Pisces Moon Drink Recipes

Pisces Moon Drink Recipes

What better way to celebrate the moon in watery Pisces, than with a drink? Read on to uncover some Pisces moon drink ideas for the full harvest moon of September 2021.

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About the Full Moon in Pisces Moon 2021

With the changing of the seasons amidst detail-oriented and productive Virgo season, the Pisces full moon on Monday September 20th offers a key time to pause and go with the flow. Symbolized the dual fish, Pisces can dive deep into the waters of emotion and collective consciousness, but also spirituality and inspiration. The luminescent moon shining in this moon sign, offers a key time to tune into inner inspiration and creativity – to dream big. At same time, with this pisces full moon being opposite the Virgo sun, you can use the time to reflect on the balance between the mundane and the spiritual, between organization, structure and flexibility. Take time to cater to your emotions and sensitivity, and allow it to inspire new passions and reconnect to your spirituality.

Now that you know about a bit the Pisces moon sign, let’s look at some drink recipes that can help enhance your alignment with this Harvest moon!

If you are interested in a book that covers the meaning of the various moons and drinks and ingredients that match – be sure to check out and pre-order my upcoming book – Moon, Magic, Mixology.

Pisces Moon Drink Recipes from the blog

For concoctions available on the blog, I have the brand new Fig & Maple Vodka Sour, merging the flavors of the end of summer and beginning of fall.

Fig & Maple Vodka Sour Drink Recipe

Fig & Maple Sour

Featuring harvest ingredients like fig, sage, maple, and spices hinting at the coming seasonal change, this Fig & Maple Sour is perfect to tune into your pisces creativity and dreaming, while igniting your inner passion and celebrating the change of the seasons. Available in both maple vodka martini form, and nonalcoholic variation, this Pisces drink is great for every drinker!

Pisces Moon Drink Recipes from my Book

For those that have my first book WitchCraft Cocktails, here are some cocktails from the book that can work well with this moon

  • Wine Moon Cocktail: aligned to the themes of the September Wine Moon, this red wine sangria cocktail with apple brandy, cloves, maple, and lemon offers energetic focus of Spiritual Wisdom, Longevity, and Money.
  • Mercurial Grounding Elixir: with the forthcoming mercury retrograde, the ending of Virgo Season, and the Pisces moon, it may be a good time to enjoy this lavender, chamomile, and mint concoction for purification, grounding, internal peace and mental powers.
  • Harmony Healer: This strawberry brandy, lavender flavored sidecar variation is sweet and easy go-to for Pisces-oriented harmony, happiness, and inspiring friendship.
  • Lavender Sazerac: With rye whiskey for the harvest season, lavender bitters, violet liqueur, and just a hint of anise & wormwood- flavored absinthe, this Pisces-inspired Sazerac variation is great to compliment magic endeavors for purification, peace, and spirituality.
  • Flower Moon Harmonizer: Topped with champagne, this lavender, orange, and violet liqueur concoction is also a great choice for matching magical goals of love, peace, purification, harmony under the Pisces moon.

Pisces Moon Crystals

Looking to deepen your connection and focus with the Pisces moon? Here are some crystals I suggest, depending on your intention. 

This calming agate is perfect for invoking harmony and going-with-the-flow in true Pisces Moon fashion. Blue Lace Agate is also a powerful communication and relaxant stone, making great to work with for the upcoming shift into Mercury Retrograde as well.

A quick favorite for many, amethyst connects one to the Divine and to spiritual wisdom. It is a great stone for developing intuitive abilities while also providing auric protection. Under the Pisces moon, amethyst will help you deepen your spiritual and intuitive connection. A wonderful stone for stress relief, amethyst helps break addictive patterns and also invites peaceful rest.

Activating the Third Eye and Throat Chakras, Blue Sapphire is a stone of awareness and discipline. It helps quiet the mind to uncover hidden truths, inner wisdom, and vision of what the soul really wants (perfect for that Pisces Moon Dream Big energy!). Its connection with the Throat Chakra promotes speaking this truth into reality. Blue Sapphire’s association with the planet Saturn makes it a great ally for organizing any ideas that may come to mind with its use, and helping them become reality.

Turquoise is a stone sacred for its association with the divine and creation. As many blue stones do, turquoise helps promote communication. However, it also helps one embrace self-forgiveness and acceptance in order to find healing and wisdom. Turquoise is a great stone to work with, for those looking to channel their spiritual creativity. 

And as with any moon, Moonstone is always a great choice. This powerful stone helps connect to the higherself and intuition. So use this beauty to help tune into your intuitive, watery power! Moonstone also invites calmness and creativity into ones life.

To layer on the energetic & magical frequencies, you can meditate with your given crystal, keep it on you as make and/or sip the drink, as well as attune the crystal to the drink by visualizing both the drink and crystal resonating together with your intention, as you hold the crystal against the outside of the glass. (Don’t put your crystal in any of the cocktail components unless you know for sure it is not toxic).

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Interested in learning more about the various moons and how to utilize them for your own personal and magical growth? Here are some of my favorite moon books I use to guide my own practice!

(And don’t forget about my upcoming book Moon, Magic, Mixology which covers the meanings of the various moons, and how to utilize those energies in cocktails and spells).

This post contains Amazon affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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