Sipping the Sagittarius Lunar Eclipse: Cocktail Recipes to Call Down the Moon

Sipping the Sagittarius Lunar Eclipse: Cocktail Recipes to Call Down the Moon

In need of a refreshing drink to amid the hectic eclipse energies? Or perhaps you’re looking for a spirited libation to celebrate the occasion? From a Bees Knees Variation, to a nonalcoholic spiced honey lemonade, and whiskey sour for spirited new beginnings, I have you covered!

About this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

Within arms reach of our entrance to summer, is a series of eclipses and planetary retrogrades guaranteed to give a bit of a bumpy ride. The first stop on this astrological adventure is the total lunar eclipse and super moon in philosophy-driven Sagittarius on Wednesday May 26.

Lunar eclipses, often referred to as magnified full moons, tend to craft some emotional turbulence as events are brought to a culmination. You can look back at the Sagittarius Solar and Gemini Lunar eclipse from December as to what patterns or themes may again arise for you. Add in that this is a super moon (meaning the moon is closer to the earth in its elliptical orbit), and you can imagine how this might be a time where emotions and revelations are heightened. But thankfully, by looking at what to expect, you can utilize these events for personal growth and transformation.

The Moon in Sagittarius leads us to ponder our “higher” nature.  A sign that questions higher answers, belief systems, philosophies, morals, and perhaps even our purpose – the moon in this sign can illuminate these issues and allies. A mutable fire sign, the moon in Sagittarius can also inspire flippancy and perhaps a flare of dramaticism. With the polarity between the detail- and information-oriented, social Gemini sun, and philosophy-driven Sagittarius moon, the eclipse can bring about the realization of rough truths, or craft friction in social situations as matters come to fruition. Use the time to invoke a change in perspective, to bring about a significant turning point in your life with whatever the eclipse brings to light. This can be a profound time of spiritual awakening, albeit with some dramatics perhaps, but you can utilize this to upgrade to the next level. 

Other astrological alignments are happening at this time, such as Jupiter in Pisces forming a square, so be sure to check out astrological channels on YouTube to get more information.

And, as always, to help inspire energetic attunement (or just to have a tasty treat) with this eclipse, I have some concoctions! Whether looking for a drink to soothe over emotions, to refresh your spirits after a long day, or for cocktail to help you call down the total sagittarius eclipse for reflection, I have you covered:

Sagittarius Lunar Eclipse Drinks

Juniper & Jupiter Bees Knees
A crisp, spiced & cleansing bees knees for the Sagittarius eclipse.

Juniper & Jupiter

Cleanse away the chaos of the eclipse and align to the spiritual energies of the Sagittarius Moon with this crisp, refreshing, and spiced bees knees variation. Aligned to the Sun, Moon, and sign of Sagittarius, this clove and honey gin concoction will help you call down this astrological event for purification and wisdom. 

A mocktail (non-alcoholic version of a cocktail) attuned to the energies of the Sagittarius Eclipse

Sag Spiced Honey Lemonade

With ingredients like clove, ginger, and nutmeg aligned to the optimism and energy of Sagittarius, healing allspice and wise rosemary and honey, this nonalcoholic honey lemonade is just the treat to refresh and reset your soul, as you look up at the stars and reflect on the heavenly energy.

Whiskey Sour
A rejuvenating, soothing, spiced whiskey sour to empower a new you under the Sagittarius moon

Sagittarius Whiskey Sour

With cleansing herbs, rejuvenating spices, grounding ingredients, and the magic of egg for cleansing and new beginnings, this Sagittarius Eclipse-inspired whiskey sour is aligned to help you ground and rebirth with this new frequency.

Lunar Lemonade

Albiet an older blog on this site (& in need of updating), this Sagittarius Tom Collins variation even has a special earl grey and rosemary cocktail syrup to go with it, that you can use in nonalcoholic drinks as well!

With the aromatics of mint and rosemary, and a tad of bitter Earl Grey, this refreshing spiked lemonade will help attune you to the energies of the sagittarius Lunar eclipse, while keep you grounded and cleansed. A calming, revitalizing beverage, packed with herbs magically aligned to the energy of Moon, Sun, Sagittarius, and Gemini. 

Looking to expand your knowledge of the various moons and astrological events? Here are some books I personally use, and highly reccomend!

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