• Juniper & Jupiter: A Sagittarius Lunar Eclipse Cocktail

    Juniper & Jupiter Bees Knees

    Looking to sip away the eclipse energy? I’ve just the Bees Knees cocktail with clove, rosewater, and ginger to refresh your body, mind, and spirit during this Sagittarius lunar eclipse. The Cocktail Energetic Alignment: Spirituality, Healing, Love, Protection, Purification, Wisdom, Divination Cleanse away the chaos of the eclipse and align to the spiritual energies of the Sagittarius Moon with this crisp, refreshing, and spiced bees knees variation. Aligned to the Sun, Moon, and sign of Sagittarius, this clove and honey gin concoction will help you call down this astrological event for purification and wisdom. Utilizing the magic of juniper-based gin for psychic connection, healing, and grounding, along with purifying rosemary,…

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