• Sagittarius Whiskey Sour

    Sagittarius Whiskey Sour cocktail

    Ground and utilize the eclipse energies with this sun & moon sagittarius eclipse whiskey sour. Eclipses are powerful and potent times of solar and lunar alignment, and with whiskey, allspice, and ginger, this cocktail will help you ground that energy and utilize that energy for good. Energetic Alignment: Grounding, Motivation, Spiritual Rebirth, Cleansing, Wisdom With cleansing herbs, rejuvenating spices, grounding ingredients, and the magic of egg, this Sagittarius Sun & Moon Eclipse-inspired whiskey sour is aligned to help you align yourself to this new frequency. This balanced, cleansing, soothing, yet energizing concoction is packed with magical potential to call down the energy of the eclipse in a grounded and powerful…

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