside Taurus, Libra can also invite energetic focus around your personal aesthetic and style, beauty, and how you connect with others. The new moon and sun partnering up in this sign can invite a time to seek balance in our lives, cooperate, as well as cultivate our own sense of beauty and aesthetic. See more about what I have to say about the Libra New Moon from my book Moon, Magic, Mixology below (more info in the book is included about Libra season, and the general moon in Libra).

Excerpt on the Libra New Moon from my book, Moon, Magic, Mixology

This years Libra New Moon comes with a Mercury retrograde in Virgo, that started off in Libra (you can check out my blog on this season’s Mercury retrograde here). Since Mercury retrograde is infamous for causing delays and miscommunication, now might not be a good time to start new things, but rather reflect on Libra themes and ways you can live more in harmony. Mercury retrograde favors things that start with “re-“ (revisit, reflect, recalibrate), so the New Moon in Libra will help provide a moment of calm to rebalance and recenter. Use this time for peace-making, and thinking about ways finding balance in your life (or indulge in some self-care!).

What better way to indulge the sense, or even connect with others than with delicious drinks? From peach and raspberry concoctions, to ones with rose and vanilla, these Libra drinks (in both nonalcoholic and cocktail form) are sure to entice the mind and spirit, whether enjoying with another, for a party, or imbibing alone under the magic of Libra New Moon and sun.

Libra Drinks from my Books

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My books Moon, Magic, Mixology, and WitchCraft Cocktails are filled with guidance on how to make magical drinks, and recipes aligned to everything bewitching. See what recipes I suggest from my books (if you have them) below, or skip on to Libra drink recipes from the blog further down below.

Witch’s Cosmo

From WitchCraft Cocktails 

“Witch’s Cosmo” From WitchCraft Cocktails by Julia Halina Hadas. Published by Adam’s Media of Simon & Schuster. Photo by Harper Point Photography

The Cosmo is all about the perfect balance of lima and cranberry to achieve its famous color. With added ingredients, this bewitching twist on this drink is perfect for restoring your sense of personal power and balance this Libra season.

Moon Matcha

From Moon, Magic, Mixology

“Moon Matcha” From Moon, Magic, Mixology by Julia Halina Hadas. Published by Adam’s Media of Simon & Schuster. Photo by Harper Point Photography

With creamy oat milk, matcha powder, maple, rose, cardamom, nutmeg, and vanilla, this matcha is designed for some self care and inspire balance in both body and spirit! A perfect Libra New Moon Drink

Moon Stability Sour

From Moon, Magic, Mixology

“Taurus Moon Stability Sour” From Moon, Magic, Mixology by Julia Halina Hadas. Published by Adam’s Media of Simon & Schuster. Photo by Harper Point Photography

With blackberry, apple, rose and elderflower, this Taurus Moon Stability Sour recipe is perfect both for the transition of the seasons, and for welcoming Venus-ruled Libra Season.

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Libra Drinks for the Sun & New Moon

Usher in the harmonizing magic and glamor of Libra season and the balancing energy of the Libra moon with these inspired Libra drinks. With luscious ingredients like peach and rose, to comforting and warming ones like maple and vanilla, these Libra drinks will you have charmed like a true Libra!

Blackberry Rose Coffee Drink

Cocktail & Mocktail

Whether you’re ushering in fall in the Northern Hemisphere, or welcoming Spring in the Southern, there’s nothing quite like an iced coffee drink! With Venus-ruled ingredients like vanilla and rose, cardamom, and sensual blackberry, this sweet and alluring coffee cocktail and mocktail duo is the perfect Libra drink for energizing the mind, inviting love, sensuality, energy, abundance.

Luna in Libra

Cocktail & Mocktail

Imbibe the luscious, balancing energies of the Libra Moon with this apple brandy, herbal Libra Moon Drink. Seasonal apple flavors takes the center stage in this Libra drink, complimented by uplifting orange and balancing grape. Aligned to the Libra Moon for Wisdom, Longevity, Harmony, and Loving energies, this Luna in Libra Moon drink (with cocktail and nonalcoholic options!) will have you creating a fresh start of balance under the Libra Moon energies.

Maple & Rose

Cocktail & Mocktail

Packed with ingredients for harmony and happiness, this peach, strawberry, maple, and rose Libra drink is perfect for celebrating Libra season and the Libra new moon. While this will be an especially great choice for those celebrating Spring in the Southern Hemisphere, those of us in the Northern hemisphere can still enjoy the juicy, delicious concoction for invoking luck and harmony (especially for those of us in need of some jovial energy for mercury retrograde!).

Taurus Mocktail

Taurus Tea Time

Cocktail & Mocktail

With clarifying rosemary, loving rose, manifestive vanilla, wise and magical apple, and grounding harvest bourbon, this tea will help provide insight and ground your energy, while also catering to those Venusian energies. Taurus is also ruled by Venus, so this Taurus Tea time recipe is also a great choice as a Libra drink, and is the perfect libation for those looking to rest, do some selfcare, and insight work.

Lavender Raspberry Daiquiri

Luscious Leo Daiquiri 

Cocktail & Mocktail

With loving lavish raspberry, relaxing lavender, and sweetening rum, this fruity Daiquiri makes a great choice for a Libra drink to tune into energy of love, connection, calm, creativity and vibrancy. While originally made with Leo season in mind, this recipe is packed with ingredients that also align to the sun, moon, and Libra season energy!

Jasmine Rose Mojito

Cancer Moon Mojito 

Cocktail & Mocktail

A concoction made pink with the addition of a floral jasmine and rose simple syrup, and with the addition of mint to refresh the mind and lavender for peace, this drink in cocktail or nonalcoholic form will help you attune to the calming and harmonizing energy of the Libra Moon. While  made with the Cancer moon in mind, these flavors and energies also do well as a Libra drink!

Rhubarb Romantic Lemon Drop


Zest up and refresh your love life this libra season with this cleansing, tart lemon drop. Lemon drops utilize the purifying & rejuvenating energy of lemon, the radiancy of orange liqueur, and the clarifying energy of vodka. Add in enticing & bitter rhubarb, and you have a potion with loving, purifying, and protective energy.

The Witch’s Wand Appletini


With autumn here in the northern hemisphere, there is no better time to delight in the witchy themes and seasonal flavors. Originally inspired by the types of wood often used in witch’s wands, this appletini variation uses bourbon, walnut, tantalizing apple, as well as magically manifestive vanilla and lovely rose. It is perfect both as a Libra season drink, and to celebrate the coming Samhain season!

The Painted Lady


One of my favorite cocktail creations to date, The Painted Lady is a great choice for a Libra drink. A drink of balance, with cleansing ingredients like lemon and egg white, a grounding grain base with rye whiskey for the harvest, and sensual additions (perfect for Venus-ruled Libra season) such as rose and earthy, bold red wine – perfect for celebrating the earthy’s bounty and welcoming Libra season.

Looking for a way to celebrate the Libra in your life, or maybe add some more Libra energy to your energy this season? Here are some really cool Libra ideas from etsy! Including some Libra-themed mugs and glassware.

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