On the Cusp

The Witch’s Brew: Jupiter, Gin & Juice

Feeling the expansive energy of this past week?

Jupiter, Scorpio, Neptune, and Pisces cards from Barbara Moore’s Barbieri Zodiac Cards.

This past Saturday Aug 18, Jupiter and Neptune sync’d up (also known as a trine) in Scorpio and Pisces.  What does this mean? Well – it means we have a lot of exciting creative, spiritual energy going on: lots of growth and projects! Which also means,  you might feel overwhelmed, or grow a bit lazy, in response.

So, when Jack Ashina from Jack of Wands challenged me to make a cocktail for this occasion, I was eager to accept!

Let me present~

Jupiter, Gin, & Juice

An herbal, berry punch-esq drink, topped with bubbly water. Astrologically associated with the Jupiter/Scorpio and Neptune/Pisces energy of this trine, plus a touch of grounding energy to balance out the negative effects.

1-2 blackberries (muddled)

Jasmine Infused gin

Pomegranate saffron syrup

Plenty of Lemon – to add a nice citrus bite

A tad of anise liqueur

-> add ice to shaker, shake

-> double stain, add ice to collins glass

Top with soda water

Garnish with lemon circles to represent the rings of Jupiter, and a star anise!

I hope this trine had a positive effect for all you! And remember to come by Bar 41 in Oakland, weekend 12-6 to try my weekly mystical beverages 🙂

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