Lunar Libations

Leo Lunar Libations

Bathe in the lavish Leo lunar light and spark your creativity, confidence, and excitement with these Leo-inspired beverages. Read more on to learn a bit about this Leo 2021 full moon, some cocktails I suggest for those that have my book, and then two concoctions I have available right here on my blog!

The Leo Full Moon

Amidst individualistic-Aquarius season and greeting our entry into Mercury Retrograde, the Leo Full moon ignites our sense of excitement, inspiration, and courage. Like the luscious lion with its voluminous mane, the full moon in this sign can be a powerful time for confidence, radiance, and to get a bit lavish. However, the full moon is also known for inspiring heightened emotions, and certainly in the somewhat-dramatic sign of Leo (and given other astrological factors), this can hint at the possibility of a bit of drama at this time. The forthcoming Mercury retrograde certainly isn’t helping. Channel any such emotion in a positive direction if you can – use the full moon to release whatever issues arise, to inspire strength and courage, or express yourself through creativity.

For more on this full moon by an actual astrologer, I suggest my astrologer friend Anthony Perrotta’s blog, and if you are looking for ritual suggestions and ideas, the wonderful team at Witch With Me has a ritual guide.

So why not luxuriate in Leo fashion with some lunar libations? Use these drinks below to inspire your own recipes and improvise as desired, or follow as is. (Remember – make these drinks work for you! Everyone has different flavor preferences, and different ingredients).

From My Book

From my book WitchCraft Cocktails, I suggest:

  • “Fire of Inspiration” – With cinnamon, lavender, and jasmine-cinnamon honey syrup, this hot toddy is designed to stoke one’s creativity and flare in the midst of these winters months. (You can also try turning this into a chilled beverage by adding ice – just be sure to add more lemon or honey to taste if needed, in case this changes the flavor balance).
  • “Inner Child Sake” is another grand cocktail for this time. Inspired by the imagination and boundless ideas of Aquarius, this sake Shirley-temple-take is aligned for youthful innovation and limitless inspiration – perfectly aligned for both the moon in Leo and Sun in Aquarius! Feel free to add some cinnamon and/or lavender bitters to add more Leo-like associations.
  • “The Blockage Buster” – This riff on a whiskey sour, with the additions of orange juice, cinnamon, lavender, and other Leo-associated ingredients, makes for a Lion-like concoction. Designed to help burst through blocks, this cocktail inspires energies not just for purification and releasing at this full moon, but also energies of opportunity and success that can heighten one’s energy to inspire creativity and power. 
  • “The Triumphant Lion” – For those of in the northern hemisphere experiencing winter (or those who just love whiskey), this old fashioned variation with bay leaf, orange, and hazelnut caries energies of Success, Strength, and Wisdom – which is perfect for the January Wolf Moon. 

For those that don’t have my book (although I would appreciate the support 😉 ) or perhaps even those who want to try something different – worry not, I have two Leo-inspired concoctions for you in my blog below!

Do note, I do use homemade syrups in these recipes. But if it gets too complicated – please don’t fret! I always suggest working with what you have on hand, and improvise where and how you can. Worst case scenario, switch for some good-old classic simple syrup!

From the Blog

Leo Le’moon & Berry Gimlet

With blackberry, rosemary, and a bit of spice, this berry-lemon gimlet cocktail & mocktail duo is packed with both lunar and Leo associations to help you draw down the moon for purification, joy/peace, and lunar inspiration. Don’t have blackberries? Try using a bit of blackberry liqueur, or replace with something else entirely that is more accessible to you.

Lavender Raspberry Daiquiri
A Lavender-Raspberry Daiquiri to inspire Love, Happiness, and Leo Strength

Luscious Leo

Designed originally for Leo season, this lavish raspberry, lavender, and orange daiquiri is ready to go for some Luscious Leo lunar vibes with a few simple modifications. Switch the lime for lemon, and perhaps add some nutmeg or rosemary and you heighten the lunar-associations of this drink. Or, keep as is! Either way, this drink is just like it sounds – a luscious concoction for those looking to luxuriate in the Leo full moon vibes.


Cheers, Witches!

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